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/s/conspiracyundone: r/conspiracyundone

1) No shills. 2) No topminds users. 3) No low-effort posts 4) Collegial discussion (If you disagree with somebody, do not attack) 5) You can absolutely xpost from other conspiracy subs 6) All views are welcome!

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/s/Journalism: Journalism: Fourth Pillar of Democracy

A platform for news or content regarding Journalists and Journalism in Newspapers, Magazines, TV, Radio, Internet, Etc. The objective is to maintain a general knowledge of what is happening with Journalism around the world.

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/s/CultureShank: CultureShankNSFW - Not every culture shock is enlightening

CultureShank is a hub for the truly bizarre, morbidly absurd, and downright terrifying happenings that occur in different corners of the globe. Travel indeed broadens the mind but it may also scar it for life.

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/s/MorbidReality: Morbid Reality

The Saidit Counterpart to the Reddit version, it is meant to hold articles and discussions about the morbid side of life - tragic deaths to literal conspiracies, government overreach to massive disasters, and all the inbetween

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