List of people retroactively declared trans by firebird in GenderCritical

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Was not expecting Ratt! (Was also not expecting I'd be able to identify Ratt after all these decades!)

Sick of Reddit misogyny? Are you Ovarit? Come join us at our permanent new home for Gender Critical women! PM me for an invite code! by [deleted] in GenderCritical

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We should have a link somewhere

Come and see how lovely it looks!

ELI5 Judith Butler by Jalaces in GenderCritical

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Sorry! I wish I could be more helpful.

ELI5 Judith Butler by Jalaces in GenderCritical

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JCJ has a great article on Judith Butler, but with language possibly a bit unsuitable for five-year-olds:

The Third Wave “Dream Girl” Begs To Be Broken by womenopausal in GenderCritical

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They are so bullshit with their evosexism. I like to remind them that the best indicator of fertility is successfully having birthed a healthy baby. Therefore, evolution says men should be attracted to women with saggy boobs and stretchmarks. SCIENCE!

The Third Wave “Dream Girl” Begs To Be Broken by womenopausal in GenderCritical

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Where the patriarchy once demanded silence from suffering women, it now demands groans of ecstasy. How did patriarchal society manage to pull off this most violent sleight of hand?

If you Google the words ‘Choke me’, you’ll be inundated with cutesy images of this phrase blown up in pink bubble writing, surrounded by hearts or tiaras. Some of the images will go one step further, with ‘Choke me daddy’ posted alongside girlish cartoon characters. One particularly telling meme on the first page states ‘I choked that bitch and she started smiling — that’s when I knew I was in luv (sic)’. Google ‘slap me’, ‘bite me’, or ‘hit me’, and you will find many similar results.

We have long known that our society is becoming increasingly porn-saturated, however the nature of the everyday pornographic content that is being accessed is changing rapidly. As discussed by Gail Dines in Pornland, the last fifty years have seen a move from the dominance of soft-core pornography to the mainstreaming of violent hard-core porn. The soft-focus topless images of old have been replaced by a seemingly infinite number of free video clips of women being tied up, spat on, smacked, punched, kicked, stood on, bitten, and urinated on. What was once niche and taboo is now integral to what we would consider ‘everyday pornography’. This kind of dominant, everyday pornography can usually be seen to have a common theme or thread running through it; certainly, the argument can be made that the thread interwoven through everyday pornography today is that of sexual sadism and masochism. The dominant, hegemonic pornography genre today is that of ‘gonzo porn’. ‘Gonzo porn’ as defined by Dines is porn that is characterised by ‘hardcore, body-punishing sex in which women are demeaned and debased’.

Prior to the birth of the internet, the pornography accessed by most people was that of the soft-core, Playboy-style variety; today, the soft-core everyday porn of the past has been replaced with pornography overwhelmed with brutality, violence, and humiliation.When we consider the ways in which the pornification of culture has influenced the female beauty ideal, it seems inevitable that this dramatic shift in the nature of hegemonic pornography would bring about changes in the female ideal. In our pornified culture, what does the ideal woman look like?

Over the last number of years, there have been many accounts of the ways in which pornography has influenced the beauty ideal. Dines discusses the concept of the ‘Stepford Slut’, the new dream woman who, rather than being characterised by her exceptional homemaking skills, is characterised by her explicit sexuality and her limitless sexual availability. In Perfect Me, Heather Widdows argues that the ideal woman is no longer mere sexual object, but simultaneously sexual object and subject in that her desire and sexual forwardness is a crucial element of her appeal. When we take into account the dominance of sadomasochistic pornography today, the ideal woman as dictated by porn is characterised by pain tolerance and masochism.

