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/s/InfoGalactic: - a free uncensored wiki project

is a free uncensored wiki project, as a deep-linked mirrored Wikipedia fork of customized articles, new content, and original wiki-based sub-projects.

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/s/TinFoilHat: Tin Foil Hat and all things related to Tin Foil Hattery.

Tin Foil Hat

and all things related to Tin Foil Hattery.

Not all Tin Foil Hat podcast episodes will be posted, just the A+ or better shows.

If you can't laugh at yourself then cry, cry until you die.

Submission is death! - Resistance is life! - Brilliance is dull. - Wit is it!


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/s/VigtesSickofThisShit: Vigte's: So sick of this shit!

A place to discuss the absolute retarded state of the world and the things that are considered "normal" within it.

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/s/AlternativeMedia: Alternative Media - not the "mainstream" legacy nor social media monopolies' propaganda tools

Alternative Media

AKA Independent Media.

Anything other than "mainstream" legacy media or centralized social media propaganda tools of the corporatocracy.

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/s/Energy: Energy - electricity batteries hydrogen wind solar currents tides thorium nuclear fossil fuels


Electricity, Hydrogen Fuel, Wind Power, Solar Power, Ocean Marine Current Power, Tidal Power, Thorium-Based Nuclear Power, Uranium-Based Nuclear Power, Petro-dollar, Peak Oil, Petroleum, Gasoline, Diesel Fuel, Natural Gas, Hydraulic Fracturing / Fracking, Fossil Fuel, Fuel Oil, Coal, Lithium-Ion Batteries, Electric Batteries, Energy Storage, Energy Conservation, Energy Efficiency, Alternative Energy, Free Energy, GEET Technologies, Suppressed Alternative Solutions, etc.

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/s/200acres: Blood and Soil

Saving up money to buy some land.

Homesteading, self-improvement, tribalism, nationalism.

We went private. The public anchor sub is r/200.

If you were a lurker that's not a problem. Send literally two sentences about yourself/views. Nothing lengthy, just something that gives me a feel for who you are. I actually don't care about your political beliefs, I don't care if you're even a liberal here who wants to lurk or occasionally comment, I'm just looking for people who are genuine.

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/s/Race_DivisionByElites: Race_DivisionByElites - racism, race-related issues, and exposing ruling class social engineering


About all racism, race-related issues, and exposing social engineering by the ruling class to disrupt, divide, and dominate.

Most of humanity are stupider than average or very close to average, so unfortunately most people can't see deeply - past superficiality, propaganda, manipulation, unfairness, injustice, exploitation, and eugenics.

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/s/CopyrightActivism: CopyrightActivism - your culture is not yours to do with as you please.


The pop culture forced on us all is rigged to serve elite interests of the globalist corporatocracy - exploiting you for their banal distracting enslaving propaganda entrainment. That culture is not yours to do with as you please. Your culture is owned and protected as challengers are squashed.

There are alternatives, solutions, and ways to resist.

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/s/Voting_IsARiggedJoke: Voting_IsARiggedJoke - everything relating to the voting process and all the ways it's rigged.


Everything relating to the voting process and all the ways it's rigged.

From voting to elections, the systems are rigged at every level, designed to avoid voting on the real important issues, instead offering flawed lesser evil corruptible puppets in distracting divisive identity politics for the illusion of choice and delusion that anything will change.

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