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ICAAN has already lost its way when it decided to eliminate pricing caps on some domains. This likely will spread to all domains as greed grows and corruption and payoff systems develop and get "cast in stone" It looks like registrars have some golfing buddies in charge there.

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Everything always moves towards consolidation, it seems. Then new things pop up because the consolidation causes problems and limitations. Then those new things become part of the consolidation... It seems like a never-ending cycle of business and ownership and freedom and technology

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All internet/telecom is runned by the company that owns the hardware. All the so called tech giants are just shell companys to hide the true owner of the world.

The company that own all 5g patents also own the hardware that cia/nsa/mossad etc uses to gather Intel. This company also runs basicly all hardware in South America and the middle East.

The company im talking about is Ericsson, they have been the world leader in telecom tech for the past century. They are part of a bigger investment group called investor. In this group is also the company ABB, they do alot of energy stuff. One country they supplied with nuclear tech is north Korea.

This is basicly the root of the so called deep state. And dont worry trump and co is going to put this out very soon. The plan is going as planned.