A 2010 study found that most of the scenes from fifty of the most-watched porn movies contained elements of both physical and verbal abuse of women. Acts of physical aggression such as slapping and choking could be seen in more than 88% of the aforementioned scenes, and 48% of them showed verbal aggression towards female performers. With both physical and verbal aggression taken into account, the researchers concluded that just under 90% of all the scenes in their study contained elements of aggression toward women. It quickly becomes clear that everyday porn is sadomasochistic; the porn that most porn-watchers are consuming on a regular basis contains elements of sadomasochism, whether in the form of slapping and hair-pulling, or in a less overtly physical way such as through verbal degradation or humiliation. What has been mentioned largely relates to sadism, but masochism can be also be seen in these videos through the smiling faces and encouraging words of the female performers in the face of physical and verbal aggression. The porn industry relies on the consumer’s belief that the women involved are enjoying themselves, and any evidence that this may not be the case would threaten to disrupt the fantasy. Thus, female performers must necessarily demonstrate their enjoyment at whatever act might be taking place, regardless of how aggressive, painful, or degrading. A masochistic attitude on behalf of the female performers becomes crucial to maintaining the fantasy that porn is selling. What does this mean for girls and young women? In a culture that encourages girls to idolise female porn performers, what are we telling girls about what is expected of them? Liberal ‘sex positive’ feminism has championed sadomasochism as a manifestation of female sexual liberation, but I can’t help but wonder how liberated these young women feel when they’re being spat on and smacked.

This kind of feminism has operated as the patriarchy’s ideal Trojan horse, managing to squash common sense to the extent that women are smiling while men punch them in the face, and we’re calling it liberation. Since the dawn of time men have violently abused and assaulted women but, for perhaps the first time, this nonsensical misogyny disguised as progressive politics has convinced women to beg for abuse in an effort to conform to a contemporary notion of desirability. Using young women’s vulnerability in the face of the female ideal, patriarchal society has repackaged this ideal, turning her from silent 50s housewife, to blow-up doll, to smiling mascara-streaked masochist. We have created conditions whereby pain tolerance has become a sexually desirable trait in a female partner, and the evidence of this is everywhere, from ‘choke me’ memes to ‘PainHub’ crop tops sold by the online clothing retailer O’Mighty; our culture is awash with young women declaring their masochistic credentials.

I have spoken to many women who, at their lowest points in life, adopted this culturally celebrated masochism, and had no trouble finding men willing to hurt them in the name of sexual liberation — men who, through porn consumption, have been sold the idea that women love nothing more than being physically harmed. The ideal of the female masochist is being marketed by the capitalist porn industry and supported wholeheartedly by a patriarchal society undoubtedly thrilled at the idea of male-on-female abuse being not merely condoned but celebrated. This idolisation of female masochism not only traps women in cycles of abuse, but quietly shames them for not enjoying it. The only liberation that has been achieved through this rhetoric has been the liberation of men from the guilt, shame, or repercussions potentially associated with the abuse of women. Men can now openly discuss the sexual gratification they get from beating their girlfriends, and be lauded as champions of sex positivity.

We need a powerful and loud counter-narrative that seeks to protect girls and reinforce the harms of male-on-female violence. We need a feminism that won’t allow violent misogyny to hide behind the mask of liberation. When young women are showing off sadistically inflicted bruises as badges of honour and desirability, we have failed them.

Saidit is currently undergoing the largest DDOS attack we've ever had by magnora7 in SaidIt

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It's just menopausal with 'wo' in front of it.

Saidit is currently undergoing the largest DDOS attack we've ever had by magnora7 in SaidIt

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I am that old GC mod and I can confirm there was no CP. All images had to be manually approved by the mod team before they were posted so that there was nothing untoward. We were particuarly stringent on non-anonymised screenshots so we didn't fall foul of Reddit's rules - not least because there were armies waiting to report any slipup. It would have caught any pornographic images as well. All new posters were put through manual approval until they'd been around for a while so you couldn't just show up and create a scene with no history. I never saw any CP in all my time modding r/GC, just a bunch of scabby cocks on one occasion. The rest of the trollposts were just inane shut up terf anime meme bullshit that noone but us ever saw. I think they must have known it would be impossible to plant shit on our sub so they didn't even try.

