WTF disgusting by Logic_ in Ice_Poseidon2

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He was just jogging with his fists, the old man's face is the pavement. Figure it out.

SJC already terrorizing his grandmother banging on the door at 6 AM by WasteFriend_ in Ice_Poseidon2

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Imagine letting him stick his penis in you.


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I don't think it's Auschwitz, I think it's a Jewish museum in Berlin according to the last line on the plaque.

The description, a Neil McDonald quote, is rather ambiguous as well. Not sure what relevance it has to Jewish history.

Oh yeah, that's right, they literally control America from the top down & believe it's THEIR country. Despite making up just 2% of the population. They're a neurotic bunch.

Why do so many fucking idiots here align Trump with nazism? If you actually like Nazi values you are a full blown democrat that wants socialism not conservatives who are the epitome of capitalist. That’s what Hitler hated more than anything and why he hated the Jews so much because they were and by [deleted] in Ice_Poseidon2

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Seriously, that's what you got from my comment Mr Chad Blankenship?

You claimed you were genuinely curious & would have "no judgement" in another comment, one that talked about shitskins & niggers no less, so I enlightened you. It seems that you were lying & treated my respectful reply worse than one using bold racial slurs. Interesting.

People die for all sorts of beliefs. The current system has murdered millions of innocents, in fact, you were personally involved in it as a soldier. If people are allowed to see people like Mandela, Mao, & Stalin as heroes, then I'm allowed to see Hitler as a hero. As simple as that, it's none of your business.

Oh, & he hated the Jews because they were the main Capitalists/bankers & communists pulling at Germany's corpse from both directions. It would be no different if a minority white Christian population did the same thing to Israel, Jews would hate white Christians for it.

Why do so many fucking idiots here align Trump with nazism? If you actually like Nazi values you are a full blown democrat that wants socialism not conservatives who are the epitome of capitalist. That’s what Hitler hated more than anything and why he hated the Jews so much because they were and by [deleted] in Ice_Poseidon2

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This discusses the National Socialism manifesto.

This gives great insight into how it looked in action.

This sums up the problems with the current system & why it's bound to fall eventually.

Hitler hated both commies & capitalists. He hated capitalists for their outright greed & lack of consideration for the general population, & he hated commies for their outright subversion of everything that makes up a nation's or people's identity. This is why the national socialists sought a 3rd position.

So national socialism is not the same socialism you imagine. His socialism was about giving his people a sense of dignity, self-sufficiency, shared purpose, & identity, & he was able to achieve just that.

His socialist policy attempted to promote a healthy society, rather than typical socialist policy that promotes a dependent & fractured society.

Whether you believe it's a good idea or not, there are faults & compromises in all structural ideas, & to be honest, I think all are doomed to a cycle regardless as corruption always seeps in. It's not the same socialism you're imagining.

America itself is already very socialist, despite constant braindead claims of America being "pure capitalist". If you've got a bloated welfare system, which America absolutely has, then it's not pure capitalist.

all you race baiting and nazi/antisemetic incels are fucking losers, bottom of the barrel trash and you'll be the reason this place shuts down. incel loser degenerates YIKES by paul_weinstein_2 in Ice_Poseidon2

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No one thinks being born white is an achievement you absolute egg.

We are currently being ethnically cleansed & treated like 2nd class citizens in our own civilizations. We have a right to defend our racial interests & homelands like any other group of people & in time, you will see.

You think I'm wrong? You think I'm evil? Yet, you'd defend the right of any non-white population on the planet doing exactly what I'm talking about.

People like you are racist against whites & you can't even see it because you're so entitled & set in your views. You hold whites to a different standard than other races. It's going to be glorious when the white race breaks away from the chains.

what has this community become? they see it as a giant dumpster fire. it's not funny. what is your point of spamming hatred, intolirence and rascism. it's not even funny anymore at one point it was about making jokes. now the entire thing has become a shit storm. by funinthesun in Ice_Poseidon2

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Hitler is my hero. What are you going to do about it?

And imagine make multiple posts telling people to stop. Do you not understand human psychology? That'll just make these people want to do it even more.

All these Hitler memes and racist shit is the reason this site won't ever grow... by Killamex25 in Ice_Poseidon2

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How is he Hitler lol? He's literally not done a single thing for the white people who voted for him, let alone even mentioned them. The only people he's mentioned & bragged about helping are blacks & Jews.

That's not a "Hitler", you just prove how hysterical the left is.

And if wanting to put your own people first is "racist" according to you, then whites are currently the least racist people in America, & on the planet, by a country mile.

Like claiming that whites are racist for not wanting to be flooded by Hispanics & have their culture, people, & history destroyed is ridiculous. If you applied that to any other people on Earth, including Mexicans resisting being flooded by white Americans, the exact reverse. Then you wouldn't be labeling them racists, you'd be supporting them in their resistance.

Oh that's right, the goal in shouting "racist" at whites is to suppress their legitimate racial interests. My bad.

This can't go on forever, whites will eventually say enough is enough & that's exactly why the right has been rising & will continue to rise as whites feel more & more threatened.

The left believes the "old white racists" just need to die out & everything will be fine. But the truth is, most of those old whites aren't racist at all, & it's actually the young whites who will be pushed further & further right by anti-white conditions being forced upon them, & I'm already seeing it. Cause & effect.

