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Yup. Men hate how much their life revolves around their dick and how thots can control them like a drug. Even if thots have no REAL power (despite what they tell themselves) men still resent them. Dogs honestly have way more self-control and "humanity" than men do, human males are extremely sex obsessed and sick in the head. Every man nowadays watches porn every single day, obsesses over e-thots, talks about sex with their friends, thinks about sex 24/7 and has become desensitized to all normal sexuality, requiring disgusting degenerate shit to get off. Deep inside they know they are weak and pathetic but men never, EVER take responsibility for their own shit. They always blame someone else, usually women. So they just attack the thots who "forced" them to give them their attention and money, as if those women have some mind control ray. Men are pathetic subhumans basically and will never take responsibility for their own degeneracy.

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Thots are nonetheless worthy of contempt. They take the vulnerable rights and opportunities that feminists fought for and shit all over them.

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Exactly. 'Thots' are just fuelling patriarchy by strengthening the idea of women as sex objects. And the men who worship them are pornsick to the point of seeing women only as objects. Thots and their scrotes are a match made in hell.

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But but pokimane is a pickmeisha thot tho