James Kirkup: The BBC’s failure to report gender identity accurately by womenopausal in GenderCritical

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Blackpool woman accessed child abuse images in hospital bed’.

It’s a good headline, in that it catches your attention.

But there are two things making it an effective headline, at least in the sense that it gets attention. One is the notion of someone looking at child porn in a hospital – that’s a shocking thing, and as they sometimes say in American journalism schools, ‘news is a surprise.’

The other important part of the headline is the word ‘woman’. We don’t often associate women with crimes like viewing images of child abuse; the idea of a woman doing so has a bit of ‘man bites dog’ news surprise to it.

So, I can see how the BBC News website editors decided on that headline for a report about Julia Marshall who, on 14th July, was sentenced to nine months in jail over what a judge called a ‘vast’ collection of over 80,000 child abuse images.

The story beneath that arresting headline is short – just 12 sentences in all – and sparse in detail, as court reporting generally should be.

Yet the headline, and the story below, provide a lesson in how journalism can struggle to deal with contemporary notions of gender identity.

If you read the BBC story alone, you would learn that a 54-year-old woman had admitted three counts of making indecent images of children, had no previous convictions and had a history of mental health problems, as well as a heart condition that led to the spell in hospital mentioned in the headline. And that’s all.

What you would not learn is that Julia Marshall was born male and in recorded court documents, has another alias: John Robert Marshall.

Nor would you learn that when Marshall first appeared in a magistrates’ court over these crimes earlier this year, court records – based on information from Lancashire Constabulary – contained the following reference: ‘Gender: male’.

I contacted Lancashire Constabulary about Marshall’s case on Wednesday. The force confirmed that they have recorded Marshall as a male: even though Marshall ‘self-identifies’ as a woman, the offences concerned will be recorded in crime statistics as having been committed by a male offender.

Marshall was born male, has a male name and is regarded as male by the police, yet the BBC’s report on Marshall’s conviction refers to a ‘woman’ and makes no reference to the police records.

This is where things get challenging for journalism. Should the BBC online team have reported Marshall’s biological sex and recorded gender? In a narrow sense, I can see how they produced a report that does not mention it – they might have decided that issues of sex and gender were not directly relevant to the sentencing decision. The judge, Simon Newell, followed guidance for the judiciary and referred to Marshall as ‘Miss Marshall’. And while the judge alluded to the uncertainty of whether Marshall will be housed in a male or female prison estate, it remains unclear where Marshall will go.

I suppose it’s possible that a BBC journalist knocking out a short story based on some agency copy might just not be aware of the sex-gender disparity in the case. Though I have to point out that it has been widely reported in other media outlets, after being disclosed during an earlier court hearing.

Did the BBC decide not to tell readers about Marshall’s gender status out of fear for controversy or trouble, and the dreaded accusation of transphobia? BBC coverage of anything gender-related is always sensitive, and the corporation’s staff must tread carefully if they want to do actual journalism on trans issues.

Here’s an example. Last month, a BBC report about trans-rights groups’ arguments for legal reform included a quote from the journalist Joan Smith – who worries that reforming gender laws could have harmful effects on women’s rights. No doubt the BBC staff who included that quote thought they were doing their job as journalists, reporting on the range of views about a question of public policy.

But the mere inclusion of that quote from Smith – who also advises London Mayor Sadiq Khan ­– sparked a significant protest. An open letter from 150 trans-rights campaigners, including three MPs, was quickly sent to senior BBC executives, accusing the Corporation of ‘institutional discrimination and hatred’. This is not the sort of thing a public broadcaster can just shrug off.

So, a BBC journalist who wanted to report that Julia Marshall is regarded by the police as male might well have paused for thought before doing so. Or maybe they didn’t want to do so, believing, for some reason, that reporting Marshall’s gender status would be the wrong thing to do. I have heard BBC editors confide that some of their editorial colleagues believe that BBC journalism on trans issues should prioritise respect for gender identity above ‘balance’.