I’m not down with this Hitler loving, yes he hated Jews but in this process he bombed, flattened and killed many Innocent pure white people from my town Including my family members. We were a main hub for producing ammo for WW2 and the Luftwaffe destroyed us. by Youarewrong in Ice_Poseidon2

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The allies killed far more innocent pure whites with bombs across Europe than the Germans did.

Hell, the allies even bombed & killed more civilians in France than Germany bombed & killed in Britain.

68,778 civilians killed.

40,000 - 43,000 civilians killed.

You also need to remember that Hitler repeatedly offered peace to Britain & never wanted war with them in the first place, he was a fan of the British. The bombing carnage, which was much worse for Germany anyway, they lost 10 times the civilians that Britain lost (around 400,000), is on the British leadership. Britain started the war with Germany, not the other way around.

RIP NELLY.... Gone too soon by Hello_Darkness in Ice_Poseidon2

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Na, there's plenty of owners worse than SJC. SJC semi neglected Nelly because he's lazy & selfish.

There are owners out there who intentionally abuse & neglect their dogs because they get off on it.

Get fucked California taxpayers by Voldesad in Ice_Poseidon2

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California probably has the most rednecks in the entire country.

Get fucked California taxpayers by Voldesad in Ice_Poseidon2

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The tax California produces hardly relies on Mexicans, especially illegals who DON'T pay taxes. Think finance, real estate, government, Hollywood, Silicon valley, & manufacturing, these are the industries that dominate California. None of these are Mexican dominant. And the tax they produce obviously isn't going to poor whites, it's going to illegals.

Here we go, it's whites & Asians earning the most in California, & because whites still make up 35% of the state, which is a similar percentage to Hispanics, it's WHITES who are carrying most of the burden.

Trump & Republican supporters also OUT-EARNED Democrat supporters according to exit polls. Your take is as nuanced as any other Democrat supporter's take. The supposed "equality for all" party that shits on poor whites, yet has no problem taking the poor black vote. Imagine if my take was, "poor blacks vote Democrat, that means Democrats are wrong & worthless."

"The median household income of a Trump voter so far in the primaries is about $72,000, based on estimates derived from exit polls and Census Bureau data. That’s lower than the $91,000 median for Kasich voters. But it’s well above the national median household income of about $56,000. It’s also higher than the median income for Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders supporters, which is around $61,000 for both."

There are masses of Democrat supporters in the poor white states. Voting is pretty split between whites wherever you go, regardless of how poor or rich the state is. And it's those poor white Democrat supporters you alienate when you make such assumptions & laugh in their faces.

Imagine being such a miserable faggot that you have to pretend to be a girl for 2 months to help you cope with your shitty life. faggot by notanandy in Ice_Poseidon2

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And those messages from September indicated that they'd already been communicating for a while because Ebenezer was already in love with him.

Popular UK/EU opinion; I hate it when I look at retards like SJC and OG GEEZER and they have better teeth than most of this half of the world... fuck sake UK/EU dental health. by Youarewrong in Ice_Poseidon2

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It's not a UK thing, it's an everyone but the US thing. Dental care is fine in the UK & the rest of the 1st world, difference is, a sizable chunk of Americans alter their teeth cosmetically (not required for dental health), via whitening, crowning, & other procedures.

It's not that there aren't plenty of bad teeth in the US either. Blade & Brad being cases in point.

My Actual thought in this whole Blade thing.... He's 100% fake simping because the nigga is homeless.. he's doing too Becky what bitches have done to ugly men for years... by karmas_popzz in Ice_Poseidon2

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No way, he's on cloud 9. First pussy he's had in years, if not ever.

He will be a broken man if/when they break up & will hit the booze harder than ever.

EBZ gets pissed at someone on the road "what are you mad about??" by ONLYSHITmePANTS in Ice_Poseidon2

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Ebenezer vs the world. This dude has some serious mental issues, he believes people are "out to get him" when in reality, they're just going about their normal day.

Whenever I see EBZ getting heated & spit flying everywhere, I just imagine that pinhead Negro image with the lips flailing about.

SimpBZ was ready to spend the merch money on a Catfish by BIG_BACKWOODS in Ice_Poseidon2

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Lol EBZ acting as though he lives a hardcore gangster lifestyle.

In reality, the most hardcore aspects of EBZ's lifestyle are getting into heated arguments with employees & pulling off the odd dine & dash.

1 IQ Andy is triggered because we started calling him 1 IQ Andy by ONLYSHITmePANTS in Ice_Poseidon2

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Didn't watch this live, but guarantee the chat was spamming "1 IQ Andy" as he said this.

This black dude live streaming to his black minions claiming there is no excuse to not pay reparations. by ohthehorrrror in Ice_Poseidon2

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And in taxes, & in the the amount of black on white robbery, rape, & violence, & in all those white men who died during the civil war.

Without us, they'd be primitive tribesmen. Instead, black Americans are the most successful grouping of blacks in the world by a mile because of the platform they've been been given by whites. As far as I'm concerned, they owe us.

Not to mention that blacks captured & sold the slaves & it wasn't just whites who owned them. Blacks, Native Americans, & Jews owned slaves in the US as well. In fact, the man who was essentially responsible for making chattel slavery legal in the US was a black man named Anthony Johnson who didn't want to let go of his black indentured servant. The vast majority of white Americans don't even descend from slave owners either.

The black mind sees it as "All whites are responsible for slavery & they all owe us", no nuance whatsoever.

