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money doesn't really matter. I know we see articles that say things like "modern women find dating hard because they can't find men that make as much money as them" but that is sjw propaganda. All they care about is looks and a millionaire woman CEO would date a poor chad if he would commit to them, but he won't.

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In the western world: remember that the dream husband is the high tier normie, not chad, because a chad husband always has options and a high tier normie will have few, or none, and the high tier normie will usually have been the guy that a girl "settles down with" after she's done riding the carousel while he waited, and he is therefore most likely ignorant to the complete story of her youthful thottery.

I think when more and more high tier normies get blackpilled we'll see them pass on marriage and women will notice. Then immigration laws will be loosened, allowing more chaddams and chadriguez into the West. More and more western men will go incel or lgbtmaxx or SEAmaxx.

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Wrong. The dream husband is the Chad that has a perfect balance of Alpha and Beta inside of him. They want strong, masculine Chad, that will only commit fully to her and her alone.

Women only want long term relationships with men that worship her and grovel at her feet. Then when she's in a relationship, she wants men to continue to be a beta male slave and worship her, grovel at her feet, and be an obedient little beta male. If men become super Red Pill and start standing up for themselves, she cheats on him and then dumps him. If the man continues to be a beta male simp, she cheats on him, then she dumps him and claims she FEELS bored in the relationship, and she "doesn't love you anymore".

You can never win with women. If you're too Alpha, then they dump you because "You hurt my feelings", if you're too beta, then they dump you because "Honey I just dont love you anymore".

They're so inherently Wicked, Evil, Chaotic and Retarded. They literally want men to be both Alpha and Beta. They want men to have the right amount of Alpha and Beta inside of them to quench their insatiable appetite for a "Good man".

Even if you're the right amount of alpha and beta, she'll still cheat on you and leave you if she finds a better man than you. Women don't actually Love men, they just love what men can do for them, women don't Love men, they just Love how men make them FEEL.

Women are incapable of True Selfless Romantic Love for a man.

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more single mothers, more 'casual dating'. basically what's happening now, but more of it.

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more STDs

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Somebody already mentioned plummeting birthrates but also there is, highest rates of female depression and taking anti depressants, highest number of single mother homes, increase in autism from later in life births, probably more I'm not mentioning. So there are already consequences but I think the end is the collapse of western civilization. The good news is that the most disagreeable women, feminists, harpies, butch women, lesbians, are not breeding where in the past they would have. So in the future I would expect women to be even more docile and a lot of the feminist ideas to die a natural death.

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cope, non-feminist will give birth. The kid will grow up to be a feminst

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I mean maybe, I think a lot of feminists are autistic to be honest. If it is only later in life birth causing it then autistic women will happen. Hopefully there is a genetic component too.

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Automation will replace most jobs.So stop dreaming of the elites fearing decreasing birthrates.i'd say its completely over for incels in the developed world.

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Either full blown patriarchy or Bonobo style matriarchal polyamory.