None of this is straightforward. I’m not arguing for any absolute rules on the reporting of someone’s gender status and history. I’m not even really criticising the BBC over their report, for which I can see several possible and understandable explanations. It’s important that journalism avoids unnecessary offence and handles sensitive subjects with care and delicacy.

But whatever the motivation, the consequence is that the BBC failed to give its audience all the relevant facts about a case it evidently considered important enough to report on. Some of the BBC’s audience may well have got the impression that Marshall is – biologically and legally – female. If so, they were misled.

That matters, and not just because journalism should always be accurate. The extent to which women commit sexual offences is a live issue in debates around gender policy and criminal justice more broadly. Whenever the argument is made that policy should be based on the fact that people born male – with male anatomy and legal status – commit the majority of sexual crimes, some people will pop up to argue that women also commit sexual offences. That is true, but also largely irrelevant. And coverage like the BBC report on the Marshall case makes it easier to muddy the waters around the issue – distracting from the fact that men, on average, pose a greater threat to others – especially women and children – than women do. Law and policy should be set on the basis of facts, and poor journalism helps obscure those facts.

The trans issue is delicate and complicated, coming to the fore in an age of hair-trigger offence. I don’t blame people who take the safe option around this issue, staying out of the minefield and resting on platitudes about the need to be kind and respectful. But journalists must always be free to upset and offend. In the end, telling the truth is more important than being nice.

"Reddit bans women's & feminist subs in their clean-up effort, making 'Reddithateswomen' trend" (blog post by Dabitch, July 15, 2020) by [deleted] in GenderCritical

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Yeah, nah. We modded the shit out of that sub. We were absolutely rigourous. We had like 2 minor complaints from Admins in over three years.

These are not our crimes - Blackpool "woman" accessed 'sick' child abuse images from hospital bed by [deleted] in GenderCritical

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Nice to think that this guy could be tugging his todger in a women's only ward, huh? Just what you need when you're hospitalised.

Rowling stands up for Detransitioners on Twitter by RadioSilence in GenderCritical

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Spinster isn't the official r/GenderCritical replacement. That's a little way down the line but we've had a team of techies working on it since the day of the ban. Any day now. Seriously.

Activism in some pretty exceptional circumstances. by midgetmetalhead19 in GenderCritical

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My kid avoided the traditional woke student household by living with only international students (mostly from China).

Right, so I reckon you should start by finding your local ReSisters. Look on twitter for $AREA ReSisters and see what is going on locally. Also check for meetings by WPUK and the likes in the vicinity and go to them and meet women there. There's a lot of feminist activism bubbling under the surface but due to fears of TRA harassment (and it can be career-endingly serious) it's all very hush-hush. You need to build relationships first.

Question: why are men more likely to commit crimes? by sosorreal in GenderCritical

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Personally, I think hormones do have a role to play, although I am not sure how. It is absolutely true that men commit more crimes, throughout history, for all societies, for all groups, and for nearly every crime category. And particularly when it comes violent crime. The reason I suspect hormones are involved because of the age of criminals: they tend to be young as well as males. A huge amount of crime is committed by male teenagers. It's not necessarily severe crime, often more of a nuisance. It's not always the type that even makes headlines in your local paper unless it's a really slow newsday. But it is often the bulk of crime that goes into making up the statistics.

I would say that after sex (meaning maleness), age (meaning youth) is the greatest predictor of criminality. It would be easy to say young men & male teenagers have the most testosterone (true) but I'm not clear that this takes us to a simple reason why young men commit the most crime. Young women and female teenagers are also more likely to be involved in crime than older women. About 20% youth crime is by girls (UK stats: I am British and there's a lot I don't like about my country but I'm very proud of the way we collate crime stats.) And although in every category more boys commit more crimes than girls, girls are far more likely to commit a violent crime than they are to commit a burglary.