Seriously wtf is wrong with liutard's forehead??? Is that a mark from the little cube thing Muslims put their head on when they pray? by OG_CumGuzzler in Ice_Poseidon2

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That's because he's down in the coal mines 6 months a year. Put some respect on his name.

When you successfully fake a serious disability and cake on makeup so virgins will donate thousands per month to talk to you by dogmasterrace in Ice_Poseidon2

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She's a living legend in my eyes.

Message to donators. by MyPasswordisAbc123 in Ice_Poseidon2

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Yeah, support these faggots, they're a branch of the UN which openly espouses communistic ideals & sticks its nose where it doesn't belong. The same faggots promoting this while simultaneously promoting replacement migration (aka ethnic cleansing) in the West & East Asia because their populations are below replacement level.

🙋‍♂️🙋‍♂️Heil by shtposter9000 in Ice_Poseidon2

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It's ridiculous that people on the left & right compare everybody to Hitler. That's an insult to the great man.


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Are you a coal miner as well?


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Pretty sure it's a meme. The actual Clitauras is apparently a 16/17 year old Lithuanian kid. Zobain is a Canadian Paki.

They both make clip compilations, & I believe that's why Zobain originally decided to troll & pretend he was Clitauras, because he was his clip making rival.

There's some decent proof on here if you're observant enough. Read Clitauras's comments & then Zobain's comments. Clearly a different grammar style & spelling ability, the Clit even seems more proficient in English despite it being his second language.


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This didnt age well by starstruck in Ice_Poseidon2

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Agreed, it's like beating a dead alpaca.

We Should Boycott China by shtposter9000 in Ice_Poseidon2

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That's like 99.99% of common people who speak about politics, regardless of ideology. Including you & I.

😎 by QuiteKindlyChap in Ice_Poseidon2

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"Hey, do you know kung fu?

How about Fuck-fu?"


Family Guy done a parody of Blade where Meg is a livestreamer with rotting feet... OnlyLoseMeMeg by AyoFiresales in Ice_Poseidon2

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Probably because they were a lurker with no account, saw this & thought "holy fuck it's Lil Bruises", & then decided they wanted to share it with the saidit.

Geezer confirmed Black, using coco butter on his hair by dogmasterrace in Ice_Poseidon2

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OG Geezer is an equal percentage of every race on the planet. The only man with a complete pass on racism.

Caroline Burt on pedo tok by gof-urself2 in Ice_Poseidon2

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So much plastic she can't even wear an expression. Sad really.

My Prediction is America will have the most deaths of any country by the time the vaccine arrives by BladeLovesWhales in Ice_Poseidon2

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America was literally formed by the British, they're your daddy. You wouldn't exist without your daddy. Respect your daddy.

Johnny Bedford vs. Charles "Felony" Bennett | BKFC 9 by TOOlazy in Ice_Poseidon2

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C'mon mate, it takes 3 balls the size of an Ebenezer & immense dedication to do what he does. That deserves respect.

A woman who came third in her country's beauty pageant wants to self isolate with me and live at mine... by Tom7777777 in Ice_Poseidon2

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It reads like a catfish dude. I mean, "3rd in her country's beauty pageant", really? Sounds like a pretty big lure to me.

If she's that in demand & attractive, then I doubt she'd struggle for a place to stay, let alone be desperate enough to shack up with some random dude to "self isolate".

Probably just some crack addict looking for a place to stay or rob.

I will be looking out for the article of your catfish murder as a warning to others.

If the Jew is behind SJW's and Twitch, Streamlabs and increasingly YouTube as well, what is the end goal of the Jew? by j87dvsdwk4 in Ice_Poseidon2

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"tikkun olam is the idea that Jews bear responsibility not only for their own moral, spiritual, and material welfare, but also for the welfare of society at large. For many contemporary pluralistic Rabbis, the term refers to "Jewish social justice" or "the establishment of Godly qualities throughout the world".

Here's one element behind it, they believe they're god's chosen people & are entitled to socially engineer the planet & meddle in other peoples civilizations, & because they're generally intelligent & have strong work ethic, they get in a lot of positions to do so if you allow them freedom in your civilization.

This is what the thought process of communism derives from, the most murderous ideology in history by a mile, an ideology that has always been very kosher by nature. Quite a few prominent Jews in modern times & the past have underlined how "communism/Bolshevism is Judaism", it's important to point this out, because if it's coming from the horse's mouth itself, then it can't be written off as some "wacky conspiracy theory". Communism is also a clever total conquest strategy using psychology to sway the in-group because the out-group is unable to take by physical force.

The domineering financial aspect of Jewish power developed in the middle ages, Christians deemed it morally wrong for Christians to make money from lending to other people. And Jews being non-Christian, didn't adhere to it, so this is when all the Jewish banking power started to develop, & eventually led to these all encompassing central banks that are able to control everything in a nation from the top down. Again, even prominent Jews have bragged about the influence of the Jewish banker being able to drag nations into wars for profit or Jewish agenda.

The British empire & the USA only declared war on Germany in WW2 because of Jewish influence, & the USA was only brought into WW1 because German Zionists conspired with US Zionists & struck a deal with Britain, "we'll give you US troops to turn the war if you carve out Palestine for us". This is what is referenced as the great stab in the back from the German perspective, as at the time, Germany was dominating WW1, & this stab in the back led to all sorts of societal/financial collapse in Germany & complete Jewish domination of Germany. This is why Hitler rose, this is why Jewish controlled media & education intentionally never discuss the conditions that led to the backlash against Jews, when you think this would be an important history lesson right?

