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Life could be better. As for what I've done recently, absolutely nothing. I think that's the problem, but the cycles we sometimes find ourselves in can be hard to break.

As for what I like doing, not much. I occassionally play games, currently playing Team Fortress 2. I sometimes work on my garden when it's sunny, I'm not particuarly a green thumb but I enjoy working on it whilst it's quiet. I uhh, browse this website in hopes of finding new members and... rant about censorship on Reddit :)) I'm also interested in internet privacy, whilst it's good I am starting to value my privacy more - it's also becoming something I enjoy searching about. Currently been looking into Edward Snowden and the things he leaked from the NSA. I might even start using LineageOS on my smartphone but I'm kind of afraid of fucking it up since I'm still new to all of this.

What about you, Laser_Magnum?

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Well, I like playing games as well! Currently, I'm trying to not be terrible at Wizard of Legend, Enter the Gungeon (read: Pungeon) and Dead Cells. I love seeing random strangers on the internet be happy. I also really enjoy playing RPGs. I'm currently GM'ing Caravan to Ein Arris for my sister. I've started looking into how to protect my privacy online as well. Do you play RPGs? If not, what are your thoughts on them?

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I don't play many RPGs if I'm honest, but my favourite game of all time is Elder Scrolls Oblivion. I play a few other games such as Chivalry Medieval Warfare too. As for my thoughts, I can't say I dislike them but the problem is me not being able or having the energy to learn the mechanics of them. It's why I usually play simple ones haha. I wish I was able to enjoy games as much as I did when I was younger, these days I find it hard to get invested into a video game. I'm usually sceptic when I see a new trailer, as opposed to being excited for it. I guess it's fear from being let down, because I've noticed a lot of games these days are over-hyped and regurgitated. There are indie games better than some triple A titles now, it's weird. I'm either losing interest in the hobby all together, or the industry is changing for the worst. Or a bit of both, I don't really know.

Do you like any other genres? What books do you read? I don't read much, but when I did it was usually dystopian fiction. Also, if you're interested in internet privacy I can refer you to a website that offers free and open source alternatives to things. It's pretty interesting even if you aren't gonna use anything from there!

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That's pretty interesting. But I wasn't referring to CRPGs. I was referring to tabletop. Have you ever played anything like Pathfinder, Fate, Deadlands, Call of Cthulu, GURPS, etc?

As for other genres, I'm a huge fan of micro-strategy like the original two Fallouts, Tom Francis' previous two games, Heat Signature and Gunpoint, and his upcoming game Tactical Breach Wizards, which I'm super excited for. I'm also a huge fan of roguelikes, as I mentioned before, like Dead Cells, Enter the Pungeon, and Wizard of Legend.

In terms of books, I'm a sucker for some hard Sci-fi, Fantasy, or Sci-fantasy, although I have yet to find something which pulls off that last one well, so I decided to just write one for fun. You know that they say, necessity is the mother of invention! I guess I'm also a pretty big fan of soft Fantasy, since I'm currently fighting the Poetic Edda. Classical Urdu literature is also really awesome.

The indie market is definitely where you should look for good games. Lootboxes have led to me losing pretty much all hope in AAA, but indie continues to push out beauties like Hyper Light Drifter and Cuphead.

Thanks for the website! My brother and I always say, "If it ain't free and open-source, it's botnet."