They're waaaaaaaiting by Chunkeeguy in LGBDropTheT

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12/13 of these performers are female

OF is toxic for females specifically even in the supposedly woke sectors lol. Shocker

Lesbians-only Discord server by SombreroBurlesque in Lesbians

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i'm interested!

Phobias and fears by [deleted] in Lesbians

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Unexpected loud noises, like someone yelling or a plate dropping in the kitchen, always freak me out. Also snakes.

Does anyone else struggle with being out to straight women? by SickOfThisShitNow in Lesbians

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I definitely feel this. I had a really difficult time even casually mentioning I was a lesbian to two of my straight female friends who are pretty religious on top of everything else. When I mentioned a date I went on with a girl, it was terrifying tbh but they didn't even blink. I won't lie, I was surprised, but it was honestly really refreshing to know that I can just mention something like that casually and it doesn't make me weird and it doesn't have to be a big deal. Not to say your fear around this isn't justified, but sometimes straight women can surprise you!

What are you good at and what are you not good at? by [deleted] in Lesbians

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I'm good at math, cooking, making playlists, and taking care of animals

I'm bad at budgeting, dating, dancing, and most sports lol

Even their own Team TW+ can’t stand their shit by Chunkeeguy in LGBDropTheT

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It's so obvious that these fuckers see sexuality as a fun personality trait with evolving rules rather than simply a descriptor of something that happens to be true about you. I'm a lesbian and I have lots in common with some lesbians and absolutely nothing else in common with others. Being gay isn't about listening to a certain kind of music or waving a flag, it is literally just a term to describe homosexuality lol.

Why are some gays so brainwashed into dating/sex with trans people? by Eurowoman24 in LGBDropTheT

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Hey, I'll give you some insight on why I, as a young lesbian, dated a transwoman who I was not even remotely attracted to. LGB people ages 16-26 (give or take) are basically steeped in this shit. I have never been attracted to anyone other than women, as in adult human females. But I grew up learning that evil lesbian "TERFs" are bad, that I need to unlearn my bigoted preferences, and that everyone's sexuality is fluid categorically. On top of all this, the TW I dated was abusive and would openly make fun of me for being scared after they had violently assaulted me, including in front of my "friends" who also saw this as funny or at least pretended to. These people are fucking sick and frankly have nearly nothing in common with actual lesbians and gay people. When you grow up not feeling like you fit in with straight people, it is devastating to realize that the community that is supposed to include you really doesn't care about you or protect you either. You need to find your own way. I don't know how it is for older or younger LGB people, but that is my experience as an older gen Zer.

Discord for the lost lesbians of the queer generation by HelloMomo in Lesbians

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I would like to join please!

My rapist has come out as trans (possible tw...) by Lilithe in GenderCritical

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Hi, I just wanted to tell you that you are not alone. Identifying into trans womanhood is what my abuser did too, and it's incredibly common. I am so sorry for what you went through. If you need someone to talk to who isn't brainwashed by TRA rhetoric, I'm here.

what is womanhood to you? by knownasness in Lesbians

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I definitely agree w/everyone who says a woman is just an adult human female. I have never "felt" like a woman and don't really think about it that way at all. That being said, I'd say I feel way more comfortable in my female body now after coming to terms with being a lesbian. :)

Sucks to be a lesbian sometimes by coliemelan in Lesbians

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so much this! also, nothing is stopping bi women from exclusively dating each other b/c of shared experiences. i would think that's awesome and fully support it. it's not at all unreasonable to seek certain shared life experiences in partners.

She only said she didn't wanted to date a male and got abandonned after being called a "Terf". How many of us been betrayed like this by homophobic former friends ? by [deleted] in GenderCritical

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thank you, that honestly means a lot to me. i have gotten more involved in radfem spaces online and my impression so far is that these spaces are very kind, welcoming, and open to respectful discussion.

If I was a millionaire i'd build a lesbian pub for lesbians only. by [deleted] in LGBDropTheT

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as a lesbian, fuck yeah. homosexual solidarity.

She only said she didn't wanted to date a male and got abandonned after being called a "Terf". How many of us been betrayed like this by homophobic former friends ? by [deleted] in GenderCritical

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i lost basically all of my friends after i tried to tell them about my experience being raped by a male who "identified" as a trans woman. they insisted that a traumatic, awful experience for me must have been made up to support "TERF ideology". being a woman, especially a lesbian, feels so fucking lonely these days. i am hated by my supposed community and i am hated by most straight people too. i completely relate to her experience. i have no idea where to go or how to find community now.

Man on r/acutallesbians wants to know if he's a lesbian, apparently he is by turtleduck23 in LGBDropTheT

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actuallesbians is essentially a lesbian fandom/LARP sub for creepy men lol