Hollywood was never without its perversions. Truly shocking vintage footage unknown to most by Eav in videos

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bless her indeed. you know, the elderly are a very untapped resource I think. They correct false history alarmingly often, when you take the time to talk to them. I work as a death doula, and those conversations with clients have opened my eyes more than any. It helps to be a professional listener. lol.

Hungary's foreign minister Péter Szijjártó takes on CNN's Christiane Amanpour (2:41 min video) by expat in privacy

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She's now on PBS too. Replacing the disgraced Charlie Rose. I wonder if the average Iranian is proud to claim Amampour? I have to admit she's rapturously attractive and compelling in her presentation of absolute no-content swill. Sad day for PBS. Not that Rose was a beacon of truth or anything lol. I just used to find PBS the only glimmer of reality among US media. They may have not shown you behind the curtain, but with a well-read eye, watching Frontline, Reveal, POV etc you could at least make out it's outline. Watch it now and it's a low-budget farce of transparent scripted propaganda. Insultingly so. I expect that it's ratings have tanked as anyone stupid enough to accept its programming isn't likely seeking informative and educational options lol Mostly it's a bevvy of extremely softcore "cultural" pornography seemimgly aimed at middle aged social studies teachers. (Maybe it's just that they were the ones with PBS canvas totes growing up lol) Who, upon sudden reflection, are indeed gatekeepers of democracy. Getting off to some medieval sigh porn. what a rant. you'll have to excuse Im a farmer poet without many ears.