So testosterone might play a role, but I think we would also want to think about the reasons that those girls are involved in crime too. We'd want to look big picture. Chances are, they are likely to have similar profiles to the boys. So testosterone may well be a factor around the fact that boys/male teenagers commit 80% of youth crime and girls/female teenagers 20%, but it can only be one factor amongst many, and it might have complicated relationships with stuff like socialisation and other variables.

Is anyone letting JK Rowling know that we're here? by peakitypeaked in GenderCritical

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Coming very, very soon.

Worth taking a peek at, if you were wondering why "trans women" seem to hate women so much. by puffball in GenderCritical

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TERFs tell you to just abolish gender.

Ironically the trancel understands us better than the TRAs who fucking still go 'but sex and gender are different tho.' Even when you've outlined to them what radfems mean by gender.

Worth taking a peek at, if you were wondering why "trans women" seem to hate women so much. by puffball in GenderCritical

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I honestly think this is the result of a generation of incels spending their every waking moment playing video games watching porn rather than engaging with life.

Or both.

Many bisexuals I know (including myself) are willing to date trans people. So why pressure gays and lesbians? by dandeliondynasty in GenderCritical

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IIRC, Lynne Harne of the Lesbian Rights Alliance mentioned in a speech that a meeting for lesbians in a private house was picketed by angry TIMs for being eXclUdEd. Might be on the WPUK youtube.

Excerpt from Abigail Shrier's book from Quillette by womenopausal in GenderCritical

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Yes, yes they are. My favourite is the one from the UK beginning 'A worthless prose of words' - that's not how we speak the Queen's English, my dear sir/madam.

Excerpt from Abigail Shrier's book from Quillette by womenopausal in GenderCritical

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Are they leaving dumbass 1 star reviews?

Excerpt from Abigail Shrier's book from Quillette by womenopausal in GenderCritical

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I think the TRAs finagled getting adverts for it removed from Amazon, but not the book itself. I'd have to check.

Can someone with a subscription post this Times article about detransitioners in the comments? Thank you. by 100_percent_truth in GenderCritical

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Ha! I actually nicked someone else's anyway.

Can someone with a subscription post this Times article about detransitioners in the comments? Thank you. by 100_percent_truth in GenderCritical

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Your wish is my command:

Podcast: Interview with Pragna Patel, UK feminist and founder of Southall Black Sisters - a slice of feminist history by womenopausal in GenderCritical

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Can you believe some little wokeybro shits want to cancel Southall Black Sisters, one of the most important feminist organisations in British history because of that speech?

Buck Angel calls out reddit for banning r/detrans by gparmesan in GenderCritical

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Backlash after sociologist advocates for the abolition of the word mother by [deleted] in GenderCritical

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Today's parents aren't even boomers, we're Gen X and older Millennials. My parents were actual boomers.

Yeah, these libfems are heading for a shock when they pass their last fuckable day and get saddled with 100% of child- and elder-care while in a shitty job with no security. Do they think they aren't going to age?

The unending harassment of lesbians by womenopausal in GenderCritical

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Jeeze. How completely fucking graceless these shitehawks are.

Raquel Rosario Sanchez: The trans lobby can't bully me into silence by womenopausal in GenderCritical

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Her main bully is a TIF, but a particularly deranged one. The problem with the Uni is that it's the best space to study violence against women in the UK - but also a hive of hipster wokedom.

Backlash after sociologist advocates for the abolition of the word mother by [deleted] in GenderCritical

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I think there's something to be thought out around feminism's waves and schisms and the culture of mother-hatred. One thing of the many things I like about being in the rad quadrant of feminism is that we are happy to look back to the 70s and 80s and earlier for ideas and inspiration. However, libfems seem to be quite casual about dismissing the whole lot of it just on the basis that the women who created it were now old and not sexy. One of the things that made me realise this most viscerally was the language around Germaine Greer when she suddenly became the stroppiest face of gender-criticalness. Hag, bag, dried up old c*nt, senile - all from people who would otherwise police all terminology for pee-cee-ness. There are reasons they want to cut younger women off from the wisdom and experiences of older women. There are reasons they want to erode the status of mothers: we are the primary group who has a strong investement and understanding of child safeguarding.

