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Part II: Wake up America.

Because of the new socialist congresswoman, we must stand up and speak out against “Medicare for all.” Look what that will take away from the senior citizens in America.

Then there is this “Green New Deal.” Do we want to go back to the days of no electric and no transporation, except for walking and horse and buggies.

And let’s not forget free college. Someone has to pay for this “free” college. People will still end up for paying for this free college, only their payments will be made in a different way.

Abolishing customs and immigration enforcement and tearing down the wall that the president is building is a terrible idea. If this is done we will not be safe anymore.

The media is with these Socialist Democrats. We are headed for these progressives to lead America down the road to Soviet-style socialism. I grew up during the Cold War when Russia was a threat to America. Here’s some news for you: It still is!

The Socialist Democrats want control of everything and everyone. This is why they have been trying to get President Trump out of the White House the past three years,

Wake up America!

Annette Miller, Lima