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There is no such thing as anonymity, privacy, or freedom of speech on the web, however, but you can follow these steps:

  1. Travel to a foreign country and borrow a computer from a random person living in another city. Cover the camera.

  2. Put on a prosthetic face, wear a wig, fake mustache and beard, different color eye contacts, a hat, sunglasses, and a hoodie to cover your head.

  3. Put a pebble inside your dominant leg's shoe to change the way you walk.

  4. Put on freshly bought old clothes in a style you'd never wear.

  5. Go to a coffee shop through that has no cameras, through a dark tunnel(path in a city that has no cameras)

  6. Wear gloves.

  7. Use fake teeth and cover any tattoos, scars, scabs, anything you have on your body that is unique or identifiable in any way.

  8. Use Tor, a prepaid debit card, and a VPN. Connect to wifi and do whatever you want for 5 minutes. Only use your left hand to type and move mouse (right if you're left-handed) to not leave metadata on the net that resembles your usual typing and clicking pattern. Never use your real name online.

  9. After you're done, leave through a dark tunnel to a secluded area, change to other clothes, remove your fake face, burn everything, along with the computer.

  10. Don't say a word, to anyone. Pretend you can't speak. Now, this is the only 100% safe way to do whatever the fuck you want.