So in other words, millions of white men were sent to their slaughter purely for Jewish/Zionist interests, it wasn't about "democracy" or "trying to stop Hitler taking over the world" at all, that was just the lie they were sold to motivate them to fight.

And I used to be one who would defend the Jews from the wacky conspiracy theorists. But there's so much information out there, & so much of it coming from Jewish mouths themselves, that it eventually becomes impossible to ignore. This is a powerful documentary that brings more balance to WW2 history, not just the victor's narrative. If you're genuinely interested in the conditions that led to the rise of Hitler & eventually WW2, then this is a great starting point.


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I mean, I kind of get it from her perspective, because she comes from hyper civilized Singapore, in which everything is heavily monitored & in order. So it's probably exciting to her. I used to watch her when she first came over to the IP network after getting banned from twitch & she would even talk about Singapore being too uptight & boring.

Or she was just trolling.

Daily reminder that Hispanics are not withe people and they carry real warriors blood. They will smack the fuck out and your dad if you disrespect. They cleaning south side Chicago by themselves, home prices are going up and niggas are dropping like flies in the Back of the Yards neighboehood by BROOKLYN-FINEST in Ice_Poseidon2

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And yet, here you are, a Hispanic who's family decided to move to a civilization built from the ground up & defended by that so called "trailer trash". Why is that?

You're telling me your family has been on the later formed USA territory since the 1600's? Bullshit, I almost guarantee your family are recent immigrants within the last 50 years, you wouldn't be so attached to the idea of being Hispanic otherwise. Hispanic meaning you originated from a Hispanic derived culture, in other words, not the USA.

"Also, statistics studies have show, time and time again, toothless-crackers are the largest users of food stamps."

Are you getting your statistics from Negroes & Marxists who either don't understand per capita or are being intentionally misleading? And at least those whites are being supported by other whites. Where as Hispanics & blacks are both NET CONSUMERS of the American tax dollar. Meaning, as a collective, both Hispanics & blacks are propped up by whitey.

"Medicaid had more than 70 million beneficiaries in 2016, of whom 43 percent were white and represent 63% of the population, 18 percent black, who represent only 12.6% of the population, and 30 percent Hispanic, who represent 15% of the population. Of 43 million food stamp recipients that year, 36.2 percent were white, 63% of the population, 25.6 percent black, who represent only 12.6% of the population, 17.2 percent Hispanic, who represent 15% of the population, and 15.5 percent unknown."

The share of demographics matter, whites are underrepresented as welfare recipients relative to their population percentage in both medicaid & food stamps. And the white medicaid percentage of 43%, while still well underrepresented, can be explained by the fact that most of the elderly population are white, considering it was a very white country before a certain Jew meddled in its immigration policy.

"In the rural areas they trade their credits for TOKEs of crackd from the local Pablo and the girls sell their booty and get pimped by Hispanics and Black."

This only highlights what terribly destructive people Hispanics & blacks are. It's why your more constructive people fled your countries in the first place, now you're bringing it here. Thanks for nothing you lowlife faggots.


[–]KFriedMooseMeat 1 insightful - 1 fun1 insightful - 0 fun2 insightful - 1 fun -  (0 children)

There wouldn't be full on quarantine measures if that were the case, they'd just let it play out like any other virus scare that's come through in recent years.

Blade met beckys ex today he doesn't appreciate blade exposing his son to toxicity by VoluptuousWhaleLover in Ice_Poseidon2

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Yeah, 5 years ago. So she's likely had some boyfriends since.

Most people who get Coronavirus won’t even know they’ve got it, its a mild cough, fever with sore throat, no different to any other time you’ve felt “sick”... I’m about to go to work, fuck the panic, fuck lock down, fuck isolation, who cares about 95 year olds with underlying health conditions? by Youarewrong in Ice_Poseidon2

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"Refugees" btw. Please stop falling for that bs. They're economic migrants.

Refugees are supposed to trek to the first safe country, or even first safe area of their own country, & they're supposed to be made up of mainly women & children, just like WW2 refugees were. Not this 90% fighting aged male bs from countries that aren't even at war.

EBZ Booger gate part 2: you can see the boogers by InTheMouthOfMadness in Ice_Poseidon2

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Is he farting as well?

SELL ALL TOE ANDY STOCKS NOW 📉📉📉 by TheAntiJoo in Ice_Poseidon2

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He was hinting that he was bi/pansexual when he first started streaming, "a cum is a cum right?" he said, meaning he can get off with a person regardless of gender. Although it was hard to tell if he was just joking or not, but this seems to confirm it.

He's a Weimerica baby.

Boneclinks in unreversed B without all the soy and acting like a little bitch by ScumbagWeasel in Ice_Poseidon2

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You mean universe B in which Boneclinks is out of the closet & becomes more confident in who he is, so works out to attract that top tier boy booty.

OG buying his daily bottle of whiskey by fellingsilly in Ice_Poseidon2

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He's paying $31.21 Canadian dollars for that. So still a good deal, but not as good as it looks. It does say it's on sale as well.

Old man is one of us by CriticalDissection in Ice_Poseidon2

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Probably some former mafia don.

Burger tells all Trump supporters to fuck off and stop watching his stream by ONLYSHITmePANTS in Ice_Poseidon2

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And his well put together, pilot dad.

