The black pope used spies to obtain the complete plans for the largest ground invasion in military history, the German invasion of Russia in WWII. (X-post from s/Jesuits) by HibikiBlack in conspiracy

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If you love freedom, you might wonder if you should spend your life savings to fight for freedom.

You might wonder if your effort would do any good.

You might ask yourself if Americans deserve to be saved.

You might wonder if surrender is the only answer to tyranny.

The Art of Memory Wiki is a free, online encyclopedia of memory techniques, mental calculation, and related brain training information by [deleted] in Internet

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Americans say that Obama paid off the debt, ended the wars, and restored the Bill of Rights.

Florida entrance: Read the light sign carefully by Tom_Bombadil in funny

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Civil War 2.0 should have started yesterday.

The ruling class has taken everything. Tomorrow will be worse.

Americans must decide where their role will be during the US collapse.

Will you do nothing and just go to the concentration camps quietly?

Will you warn people about the dangers of tyranny?

Will you be a brave patriot and fight back?

Some patriots who thought that they would resist the police state by dropping out and attacking the electrical grid now might feel like they were pre-empted by the elites who have locked the USA down and shut off the electricity.

If the Civil War turns into a race war, Nazis say that easy targets will negroes, homosexuals, illegal immigrants, and Muslims.

Attacking Jews, politicians, the Gestapo, and the military will be more difficult.

Americans might be able to resist censorship by speaking in code.

If you want to educate Americans about the US collapse, buy a newspaper or a radio station or a TV station.

One danger with going off the grid, going Galt, buying a sailboat, or joining a monastery is that the globalists will eventually come for you, too.

Madonna - Like A Prayer [Official Music Video] by AmericanMuskrat in MusicVideos

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Americans scream that only Jews love freedom, but why do Zuckerberg, Schumer, and Feinstein support tyranny?

If only Jews love liberty then why did Jefferson, Washington, and Franklin support freedom?

Are Americans really this stupid?

Moving Away From the World Wide Web is a Wise Move, at Least to the Degree Which is Possible by [deleted] in technology

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The US government used to have no income tax and was funded mostly by tariffs.

Now Americans scream tariffs should be increased while keeping the income tax.


Project V is a set of network tools that helps you to build your own computer network. It secures your network connections and thus protects your privacy. by [deleted] in technology

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Americans are so batshit insane now that Americans scream the US collapse is wonderful because Americans will starve to death.

How do we get back to this? by Canbot in pics

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Americans say that defending freedom means that you love tyranny.

Tesla’s Elon Musk Wants Coinbase to Become DOGE-Friendly by [deleted] in cryptocurrency

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Americans think that anyone who loves freedom is a Jew.

When you trade freedom for security... by Canbot in pics

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Politicians, the Gestapo, Jews, billionaires, niggers, Muslims, illegal immigrants, Communists, and homosexuals are all a target.

Living Among Royalty by zyxzevn in funny

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Americans say that presidents who support censorship are not a threat to free speech at all.

PSU uses YouTube's copyright reporting system to censor video exposing the college's censorship by Drewski in censorship

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Americans think tyranny is perfectly acceptable now because the US has been a police state for 20 years.

The policing of lockdown is failing by jet199 in PoliceMisconduct

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Does anyone get the feeling that if our overlords decreed that everyone must have their thumbs amputated, Americans would agree that the law makes sense and must be obeyed?

8 Famous Footballers And Their Adorable Pets by steveben in whatever

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There is not much you can do when a country wants to commit suicide.

You know that you live in an alternate universe when Americans scream that the Gestapo should slash the tires of illegally parked cars.

You know that you live in the Twilight Zone when Americans insist that guns must be banned and the Gestapo who hide during school shootings should get pay raises.

Americans are so insane now that Americans swear that the economy and border is shut down every year when someone gets the flu.

Americans seem to be dealing with the US collapse by being in an extreme state of denial.

Americans will look at redlight cameras and say that redlight cameras don't exist.

Americans will look you in the eye and say that media stories about curfews are fake news.

Americans who have just been groped by the TSA will say that it didn't happen.

Americans will justify every asinine decree.

Americans say that banning body armor is okay because you can easily make body armor out of egg cartons.

Americans swear outlawing spicy mustard is not a problem because you can still buy original mustard.

Americans say banning baseball hats is good because you can still wear a cowboy hat.

Americans vehemently attack anyone who criticizes their beloved government overlords.

The USA used to want to take the moral high ground, but now Americans say that the US should more brutal than other countries.

The US is a bankrupt warmongering police state and Americans insist that everything is just fine, but their hands shake and their eyes twitch.


Two civilians killed and three children injured in explosion of mines in Syria. by HibikiBlack in WorldNews

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The destruction of the US is completely planned and scripted.

Doesn't the fact that the 2000 page Patriot Act was written and passed immediately after 9/11 seem odd?

Doesn't the fact that all the governments in the world were immediately prepared for the virus with masks, thermometers, checkpoints, curfews, border closures, house arrests, and bailouts make you wonder?

Ronald Gone Wild: Banned McDonalds Commercial! by RonaldMcDonald in videos

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If wars, debt, and tyranny are so wonderful then why are politicians scared?

If Americans love freedom then why do Americans tolerate the police state?

They Always Want More | Ride and Roast | 96% alimony granted by x0x7 in videos

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The USA is a bankrupt warmongering police state, but nothing will change because Americans think everything is just fine.