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I don't understand how it's "sterilization". If they want to switch genders shouldn't becoming more like that gender should a prerequisite to officially being recognized as one? Otherwise it like saying, I'm a lawyer, trust me, I just updated my FaceBook profile last week, it's legit now.

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Well… that depends. It's obviously not black and white. I have exceedingly strong opinions on this, so let's see how neutrally I can write it!

On the one hand, some people would consider that, since the distinguishing features between sexes are the primary and secondary sexual characteristics, in order to be legally considered a particular gender one must share the sexual characteristics commonly associated with that gender.

On the other hand, some people consider that, since gender is a psychological phenomenon, that is the sole requirement for legal characterisation as such.

I'm running out of hands, but yet other people would consider gender to be a social phenomenon, and argue one way or another based on their cultural interpretation of that.

Now. Guess which I hold to be true.

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It's all part of Japan's commitment to product quality.

The Japanese government will not put it's signatures on reworked citizens; without rigerous QC inspection, and a signed certificate of conformance.