I remember he did that stream when his dad flew him around the country side & they talked about politics for a little bit. It was a fascinating stream in regards to their father/son dynamic & was basically just Burger crying the whole time about not being good enough for his dad to his dad's face. While his dad just sat there, not saying much.

If you have 12 day to live what would you do ? by PTSD_Disorder in Ice_Poseidon2

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You'd want meth for that.

If you have 12 day to live what would you do ? by PTSD_Disorder in Ice_Poseidon2

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Imagine thinking SJWs could kill anything. They'd be the ones getting lynched by niggers.

👌 ZERO 😀 by QuiteKindlyChap in Ice_Poseidon2

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Yeah, did you see how he was criticized because most of his response team to coronavirus were "old, white men", & today, at his press conference, he was surrounded by 2 black men, 1 Indian woman, & 1 white woman.

This is psychological warfare, what a lot of white people don't seem to fully comprehend is that the leftists (Marxists) want to see white people crushed into the dirt, it's got nothing to do with "equality", & they won't stop until their fantasy is carried out to completion, it doesn't matter what you do to appease them. I loathe people on the right, people who are supposedly there to help whites, bowing to the leftist paradigm & propping up everyone but whites.

Compare how demoralized you feel as a white person when you see another white person letting Marxists walk all over them, to how you feel when you see a man like this giving "zero" fucks.

That's all you need to do, stand up for yourself, & suddenly they become irrelevant & quickly lose interest as they realize they can't control you with their language manipulation & appeals to emotion.

UK btw by Logic_ in Ice_Poseidon2

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Yep, & not just the most inbred, the most inbred by a country mile. Hell, just look at the faces of these Pakistani kiddy rapists, inbreeding galore. Pakistan in particular being about 70% inbred, or 70% of marriages being between cousins.

Pretty much everyone but Muslims are normal in regards to inbreeding. In fact, Arabs & other Muslim nations should be angry at the Islamic faith for transforming them into a bunch of inbreds.

While whites are the LEAST inbred race on the planet, due to huge movement between European nations for hundreds of years & greater freedom given to relationships. The vast majority of whites (including myself) being European mutts to varying degrees.

"LOOOL only an Americunt could be this retarded" he says by [deleted] in Ice_Poseidon2

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That's actually true though, he's talking about a specific invention, or development, not just the "white men stole all our inventions & prevented us from inventing" type of shit I hear from Negroes or whatever. Even American & British historians & documentaries have acknowledged the Nazi contribution to space travel.

And they had their knowledge taken from them because they were defeated in war. That should be obvious. When Negroes say "the white man stole our inventions", there's no basis for that whatsoever other than inferiority complex.

Shame on the clippers. There were so many clipable moments in captains stream today and they didn't clip anything to help this saidit ip2 with activity and clips. Fucking pathetic. We need unbiased clippers on here, instead of spewing hate and toxicity daily by [deleted] in Ice_Poseidon2

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Unbiased clippers lmao.

How about the people actually into Traptain clip him, if you don't know how, google it.


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Lol 2pac was a sweet, little middle class drama kid who was into ballet & Kate Bush.

And I'm not saying that there's anything wrong with that at all, but it shows you how he was manufactured from what he was, into something that eventually did bring him into a dangerous lifestyle.

i heard that for every white person in america theres 5 mexicans and 7 blacks is this true? by IcyPenis in Ice_Poseidon2

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Yeah, & during the Obama years they were literally counting all Hispanics as white (as well as the Indians & Middle Easterners & what not). You'll quite often see blacks citing crime statistics from those years saying look, "whites are actually quite violent & rapey too", even though, blacks were still well ahead per capita even when including Hispanics as whites.

I believe to this day there's still plenty of Hispanics getting counted as white, & not just the white ones either. I've seen all these FBI most wanted lists with dark & medium skinned Hispanics being labelled as "white".

So who really knows what the actual demographic statistics are? And you can bet governments, not just in the USA, but in Europe, will mess with demographic statistics as to not alarm the white people being ethnically cleansed in their own civilizations.

And you're spot on with the tax too, both Hispanics & blacks are net consumers of tax, in comparison to whites being net producers. And they're the two big populations that are growing in comparison to whites. I have no doubt that the US will eventually resemble a messy 2nd/3rd world South/Central American nation with high violent crime & structural & civility decay, it's already partially there.

Then they'll probably all start immigrating out to the next majority white nation they can ruin, or it might be an East Asian nation at that point.

Banning the Sale of Firearms and Ammunition Because of Wuhan Virus? An Illinois Mayor Just Signed an Executive Order to Do It by gof-urself2 in Ice_Poseidon2

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1st thing we need you mean.

Blackpilled microdick virgin speaking facts by Authoritizations in Ice_Poseidon2

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I think you mean she's got a giant clit.

this banner is nice much easier to browse in public now that it doesn't have swatsikas all over it by least in Ice_Poseidon2

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Pussy, imagine being that controlled by kike propaganda.

Would you be that scared if it was the hammer & sickle? Responsible for far more mass murder & terror. An ideology controlled by the Jews. Nazism partially being a response to that terror.

It was so small that no one would notice unless you were directly showing them anyway.

In reference to the Jews, never forget who started it all

When puberty works in your favour by BladeLovesWhales in Ice_Poseidon2

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Dude, she's definitely had her lips done & she's definitely wearing full make up, including painted on eyebrows. You must be blinded by love or some shit.

Everyone post Sexy girls so the Amerifag incels will get even more depressed and hopefully click End Game by BladeLovesWhales in Ice_Poseidon2

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That's not a woman, that's a fish.