"Women are only less violent because they are physically weak" by DifferentAirGC in GenderCritical

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Abusive men will often kill pets as a way to terrorise women. I had a friend whose abusive ex had her perfectly healthy cat put down just to show his power. Pet abuse is included on UK risk assessments to as an indicator of potential severity.

RESEARCH: Narcissists, Psychopaths, and Manipulators Are More Likely To Engage in 'Virtuous Victim Signaling,' Says Study by womenopausal in GenderCritical

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That's a great observation. It chimes with the fact they'll always TERFs aren't real feminists. Even though most of the most well-known 'TERFS' have decades and decades of work for women's rights (of course, they will discount any work on prostitution or porn as SWERF). I think the most famous example of this was when Ash Sarkar, darling of the far left, said that Julie Bindel was a hypocrite because she had never tweeted anything about women in prison. In fact, Julie Bindel formed the organisation Justice 4 Women before Sarkar was born which campaigns to get women who have been imprisoned for reprising against domestic abuse freed. Setting up an organisation, getting women released from prison, doing that kind of activist work is real, hard work. Tweeting about it is performative.

Like so much of what they say, it's almost entirely projection. They do nothing but tweet and call it activism. If they wanted shelters, they could do what feminist did in the 1980s. Get the money together, find a location, network, do the activism. But no, it's 'activism' for them to bitch and moan that they want in to ours. And what's worse, they've captured the zeitgeist to the extent we're being forced to let them take them.

"how do I report these women talking amongst themselves on a different site" by gparmesan in GenderCritical

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Really looking forward to that....

Backlash after sociologist advocates for the abolition of the word mother by [deleted] in GenderCritical

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Autogynesmile + Duper's delight.

Jane Clare Jones has some deep thoughts on the culture of mother erasure.

We just reached 2K readers! by [deleted] in GenderCritical

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GC's growth has been exponential since it was really only the most prescient of radfems who detected the issues implicit in the TRA movement, and TRA campaigning has not always been as balls-out as it is now.

Graph looks like this - Notice the JKR uptick at the end, just before our demise. But we will return like....uh....that phoenix from the Harry Potter novels.

RESEARCH: Narcissists, Psychopaths, and Manipulators Are More Likely To Engage in 'Virtuous Victim Signaling,' Says Study by womenopausal in GenderCritical

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I think my concern here is the intersection of this personality type with the rise of identity politics. It's a climate that really allows all these dark triad traits to come to the fore.

rGC Twitter Update: Alpha Testing of New Site's Software Begins Today by [deleted] in GenderCritical

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No, you're correct. It's a whole new site we're making ourselves which will have all the functionality that Reddit had, with none of the getting-banned-without-warning-or-reason. And it looks pretty good.

How to show support for JKR without going on twitter? by [deleted] in GenderCritical

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There's an email address on her site too.

Letter in Harper magazine calling for open debate (signed by JKR amongst others) by endthewoo in GenderCritical

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Kenan Malik had the best take on the Rushdie Affair. It won multiple awards iirc. It's a very good read.

r/PCOS back up again, with male and trans mods according to one member by [deleted] in GenderCritical

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I'm not saying anything....but watch our social media for updates.

Letter in Harper magazine calling for open debate (signed by JKR amongst others) by endthewoo in GenderCritical

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another one of the signatories is Salman Rushdie.

jesus. learn some fucken history kids. i recc this book -

State of sister subreddits by heidischallenge in GenderCritical

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Because Reddit wants to be a porn site now?

Can I just say it's depressing Gc was banned by inneedofspace in GenderCritical

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I can assure you that the former GC modteam are working like demons on this and have big ambitions. Every day we are making progress. Keep watching the SM accounts for announcements.

