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July 15 Update: As usual, the kratom business changes month to month. There was another mini panic recently, as Congress passed several bills in the House that could possibly affect kratom. We strongly advise people to settle down and not worry. Understand how the process works, and follow the American Kratom Association AKA website for updates. Kratom is legal and affordable!

Vendors come and go. We are sad to hear that Sourced By Masochista has closed their website to new customers. Masochista was unique, a kind of re-seller offering samples from a variety of USA vendors. Like others who advertised on Reddit, her business may have been affected by Reddit changes.

Also we've removed a few more "Old vendors" who are having various problems, some temporary, some permanent.. Krabot announced they're limited to crypto payments only. Since the majority of customers don't have crypto, we'll put them on the back burner for now. Look for a new article discussing the current payments issue.

We'd like to welcome "New vendors" who have fresh stock and happy customers! Kratomatic is getting rave reviews on Discord, and offers Free Shipping at 50 plus. Golden Rule Botanicals isn't really new, however they're well established with a following on Facebook. A new feature here is the CODE tag under Notes. This month Golden Rule has 25% OFF using the code: BIRD25 at Checkout. Check it out they have some exclusive strains!

Welcome Back to Herbaldom, known for high quality leaf, announced they're back with a Stopgap Restock while they continue to work on expanded Lab Testing and GMP processing at their California warehouse. We are trying to follow the latest news, on vendors' moves into testing and facility improvements. We're optimistic that regulatory problems will be solved, and the industry can move forward, thanks to companies like Herbaldom!

Looking ahead, you're going to see more NEW kids on the block, in August. The kratom business is booming! We're looking at several newcomers who each bring something unique and different, to the table. Exciting times for sure!!