Hard to believe this was a decade ago. Enjoy your lives boys time flies. Any of you met any celebs in person? by Boogityboog in Ice_Poseidon2

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Israeli soldier meets Xzibit.


[–]KFriedMooseMeat 1 insightful - 1 fun1 insightful - 0 fun2 insightful - 1 fun -  (0 children)

Ooooh so edgy.

And your first sentence contradicts your second.

"Nah I just don't care about your opinion", responding to me telling you that you have the attention span of a goldfish.

I only read up to "this much effort btw".


[–]KFriedMooseMeat 1 insightful - 1 fun1 insightful - 0 fun2 insightful - 1 fun -  (0 children)

This much effort btw, it's about half a page in a novel. If you consider that "effort", then that's pretty sad really. Talk about the attention span of a goldfish in the internet era.

And it's not just for you, it's for anyone curious. Because as I said, not many people seem to be aware of the rampant inbreeding in the Islamic world while at the same time, arrogantly acting like Americans, or Southerners, or lower class whites, are inbreds when they're not.


[–]KFriedMooseMeat 1 insightful - 1 fun1 insightful - 0 fun2 insightful - 1 fun -  (0 children)

Breeding with cousins is only common in the Islamic world. Fucking Islamaphobe.

And no, I'm not talking shit not backed up by statistics like "Hurr durr, they all fuck their cousins in America". This map doesn't even include stats from many nations with sizable Islamic populations & the heavily Islamic Somalia, which is an absolute cesspit of rampant Islamic inbreeding.

Also notice that both Canada & Mexico have a higher prevalence of inbreeding than the USA.

Cousin marriages are promoted by the Islamic faith & it's very high in some specific Islamic nations like Pakistan, around 70% of them. Yep, that's right, the people flooding Britain right now are a bunch of inbreds, & their deformed offspring with a myriad of complications are creating all sorts of problems for the NHS (National Health System).

I just like to put this out there because not many people seem to be aware of it, & it's quite common for snarky liberals to call any white person who disagrees with them "inbred" while at the same time bending their ass over for Islam, in which cousin fucking is actually rampant. It's a good opportunity to challenge their views.


[–]KFriedMooseMeat 1 insightful - 1 fun1 insightful - 0 fun2 insightful - 1 fun -  (0 children)

White nationalists, aka a normal white person who wants to defend the countless sacrifice, culture, & history of their ancestors & doesn't want to be ethnically cleansed.

Aka the entire planet, (insert ethnicity here) nationalists. Is the entire planet "supremacist" now?

Even if you were to call the entire planet "supremacist", isn't that normal for all life forms on this planet? To aim to be supreme? Do you understand the survival of the fittest nature of our existence? I mean, I see blacks bragging about the athletic ability of blacks all the time now. Technically these are supremacists are they not? So we should all be calling them out right? We should be going around in packs, beating up these black supremacists. That's not my aim of course, but I'm just following leftist logic on racial supremacy.

And leftists were literally supporting the Muslims of Kashmir a few months ago when their ethnic hold on the region was coming under threat. Is the leftist/Marxist doctrine built on major hypocrisy & inconsistency? Oh yes, of course it is.

Imagine being a brainwashed commie, brainwashed by natural enemies, a person who bizarrely encourages their own genocide. Which is not normal for any unique life form on this planet, from the single celled to the most complex. Imagine the coronavirus advocating for its own destruction, imagine the great white shark advocating for its own destruction. That would be odd right?

Or are you one of the invaders? In that case, I perfectly understand your position.

Here's another angle, lets say Muslims succeed in taking over France or Britain. You think they're going to be preaching ethnic & religious equality & encouraging others to flood their land so that they're replaced? You think they're going to be fighting for the minority whites & hiring them above their ethnic percentage in every publicly visible arena & giving them all sorts of hand outs & societal advantages? No, of course they won't, they'll be solely fighting for their own interests. Even as a minority, they're brazenly committing terrorist attacks, racially abusing whites in their enclaves, & committing mass jihad rape against white girls. Not women, girls.

And yes, it absolutely was racial/religious targeting, you can tell this by the simple fact that not a single Muslim girl was raped by these animals. So again, what do you think happens when they become the majority? They're suddenly loving & kind to all infidels?

I think part of the problem with easily manipulated, typically upper middle/upper class white commies is that they're so naive to the reality of the rest of humanity, & indeed nature & existence itself.

Blade and shooter were blackmailing me for money just so i can get unbanned from simpcord, they really bullied me off the community. by [deleted] in Ice_Poseidon2

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Stop lying & wash your dirty forehead.

Captain clitoris leaked by [deleted] in Ice_Poseidon2

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Wtf is that thing?

Captain Legit Has A Boner After The Fight With Chicken! by LifeFuckedUs in Ice_Poseidon2

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Looks like a semi to me, a battle between the mind & physical stimulation.

The Worst Street Boxing Fight In Under 2 Minutes by Irl_Moments in Ice_Poseidon2

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It's Clitauras.

Chit Chat, Carbon_protect, Cancer whatever, and a few others, making a run for the title! by QuiteKindlyChap in Ice_Poseidon2

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Damn, Chatchit wasn't joking, he's an incredibly fit disabled veteran alpha that none of us have ever seen the likes of before.

