Chat /Subscribed Operator is an incredibly stupid, hostile teenager, constantly attacking users and advocating violence. Any suggestions? by [deleted] in AskSaidIt

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Don't patronize me, dumbass. 1st - there's no socks here. 2nd - OPs aren't needed that much, and certainly not an idiot who actively fucks up discussions. You're avoiding the obvious. I never ask for OP, I was previously given it and didn't need to use it, except for Ed's spam. The present post is merely a way to note the demise of that chat channel, at your hands, no less. It's nothing more than that, mainly because you'd rather have idiots destroy that feature of Saidit, reducing it to an idiotic level. Remember it. You'll see the consequences in due course. Those who want Saidit to have nothing but idiots will be happy.

David Hogg gets a job by [deleted] in whatever

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Meanwhile, adults don't know, or care to know, who this is.