Hollywood was never without its perversions. Truly shocking vintage footage unknown to most by Eav in videos

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Lolita" by Nabokov takes on a whole new light. As does that Salvador Dalí painting where he called Temple "Americas Little Beast" and put her head on the Sphinx. Dalí knew what was up. My great grandma called Shirley "a sugary little whore" and I always thought she had just been jealous. Guess not!

What's a movie you could rave and gush about for LIFE that you 1000% recommend despite others maybe/often underrating it? And I wanna hear it's importance to you! by Goober_notorious2 in Movies

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Two overlooked gems from 2017 that Ive recently seen and can't get out of my head: "Thoroughbreds" and "Ingrid goes West". They are an excellent double feature. Both explore the psychopathy/narcissm endemic in modern society, and both are considered "black comedies". I find the portrayals within deeply unsettling, brilliant acting jobs (particularly Aubrey Plaza as "Ingrid") I didn't experience these films as comedy at all. I think both films are a kind of litmus test, as I have noticed viewers and critics alike tend to be evenly split on whether theyd just watched a hilarious satire or a satirical thriller. I favor the latter interpretation. Both are writer/director jobs, and both are stunningly adept debuts which deserved way more attention. I particularly think Plaza was robbed of an Oscar nom, and Thoroughbreds is one of the most taught, well-staged 1.5 hours I've seen on screen. The soundtrack is particularly off-beat, almost alarmingly so. Of the two, if I had to chose, I'd go with Thoroughbreds. I have not successfully totally vanquished the disturbing implications of its well-healed from my mind in the two weeks since I've seen it. A must watch for sure. Especially for those hip to truths which constitute the genuine realities of life on Earth.

As for "Ingrid", I can guarantee it is one of tge most wrenching pieces of film to watch, in the way that I found it impossible to remain seated throughout. Everyone that watched with me had the same experience. Be that pleasant or not, it certainly affects deeply.

Both did.

Record-Low Number Say They’re ‘Extremely Proud’ to Be American by voter in news

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Why does this headline make me laugh so hard. Onion-esque for sure. I can just image the zany cast that must be the survey respondents still ferociously blind enough to be like, "proud?, No siree, I'm EXTREMELY proud" lol In related news, Guy Fieri's career is in mortal danger.