I'm starting to get dizzy from all the gayness in here by fionagotcake in Ice_Poseidon2

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Hmm, maybe that's because they've gone to a lot of effort to promote & normalize transgenderism. It's a natural reaction in response.

There is such a thing as being so open minded your brain falls out. Humanity needs a certain amount of order & discipline to thrive & it shouldn't be normalized at all, especially when they're trying to push that shit on malleable children.

Let them live, but their agenda should never be paid for or promoted by the public, & they should rightfully be considered as examples of mental illness.

And if they truly believe that gender is "just a social construct", then they shouldn't even feel the need to change sex should they?

I'm starting to get dizzy from all the gayness in here by fionagotcake in Ice_Poseidon2

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The tranny is the one triggered by gender, not us. Figure it out Lil Bruises.

When did you realize that content captain the cuck and only use me knife and little chicken and bjorn are all absolutely terrible entertainers and burger planet is the only true entertainer comedian king of irl interaction we have but is less popular because hes homeless or something by chad33060 in Ice_Poseidon2

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As if homelessness is the reason, we wouldn't watch most these bums if that were the case.

He's less popular because he bans anyone in chat who scrapes his fragile ego or thinks differently to him.

He's one of those SJW faggots who believes they're morally superior because they've been manipulated by natural enemies into hating their own people, but deep down, you know they're slimy narcissists who only buy into it because they crave social validation.

Most people who hate Burger acknowledge that he's always had potential, & I think he could easily be a 500+ viewer Andy if he wasn't the way he was. He stifles his own potential.

Random stranger caught saluting The Fuhrer by MyDiKisBiG in Ice_Poseidon2

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Lol I always found it hilarious how blacks think they're so special that they believe national socialism had anything to do with hating blacks. It's got nothing to do with blacks.

"Jesse Jackson won 4 gold medals to own the Nazis!"

Nigger, Hitler cheered him on & gladly shook his hand. Jesse Jackson himself said he felt more welcome by the Germans than his own USA.

The Germans also won those Olympics outright, they didn't get owned at all.

And you wouldn't say cracker honkey to a white man's face either.

Did The FBI put a woman in charge of the cyber crime unit or something lol? I feel like Paul Denino should have been arrested by now it's been like a year since the FBI raid by starstruck in Ice_Poseidon2

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Aren't you proving OP's point then? That they had absolutely nothing on Paul & made a fool of themselves.

I think they got duped by some internet autist spoofing numbers or some shit.

Did The FBI put a woman in charge of the cyber crime unit or something lol? I feel like Paul Denino should have been arrested by now it's been like a year since the FBI raid by starstruck in Ice_Poseidon2

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Lol yep, that's literally what happened. Not even joking, I remember dead eyes Henny talking about how a woman led the raid.

And to the people saying they will investigate you for years so they can put you in prison & are implying that they're not going away.

Well then, why did they raid the house? That's the part that's supposed to come after the years of investigation.

Anyone here ever have sex with a celebrity? by TheGreatKitDuncan in Ice_Poseidon2

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Yep, sure have. I railed the one, true IRL celebrity, the OG Geezer.

Why do you think he needs a manpon?

This manlet trys to attack you.. what would you do? by BladeLovesWhales in Ice_Poseidon2

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Captain attacks blade and aims for the leg holes! by [deleted] in Ice_Poseidon2

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Lol this entire clip is gold. Getting strong trailer park boys vibes, it was like a fight between Rick & Randy.

The last few seconds of the clip with Traptain fuming & talking tough, I could swear that was Randy.

Captain attacks blade and aims for the leg holes! by [deleted] in Ice_Poseidon2

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Lol there was one of those at my school.

My friend & I were fucking around in class. I dared my friend to flick a rubber band at the autist who was sitting about 30 feet away & it hit him square in the eye.

The autist stands up, abruptly walks over to my friend who was seated next to me, starts thumping him in the head, & it's then that I notice blood is starting to pour from his head & it turns out the autist was repeatedly stabbing him in the head with a pen. The autist then storms out the classroom & leaves the school grounds. Girls are upset & crying, my friend is in shock, & it's all a chaotic mess.

He was alright in the end, but he needed quite a few stitches to his head, & some on his hands which he put up in defense. We even had to have class counseling sessions in the following days to talk about what happened. The autist was allowed to return to school after talks about potentially expelling him, but had to change classes.

I still feel a little guilty about it to this day given that I was the one who dared him to flick the rubber band in the first place.


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Fake & gay

Real question, why do so many dudes bang kids and why is it so easy? Like, why don't the kids say no? Especially the dudes. If some boomer was tryna bang my ass in middle school I wouldn't just bend over, like wtf? by lcePoseidonNo1Fan in Ice_Poseidon2

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Well, it depends how old you are, you're not going to be able to do shit if you're a young child.

I'd say that many cases don't involve a male child taking it up the butt either. I'd say many cases are blowjobs & touching/kissing you as he wanks off or feels stimulated, that sort of thing.

Here's a fun fact for you. Roughly 33% of openly gay men don't butt fuck at all. They don't all stick it up the ass.

Real question, why do so many dudes bang kids and why is it so easy? Like, why don't the kids say no? Especially the dudes. If some boomer was tryna bang my ass in middle school I wouldn't just bend over, like wtf? by lcePoseidonNo1Fan in Ice_Poseidon2

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Because when you're a kid you're typically naive & trusting of authority figures & predator adults understand this & use it to their advantage to manipulate you into a position in which you feel powerless & under their full control.