Can I just say it's depressing Gc was banned by inneedofspace in GenderCritical

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I loved GC but it was a nice patch of buttock next to a festering butthole.

LOLLLLL I fucken love this

I had two busy days - successfully peaking others and terfing merrily by braveandstunning in GenderCritical

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Merrily we terf along, terf along, terf along, merrily we terf along, all the livelong day.

Weird...Google amp tells me r/GC was banned because it was "unmoderated." by fuckingsealions in GenderCritical

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(disappears in a puff of logic)

Weird...Google amp tells me r/GC was banned because it was "unmoderated." by fuckingsealions in GenderCritical

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Curious. What was I doing for several hours a day for the past year? I must have been in some kind of fugue state in which I imagined banning a bunch of u/kawaiinekochan_69s who just swung by to say Fuck Terfs

Is there a GC wiki? If not, I am willing to host one. by Bitchcraft in GenderCritical

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I think there is one.

Telegraph: 'Niche' transgender ideology 'corrosive' to society, says report by womenopausal in GenderCritical

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I remember when Civitas were the only UK organisation to run events on stuff like honour crimes and forced marriage back when the left thought it was racist to acknowledge that such crimes even existed. Although it was mostly BAMER feminists that got these changes made in the UK's policies, and really put harmful traditional practices on the map, time was they could only get platforms with organisations like Civitas. Maybe that's the kind of situation we're in right now.

The Times: Bill will criminalise those who challenge the Church of Woke by womenopausal in GenderCritical

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LOIS MCLATCHIE: The world’s bestselling author has turned from hero to villain faster than the tap of a wand, or the posting of a tweet. In defending the existence of biological womanhood JK Rowling ignited condemnation, with many claiming to be throwing her books, along with her career and reputation, on a proverbial bonfire.

On Sunday, in response to remarks made by Lloyd Russell-Moyle, Labour’s shadow environment minister at Westminster, she defended her recent online remarks, which actors and agencies had claimed were “hateful” and “cruel” towards transgender people. She explained: “My primary worry is the risks to vulnerable women. As everyone knows, I’m no longer reliant on communal facilities, nor am I likely to be imprisoned or need a women’s refuge any time soon. I’m not arguing for the privileged, but the powerless.”

Under a proposed change to Scottish law, Rowling might be wrong. The SNP’s Hate Crime and Public Order (Scotland) Bill, which is before Holyrood, criminalises spoken and written words likely to “stir up hatred”, even unintentionally, towards people based on certain characteristics, including transgender identity, with a maximum penalty of seven years in jail. Discrimination based on “sex” is not included.

Rowling claims that “it isn’t hate to speak the truth”, but GLAAD (the US media-monitoring organisation founded by LGBT people), and many others, have indicated that they consider her words “abusive”, thus arguably meeting the threshold for the “inflammatory material” that could be prosecuted under the bill. With the term “abusive” being subjective, there is no telling where the boundaries of this law begin and end, nor where a judge would side.

The bill purports to abolish Scotland’s defunct “blasphemy law”, which once censored anyone bold enough to criticise the Church. By inverting the law and silencing legitimate discussions on gender, feminism and biology, the bill would, in effect, condemn all who challenge the popular “faith” of our day, as dictated by the Church of Woke.

Other countries, such as Pakistan, have chilling laws that have led to women spending years on death row for divergent opinions and beliefs. Elsewhere in Europe, simple tweets about Christian doctrine have sparked police investigations into the lives of grandmothers. As the match is struck on Rowling’s lifetime accomplishments, MSPs may want to consider carefully whether they could ever unintentionally offend by tweet before passing such sweeping measures.

Telegraph: 'Niche' transgender ideology 'corrosive' to society, says report by womenopausal in GenderCritical

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Transgender ideology is leaving a “corrosive impact" on society, according to a new study calling for the scrapping of gender recognition reforms.

