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Gdp growth was slowing for the last few years of Obama and accelerated again as soon as Trump took office. Maybe that's got nothing to do with Trump. Who knows? But he certainly hasn't had a detrimental effect. And economic growth is the ONLY thing that helps with any of those problems. So let's stop with the sensationalism already.

The other side isn't evil. They just think you're wrong.

I should also point out that Trump hasn't gotten us involved in any new wars yet, whereas Obama and Bush got us involved in every war they could.

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gdp rising is a bad thing, well good just for the rich. I might agree it was good if real wages increased

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A bad thing, but good for the rich... Would you mind explaining how it's bad for the non-rich please?

It is much better to be poor in a rich country than poor in a poor country.

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"I might agree it was good if real wages increased"

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So that's a different topic. I'm asking why you think it's bad, not why you don't think it's good. There are benefits beyond real wage increase, but let's try to stick to one thing.

Why is it bad? How does it negatively impact people?

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if there were benefits you'd name em. it negatively effects us cuz the rich get richer, they can bribe our politicians more, get more bailouts when they fuck up, it's harder for us to overthrow them, we need to lynch the lot of em, anastasia them

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I agree that I don't want them bribing politicians. They don't get more bailouts (that's something that only happens when GDP slows). I also don't think we'll be "overthrowing" anybody anytime soon. At least I hope not because those kinds of "revolutions" turn countries into poverty stricken disaster zones.

But regardless of those particulars, your main argument is that it's bad because it helps one group that you think is out to hurt you. That tells me that neither of us are going to change the other's mind. Nothing I can say is going to take away your victim complex or convince you that you're not being hurt.

My advice - put down the phone and get off the internet for a couple of days. Go out and socialize face to face and learn not to hate your fellow man.

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lol so naive

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I agree! Get out, talk, socialize. I would say have a nice tea party with the queen but above all feed gods sheep. Help others in meed and fight to create a new system, a decentralized system absent of corruption.

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Fluoride is essential. You don't want people shooting up politians and bankers or anything like that.

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i think I'm less beta and more aggressive since I cut that out

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It's how they measure it. The GDP increases partly by the amount of private debt and credit penalties. Say your family has a credit card debt and cannot pay off the interest alone. A penelty will be applied, higher interests and that is good for GDP. Neoliberal ideaolgy is the new normal. They have essentially hijacked words and creayed new sefinitions to mean the opposite. Classical economics, and a truly free market, ridding of monopolies is the only way to save the middle class.

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And economic growth is the ONLY thing that helps with any of those problems.


So let's stop with the sensationalism already.

Yes, please!

The other side isn't evil. They just think you're wrong.


The other side isn't evil. They just think you're wrong.

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Increased GDP is directly linked to wealth inequality, a poorer standard of living and increased private debts by creditors. Trump is pulling out of the middleeast so China, and Israel can take over. Dedollarizarion and the multilateral order is coming. Say good bye to the American economy before 2030. All planned 50 years in advance.