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Yep. He's been saying this for years.
Because it's true

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Article is from 2012. I would be interested to know 1) what he thinks now, and 2) what's the basis for the claim in the first place? Just his personal opinion? The article mentions a ranking system but the US ranked very low because of money in politics. While I personally agree this is a problem, a lot of people don't think it's a problem and have put up convincing arguments in favor of it. Regardless, it's a partisan issue and it shouldn't be a surprise that Jimmy Carter's foundation has such a problem with it, given his political views as well as personal history. So hopefully Carter used more than just that metric to form his opinion, but the article is not very clear on this.

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what's the basis for the claim in the first place?

The Carter Center worked in Venezuela for years as third-party/independent monitors to make sure the elections were free and fair. Just google "carter center venezuela"