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So, essentially we have nationalistic Zionists who use the US economy and war machine for their expansionist and welfare agenda and the Marxists who historically hated the Zionists in Russia but who preach a socialist US state.

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I see what you're saying, that's definitely the hegelian dialectic. Especially at that point in time in Russia. I wouldn't say all (or even most) anti-zionists across the globe are immediately marxists though... that's a leap.

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Yes, I'm not claiming all (or even most) anti-Zionists are marxists but rather the frontmen of the movement are marxists preaching a US socialist state. If anything, they've infiltrated the movement. That being said Zionist organizations and movements in Russia were not so much different than the Bolsheviks and other socialist parties in Russia, excluding their religious beliefs and authoritarian tendencies. The Zionists still had communist tendencies with the added characteristic of fervent Nationalism and the want for a Jewish ethnostaate. Many marxist movements in Russia thought Zionism was a form of cowardliness.

But what I find interesting is that the Mizsrim lodges and Memphis lodges of Freemasonry ; the revolutionaries, mostly leftist Jews, like the Jacobins, were plentiful in the Bolshevik and marxist circles.

And many of the Zionists Israel prime ministers we see today are also Freemasons. Makes you wonder.

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Yeah I see what you mean now.

And many of the Zionists Israel prime ministers we see today are also Freemasons. Makes you wonder.

Freemasonry primarily exists to forward the goals of Zionism, I have very few doubts left about that based on what I've seen. The obsession with rebuilding the temple of solomon being the most important thing (which lines up exactly with Zionist geopolitical goals) gives it away.

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Yes, Freemasonary does further the goals of Zionism and I hadn't realized this until only recently. But Freemasonary features many lodges and historically was a benign fraternity before the revolutionary lodges of Memphis and Mizreim. Washington and Jefferson were Freemasons.

Specific lodges and their masonic rituals of rebuilding Solomon's Temple illustrate a Judeo-masonic aspect. It certainly does give it away. Before WWII, in Bavaria and all around the world most people understood that there was a Judeo-freemaosnic plot. But for some reason this has been hidden and ignored today despite all the historical texts illustrating this plot. Maybe, it is because the revolutionary lodges were successful in acquiring Palestine? The core of Freemasonry was the revolutionary freemasonry, aiming to create the New World Order, first it was to destroy the old word order of aristocracy by democracy, then it became more socialistic and Communism developed from that basis.

You see this with prominent Zionists as Freemasons and the revolutionary core of the Jacobins in the French revolution and the Bolshevik circles meeting in lodges during the Russian revolution.

We now read in mainstream articles that the association with Freemasonry being linked to Zionism (particularly Jewish Zionism) was born out of Nazi Propaganda, and is not based in fact. But this isn't so. In Germany in the 1860s Jews and Freemasons began to be identified as twin agencies responsible for undermining traditional society. This is thte exact time in which Zionism was founded and became a political ideology. The apparatus of secrecy, ritual, and regalia which was a feature of *B'nai B'rith in its early years no doubt reflected the influence of Masonic practice.

I'm also observing that those who attack Jesuits, espeically the agents of today, are Freemasons. Even Napolean the first, 2nd and third were Freemasons who attacked jesuits. I'm not really seeing a small group of religious people controlling politics and teh world but that's what Freemasons and flat-earther pushers are telling me.

When we look at historical texts of those attacking Jesuits we see that they are Freemasons. Here is Napolean doing the classic hidden hand gesture to shwo his allegiance to Freemasonry.

You'll see this hand gesture everywhere, and it is written in Freemason ritual books. Stalin ALSO did this hand gesture as did Trotsky and Lenin. When Germany was cut in half by the Soviet Union as a gift by communist sympathizers in the US, what do we see on the flag? A square and compass, the insignia of Freemaonry.

Then you have the aspect of the elders of Zion forgery. Clearly, we do not know who wrote this work but they were largely composed by rhe opponents of the so called Elders. They are what Umberto Eco called them: a true forgery. They first appeared in Theosophic circles in Paris, so the natural assumption is that they were written by some Theosophists. Theosophists were anti-semities and racists and started teh Thule Society which was the society that started DAP and the National Socialsits. Hitler was not a member of this society started by a Sufi and Freemason but it is odd that many of these wars and political groups came from secret societies. What is clear is that Nazis hated communists and what they called international Jewry, such as international Rothschild banking, in which they shut down many of their banks in Germany and Austria.

