IMO Saidit would look nicer if we could create text posts with a thumbnail. by O_G_P in SaidIt

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If you have an image URL in your self post, it will use that for the thumbnail.

Oh that's good enough. That's all I wanted.

Why Aren't The Extremely Wealthy Called "Extremists"? by Robin in AskSaidIt

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The wealthy pursue the same efforts as most people

That's totally unfair. eg normal people don't seek to start big pharma corporations that buy the rights to life saving drugs then increase the price 5000%.

  • " serving as CEO of Turing Pharmaceuticals, Shkreli hiked the price of toxoplasmosis treatment Daraprim from $13.50 per pill to $750 per pill."

Almost all of the most "extremely wealthy" people seek to control the public's access to natural resources (eg land stolen during a genocide of Native Americans) unless the public hands over money to the extremely wealthy.

In other words, these "extremely wealthy" could more fairly be called "the extremely controlling & parasitic."

The "improvements" to the resources are irrelevant because:

  • the public did not consent to the very wealthy owning almost all the land (which was gained via genocide of native americans)
  • what's an "improvement" is a subjective opinion
  • and since the public did not consent to the so-called "improvements."