BREAKING NEWS* 1 of Paul's top viewers was banned by Mixer, 'TriHardest'. I was the 1 that reported that viewer for "Calling other viewers "idiots". We could get half of Paul's viewers banned LOL by morala in Ice_Poseidon2

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To know all that, he must be a viewer. He can't let him go.

So either start enjoying litty Austin Arab streamer Paul Denino, or stop watching him expecting old Paul to return because he's not coming back.

Trump on national TV didn't say nothing, waits to talk shit until he is in his safe space. IMAGINE still believing that orange nignog. by fionagotcake in Ice_Poseidon2

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Imagine thinking voting & the presidential public face even matters, regardless of who it is. Shit is run deeper than that, & controlled by the central bank aka "federal reserve". If you control the supply of money & indebt entire nation states, you control everything from the top down.

"If voting made a difference, they wouldn't let us do it" - Mark Twain.

Trump is a senile old man, but he's at least good for triggering the blood thirsty anti-whites & exposing their hatred to awaken more normies.

your typical IP2 retard posting about captain feglet and chicken andy. by German-Andy in Ice_Poseidon2

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Watch this documentary series & learn

The Nazis weren't socialists at all, at least not in the commie/Marxist sense. They hated commies, commies terrorized Germany post WW1.

your typical IP2 retard posting about captain feglet and chicken andy. by German-Andy in Ice_Poseidon2

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No, that would be the mainstream media talking about it non stop.

Remember when Blade raided this girl “Your Favorite Nikki” a few months ago? She was very cool about it. But this latest video she made has me very concerned. Maybe her ex husband John needs to be taught a lesson?... Weaponized Autism anyone?... by [deleted] in Ice_Poseidon2

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Yeah, I wouldn't trust anything an attention seeking hoe says after a break up. Scorned women are manipulative little fucks.

Bjorn studying the future of Europe. How much have you studied? by dogmasterrace in Ice_Poseidon2

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Because that is literally what happens, they are used to undercut wages & make business owners richer.

White people aren't stupid, they want to be paid what they're worth, where as some 3rd world immigrants are desperate & will take anything. Where I live, it's mostly non-white immigrants taking advantage of other non-white immigrants in this way, typically of the same ethnicity.

You act as though all white people are upper class, the vast majority aren't. Frank the Tank is an example, paints bridges for a living & gets paid a DESERVED wage & other benefits because he is part of a union.

You seriously think that any fully 100% white country couldn't survive on its own? You seriously think there aren't white cooks & lawn mowers ready to work for a respectable wage? I used to mow lawns myself, live in a roughly 80% white area, & every single person I've seen mowing lawns for a job has been white. The non-white immigrants tend to either start up restaurants or work as cashiers.

Bjorn studying the future of Europe. How much have you studied? by dogmasterrace in Ice_Poseidon2

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Hate to break it to you, but the white British population is currently at 87% & dropping. Hell, it won't be long before they start hiding the ethnic percentages from you, like they do in France, because they fear an uprising if you begin to fully recognize what they've done to you.

Look at it like this, the white British birthrate is below replacement level, the non-white birthrate is above replacement level, & then even completely ignoring that, thousands of non-whites continue to pour into Britain every month, where as the white British population declines through birthrate, & the net export of white Brits.

It's a simple mathematics equation, if nothing changes, white Brits will eventually become a minority in Britain, & it will happen much sooner than you think. Just as I assume no one ever thought white Brits would become a minority in the historic British capital of London, now they only represent 40% of the population or something like that, & such a dramatic shift took place in just 50 years.

Yes, it doesn't feel like you're being invaded as such because they're not standing at your gates with swords & shields. Instead, you're being invaded from within, by the greedy capitalist, natural enemies, & the useful idiot Marxist supplementation.

And for the record, I want whites to become aware of what's being done to them, rather than be in denial. I'm on your side, not against you.

You are right in saying that it's nowhere near as far gone as the US & it's hilarious when Americans make fun of Europe being invaded, but it's on the same track, preparing to pull into the same station.

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How am I wrong lol? Are you saying that porn & acting is real life? Do you believe that Leanardo Dicaprio really died at the end of Titanic?

You've brought nothing but your perceptions of propaganda & have been challenged by actual studies & people who can expose the propaganda.

Here's another one, tinder dating, basically an app to fuck. White, Asian, & Hispanic women were all least likely to respond to a black man. Conversely, white, Asian, & Hispanic women were all most likely to respond to a white man.

See how much the propaganda has skewed your reality. Most women see blacks as unruly & unreliable, & for good reason.

I'm also wondering if you have now exposed yourself as a black man, you seem way too attached to the idea of hyping them up.

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And who owns & controls almost all the media Chat Chit? Is it whites or is it Jews?

See, this is exactly what they did to Germany, they even bragged about it when they were in full control, & this is why they will be targeted again once civilization breaks down.

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No, you just fall for the propaganda because you watch BBC porn (fake/acting), movies, tv shows, & ads (fake/acting), & then notice the few black athletes who basically get their choice of woman (regardless of color) given that they're rich & famous, who typically choose white women because they view them as high status.

None of these are representative of the general population.

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"Social justice" is the notion of dealing out justice to whites until they are crushed & "white privilege" allows them to justify it as something good & wholesome.

Both these terms derive from a communistic/Marxist style worldview, a worldview that seeks to destroy its host, which in this case, is white Western civilization. Social justice was even a prominently used term in the Soviet Union.