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It's not the FDA they trust per se, they just use it to give credibility to thier claims which originate in media. Like all advertising it is not one advertisement that convinces anyone but at least 7 "impressions" and most effectively when they come from multiple sources. It is the collective propaganda of nearly all media colluding to push a nearly entirely cohesive narrative. Do not write that off as "they must simply be stupid".

The question is why are conservatives less effected, and the reason is they have been inoculated to the effects of popular media because they have found themselves at odds with it for so long. They don't trust what they hear because they are so used to rejecting the liberal narratives. They stopped consuming much of it. They migrated to places not controlled by jews because those were the only places not pushing liberal bullshit.

But not all were spared. Those who only went as far as fox News never escaped (((thier))) reach and probably got jabbed.

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That's simple, they are pussies. At the slightest hint of danger, real or percieved, they loose their minds and start looking for someone to save them. Conveniently, the same people scaring the shit out of them have a premade solution to offer them, masks, social isolation, shiny new "vaccines", and a heaping helping of tyranny.