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Ah yeah, this exists too. I kinda forgotten I've created it back then.

On the plus side, notification system works.

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Just learned that Ruqqus is gonna be wiped and the Votal community probably won't accept free speech r/For_Slavs style so here we go.

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Thank you for including the description in Albanian language. I appreciate it. I think we should add Romanian as well. They share a lot more history than us with Slavic peoples.

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welcome to our exile sub :) though judging from the web archives of the reddit sub it looks like the Albanian description was there for some time and then it was removed, I'm guessing the description here on Saidit is from that time when it was still there, no idea what happened there 😅

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I think i have an idea why was that. A serbian user was unironically (which is also ironic) fond of Albanians, and even dreamed of an unified Albanian-Serbian federation. Madness. Yet, you have to respect someone who means good only.

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Ah, interesting considering the otherwise general disdain of Albanians there

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Yeah, i think it was because of the Serbs trying to export in to the sub their conflict they with us. Then angry Albanians would jump in, and you do not need much imagination of the shit sprawn in the comments. Even comments from Albanians were disturbing at times. As far as i am concerned, we are allright with Bulgarians and even Croats, or at least from what i have experienced. Serbs, not so much. Even a topic about kilo calories in snacks would turn up into a heated debate between us online. Here in Albania, we are more fond of Italy and west in general. But i have personally been in Bulgaria and i like their lifestyle more than ours. And i have an impression that Slavic societies are more easygoing than us, so I think it is not right to have a 19th century approach in 2021 ... we are all eastern countries and we have similar concerns.

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What's your opinion on the Kosovo thing? From what I read that's what the Serbs are really mad about among other things, and to be fair I'd probably be upset too if part of my country was de facto taken away. (I'm fairly ignorant on Balkan history though, know only some highlights like the NATO bombing or the Remove kebab song lol)