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Look, Im not going to sit here and say that Big bad people in big evil buildings aren't hatching some diabolical shit up somewhere. But I gotta say that some of the stuff you guys get up to is pretty wacky

The earth is flat and we have never gone to space but we have been visited by aliens that might actually be angels. Dinosaurs are of the Devil, there is an actual thing as magic, some great savior once got nailed to a stick but he became a zombie and saved all our souls buy giving up a three day weekend but then rode a cloud up into space saying he was gonna come back and stick it to the man and then... never did.

Some folks will believe any damn thing and get all riled up about it and next thing you know start shooting people over it.

I was browsing the Q anon thread that my step brother swore to god was gonna "open my eyes" and I shit you not there was a thread that started something along the lines of:

"On the day trump got elected Hillary sent 7 unknown people to an undisclosed location and and they had a meeting"

And on that bullshit alone there was an uproar of "Lock her ups" and how they were gonna kill all the libtards and blah, blah, blah.

Man you can just throw any nonsensical thing out there without any evidence AT ALL and those people will think you have stumbled up on something profound.

Hillary Clinton orders eight pieces of toast every morning but she might only eat three or maybe five. The messages are in the Toast. The Deep State takes their orders by the TOAST! LOCK HER UP!!! Fucking Q-anan goes wild

But yea, I can also see how this development could be abused and turned into a really bad deal.