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Changes: Over time, vendors come and go. Many are operating on very low Inventory. Profit margins are good, which explains why 200+ vendors still maintain a website on the Internet! Cost for web hosting, is almost nothing. Those who run Out Of Stock, still take orders. We TRY to monitor current status, and update as needed. Please use these Links, and keep track of what's happening!

February 2019 - Welcome Back to EC Botanicals! This popular vendor, somehow fell off the radar last year, after the Reddit ban. Check out the website, they carry an excellent variety. Including Premium strains and extract products! ALSO, another long-time vendor, Legal Herb Shop, is back on the List. They are your online source for a huge variety of brand name, Retail products, extracts, premiums, you name it. LHS is a very unique vendor here. This month, we also welcome Organic Alkaloids to the Vendor List.

Removed: The following vendors have been removed, due to various problems. Best Blends = Out of stock for several months. Super Speciosa = Price hike took them out of range. Mystic Island = Customer Complaints, poor quality, product switching. Bye Bye!