The report by the Civitas think tank accuses public institutions of being captivated by an "ideology of transgenderism" that is unable to defend the sex-based rights of women.

The research by Dr Joanna Williams, former director of the Centre for the Study of Higher Education at the University of Kent, calls on the Government to announce a moratorium on all reform of the Gender Recognition Act for at least the duration of parliament.

It also calls for a ban on the prescribing of puberty blockers and cross sex hormones to anyone under the age of 18 and for children “socially transitioning” at school without the permission of their parents to be prohibited.

It comes after Father Ted co-creator Graham Linehan was permanently suspended from Twitter on Saturday after tweeting “men aren’t women tho” in response to the Women’s Institute, who had wished transgender members a happy Pride.

Linehan has blamed trans ideology and activism for being misogynistic and erasing women’s rights as well as opposing biological females giving up safe spaces to share with female-identifying persons. Harry Potter author JK Rowling has also faced sustained criticism for expressing concerns about transgenderism "erasing the concept of sex".

In ‘The Corrosive Impact of Transgender Ideology’, Dr Williams argues that the state has been too willing to “coalesce behind the demands of a tiny transgender community” which was once considered “niche”.

Describing how the expansion of transgender rights has gone “hand in hand” with an expansion of institutional regulation of speech and behaviour, the report accuses activists of hypocrisy in calling for freedom and equality for transgender people, while accusing those who question their approach of "transphobia" or "misgendering".

“Dictating the language use of others not only restricts their free speech but, more significantly, in compelling speech it imposes a demand upon them that calls into question their freedom of conscience,” Dr Williams adds.

Earlier this month, sources close to Boris Johnson suggested the Prime Minister was considering scrapping plans, originally drawn up under Theresa May’s government, to enable transgender people to change their birth certificate without a medical diagnosis. The proposals are said to have been ditched in a leaked paper setting out the Government’s response to a public consultation on the Gender Recognition Act. Downing Street has insisted that the issue of self-identification is “still being worked on” and said “no decisions” had been made.

List of banned feminist and related subs by owmygenderfeels in GenderCritical

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It was gc_woc I think.

Fond farewells. (But we're not beaten - and we will be back!) by womenopausal in GenderCritical

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It's the power and love in this community that keeps us motivated to come back, bigger, better and even more radical!

Reddit says radical feminism is hate speech. by sosorreal in GenderCritical

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Reddit admins didn't say that - it's just some dick who grabbed the sub name.

Fond farewells. (But we're not beaten - and we will be back!) by womenopausal in GenderCritical

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You have to click it to make the video go.

Fond farewells. (But we're not beaten - and we will be back!) by womenopausal in GenderCritical

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We're not involved in this at the moment because we have a lot of other ideas we're working on right now. We're certainly happy for people to form communities to keep the momentum going. When we have finalised the stuff we're doing now, we'll make an official announcement via @rGenderCritical on twitter or spinster - we're also trying to link up all the other refugee communities that are forming on other platforms as well.

We're determined to come back from this stronger. We've honestly barely slept since the ban because we've been working pretty much constantly to try and come up with something that will accomodate everything we need to create an online radical feminist movement and community. We're not just thinking about r/GC, but radical feminist subreddits and communities more generally. I don't think it's going to be long before we will be ready to outline our new plans. So hold tight.

So RIP the Subreddit that saved me from being trans. by blahblahgcer in GenderCritical

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I played the Witcher 3 twice. Uh-oh.

Fond farewells. (But we're not beaten - and we will be back!) by womenopausal in GenderCritical

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It was posted on the (former) GC Mod discord last night. I love it.

So it's come to this. by gparmesan in GenderCritical

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GC always had a Discord and still does, but there's a long vetting process for new members for security reasons. I am not sure how you would put yourself down for it in current circumstances, because we used to look at your post history and stuff. I expect somebody is working something out though. Lot of angry energy about lol.

So it's come to this. by gparmesan in GenderCritical

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Too right!