But they worked with the Zionists and agreed that they should have a state of their own, to keep them from assimilating into the politics of a country and taking over the country leading to its destruction. That is is what they believed in. That is partly why Herzl said that his best friends would be anti-semites. So that he would scare Jews so that they would flee to Palestine. So, Nazis were no puppets or special friends of the Monster that is the freemasonic revolutionaries. Agent and disinformationalist who is featured on Adam Green's Know More News Jon Christopehr Berjeknes states in his writings and on his podcasts that Hitler was a Bolshevik, lol, and that Einstein was a racist piece of crap. See what he did? He made the lie the truth. Hitler worked with ZIonists, not Bolsheviks and Einstein, a Jew was a critic of Zionism.

"Anyway, the Freemasonic revolutionaries were to be killed, but as it is a beloved monster, so they need to be driven elsewhere, where it wouldn't hurt anyone or destroy countries. Palestine was the place and the Theosophic circles worked with the Zionists to make this happen."

This is taken from a blog that I found very interesting, he states:

There is a personal and ideological continuum from the Bavarian Illuminati, through Jacobins and Carbonari to Communists. The Egyptian Freemasonry, founded by Cagliostro, and its later developments: the Rite of the Philadelphes, the Rite of Mizraim, the Rite of Memphis, and the merged form the Rite of Memphis-Mizraim under the irregular Grand Orient of France, have been closely associated with all of the revolutionary movements between 1770 and 1870. Zionism originates from the Grand Orient of France and there are personal connections tying both Zionism and communism to B’nai B’rith and Anti-Defemation League (ADL). The support of international bankers to communism, and also to Nazism, has been shown by several historians. This support has mainly come from Anglo-American and Jewish sources. As the Grand Orient of France was not active in these countries and Freemasonry is implied in this support, the lodges behind these subversive movements must have been some secret group inside regular Freemasonry.

Inner circles of Zionism with the support of international bankers seems to be the only surviving secret society that may have the role today. There is B’nai B’rith and Anti-Defamation League. [and we see the utter power these peopel have].

Here is what was published in the NYT on August 28, 1922:

Dr. Nahum Sokolow is quoted as having declared: “the League of Nations is a Jewish idea” “we Jews throughout the world will make the League’s struggle our own and will not rest until there is ultimate victory”.

After his death in May 1936 the Jewish Telegraph Agency reported:

“Dr. Sokolow was in the front ranks of Zionist leaders. So all-embracing was his nationalist philosophy that he could not see world peace permanently established without the return of the Jews to Palestine. He envisioned a world League of Nations with headquarters in Jerusalem.”

That's the ultimate goal and always has been. Multilateralism is a part of this goal but it has always been the seat of power in Jerusalem. The first prime-minister of Israel Ben-gurion stated that he predicts that:

  • Israel will set up a world court in Jerusalem under noahide laws.

  • That all wars will be abolished

  • The US will become a welfare state (Netanyahu has stated that the US will eventualyl become the biggest welfare state to ever exist)

  • Russia will become a federation

  • Israel will be the head and seat of all nationstates

  • A true United Nations, the ideologies of its founders and the Lucis Trust will materialize. So, essentially the UN will be transformed , not liek it is today. Don't forget that the UN basically induced the Israeli-Palestine problem we face today by dividing up the land.

Basically, it is prophecy in Isaiah and they take it very seriously. But Isaiah 9:11 (how interesting a number) states that there is a conspiracy found among the people of Jerusalem.

Sorry, for the rant, lol.

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Good research. You are definitely connecting the dots. Keep condensing it down for a more and more clear understanding.

My grandfather was a 32nd degree mason. I have his ring. I'd never talked about freemasonry to my dad until one day recently that I told him that I think freemasonry is basically a hidden front for zionism, and he agreed. He hates freemasonry and is very Christian, and used to question my grandpa about it betraying their Christianity but grandpa always had excuses as to why it didn't. But this is ultimately why my dad rejected it. If it were the benevolent charitable organization it paints itself as, it wouldn't need to be a secret society with levels of hidden knowledge. My dad threw out the master mason coded books when he cleaned out their house after grandpa died, because they were in a coded language and were unreadable. I wish he had kept them.

Anyway, I say this just to say to you, that not only can I verify from research that freemasonry is a front for zionism from my research on the subject, but I can also verify it from personal experience.

The 32nd degree ring has a hebrew letter prominently on it. The signs are everywhere. Look at the names of the 33 levels. About 1/3 of them directly reference the temple of Solomon, or Jerusalem. Hell there is even a Temple of Solomon in the background of the image.

It really couldn't be more obvious, once you see it. Freemasonry is basically a giant secret organization that tricks Christians (and power-seekers) in to supporting Zionism (and thus also the geopolitical goals of Israel).

There was one guy that was a higher rank than my grandpa in the lodge he went to. He ended up being a US senator for a few decades who ran for president and is still a household name.

It's so easy to ignore all this if you don't know about it, but once you see it you can't un-see it. There used to be entire US political parties that were centered solely around being anti-freemasonry in the 1800s: