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So I knew a guy, that used similar techniques in the old 'personal' section of craigslist. He had like 12, or more scripts he would post, all being a m4f, or m4ff. All of it was geared towards BDSM fantasies of women.

The guy actually wasn't good looking, fat, short, and just not that attractiv, but he also clarified no BBWs, and other refining desires, he wouldn't 'participate with'.

Well, long story short, the guy went from being a social 'leper', not knowing how to fit in, to having a literal portfolio of all these chicks he'd slept with. The list went from college students, to professionals; doctors, and lawyers.

His biggest complaint??? "They only want sex, and usually ass sex, I just want vag, but they won't come back unless....." I guess he stopped before CL removed that section, as he was 'desiring' a more meaningful relationship.

Short of the pics, and seeing the ads, I wouldn't have believed it.

I'm no chad, but chad's are famous because women somewhere deep down, at least a large portion of them, like the way chads treat them. Sad, and sadder that men learn this.

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Pics or it didn't happen.