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I agree that it's a horrible thing to happen, and that what they are doing is wrong. It's indefensible in 2020.

Unfortunately, we still have essentially the same problem in the US in various regions.

Banning child marriage in America: An uphill fight against evangelical pressure

Not only that, there's also the hidden agenda of pedo activist who are manipulating the LGBT movement is to lower/eliminate the age of sexual consent.

We've already discussed the OTO and their pedo legislative agenda.

And Biden. ;-)

However, we should fix our own internal issues, before we criticize the activities of pre-industrial village/clan societies. It's bad form, bro.
I try to expect more from my community, and hold them to a higher standard. I'm certain we're in agreement about this.

That the fundamental principle of moral standing.

Again, I condemn underage marriage, in all forms. They're definitely bad people who are behaving amorally.
And I condemn the pedos as far worse.

I'm not making excuses for anyone.

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i think the main problem is islam

and being underdeveloped just adds to it

eg there are many child marriages in sweden in the muslim communities too

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Are you suggesting Islam is responsible for underage marriages in Kentucky?

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well, are there muslims in kentucky?

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Appalachia Islam?

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Yeah, the Zionists said that about Islam too, right before, during and after 9/11. Turns out it had nothing to do with Islam. Unless, one were to believe the fairytale.

Does anyone have stats on Islam child marriages, what particular Islamic sect this may be and how it compares to say Hindu?

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i am sure the data is out there. my link is related specifically to the shia muslims.

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Pretty choice picture to use, they're clearly carrying their kids.

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child marriages s- 'Happens everyday in US too