NJ teen who organized Black Lives Matter protest gets hit with $2,500 police overtime bill by Nemacolin in news

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No. No they are not

Kenosha Mile Challenge by Zednix in politics

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Kyle is fucking idiot who never should have been there, but goddamn is he brave and does he have some massive balls.

The dude will never have to buy himself a drink at a bar for the rest of his life.

So... I made a tweet that Ricky Gervais liked that stated: "I'll give £500 to anyone who can tell what JK Rowling said that was transphobic." I am never picking up Twitter again. by Smolders1 in LGBDropTheT

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TBH, I think if you stand your ground and just laugh at these people for being the violent bat shit insane freaks that they are, they will get tired of throwing their temper tantrum before you do. Thankfully, since they are narcissistic losers who are offended by everything, there is always a new person to who refuses to bend the knee to trans ideology for them to target and harass

So it appears there are people on twitter who think biology is a white colonial notion imposed upon the rest of the world to make us believe in the "European" notion of male and female. We were all stupid and ignorant before whitey came along. A thread. by Susiesmum in GenderCritical

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How do you overlook Ishtar tho?

Ishtar should be #1

Inanna is an ancient Mesopotamian goddess associated with love, beauty, sex, war, justice, and political power. She was originally worshiped in Sumer and was later worshipped by the Akkadians, Babylonians, and Assyrians under the name Ishtar.


Black Lives Matter Mob Demands White People Move Out of Homes and Leave Them for Black People by scrubking in politics

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Clearly this is a peaceful movement that is just trying to raise awareness about George Floyd, systemic racism, and police brutality.... 🙄

The Democrat Party is Getting Rid of the Jews by scrubking in politics

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Holy shit I love the democrats now

Trans activists in academia: Study with "multiple flaws" corrected after it touted medical surgeries to the media. Updated findings now show no proof of benefit from gender reassignment surgery by reluctant_commenter in LGBDropTheT

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Pretty sure the "satanic panic" started the trend. It was a moral panic, similar to the moral panic around childhood kidnappings in the 80's and the panic around shark attacks in the summer of 2001 I believe.

I recommend searching up Jonathan Haidt on YouTube. The guy has a couple of lectures which give a good overview of the phenomenon.

How long do you think this post in r/science will last? by LasagnaRossa in GenderCritical

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The correction was posted to r/science and then removed because it was in reference to the study that had already been posted by drewie, as you stated.


California Black Lives Matter Leader Charged with Five Felonies, Faces 15 Years in Prison by scrubking in politics

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lmao, get fucked BLM

What makes this better than r/? by stallfedcalf in SaidIt

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lmao. lick my balls you salty mother fucker.

What makes this better than r/? by stallfedcalf in SaidIt

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Reddit has a block feature. I don't know if this site does, but it ought to add one soon. The whole purpose of the block feature is to give the user control over their interactions with poorly behaved people.

That being said, your reply above isn't much of a counter argument. It's just feelings and speculation. Why should my freedom of speech and expression be limited because some pathetic spineless weasel can't handle abrasive rhetoric? That type of person is not someone I really want to discuss anything with anyway. Limiting my free speech already makes me want to leave this site. Catering to retards will turn this site into a shitty reddit clone and will make me want to leave even more.

I suppose this world just isn't the place for me, since unlike most of the people who inhabit it, I have principles and actually stick to them.

What makes this better than r/? by stallfedcalf in SaidIt

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Only in the strictest sense.

Wrong. You prove yourself wrong below.

If all anybody posts is "you're a goddamn shithead and deserve to die" or similar ad hominem, dragging the discussion down the pyramid of debate, then they will get removed along with their posts.

👆🏼That isn't the strictest sense. The strictest sense would be to remove/censor law breaking content, such as threats of violence and the non-consensual publishing of private information (doxxing)

The raises the question: So what? People have a right to express themselves freely. This includes the right to be rude, vulgar, obscene, and profane.

It is not a rights violation for someone to tell another person to "get fucked." In fact, certain circumstances warrant a response of that nature.

In the ~5 years I spent debating people on reddit, I would regularly run into people who were adamant ideologues. They did not arrive at the beliefs they had via careful reasoning. This being the case, it generally was not possible to get them to change their mind by providing them reasoning as one cannot be reasoned out of a position which they did not initially reason themselves into.

Many a time I would refute the persons position in multiple ways. I might explain to them how it is that certain premises were flawed, how it is that their position is actually subordinate to my dominate more foundational principles, and how it is that the foundational principles can be leveraged to construct a more consistent and understanding of objective reality. At this point I would be met with abjectly retarded cognitive dissonance of one kind or another or outright denial that their position was thoroughly refuted. For situations such as that, the pyramid of debate no longer applies, since I had engaged their argument/position from the very top of the pyramid with the strongest possible refutation. In cases like that, I think it's perfectly permissible to indulge in whatever category of ad-hominem, insults, or flaming suits the situation.

This blanket rule is retarded and needs to go.

This is akin to commenting, "this isn't a free country, I can't throw shit and piss at people on the street."

It is not. See reference to rights violation above.

"This isn't a free country because I can't punch people in the face" would be akin to complaining about censorship because you cannot say "I'm going to run a backhack through your IP and steal your credit card information."

Censorship is acceptable when a rights violation is at play. It is not acceptable when people are simply exchanging harsh words in what is essentially a chat room.

US Student suspended for posting photo of Crowded school hall that reopened after COVID-19 lockdown by Snehashis09 in WorldNews

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Charter schools are not rocket science.

They are if you're a democrat with an IQ below room temperature

What makes this better than r/? by stallfedcalf in SaidIt

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There is censorship. Read the stupid fucking community/comment guideline shit.

And to think tht this shit is being taught to children at schools... by [deleted] in therearetwogenders

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To account for intersex conditions, I think.

Especially conditions which result in ambiguous genitalia.

Tranny Andy Wachowski Claims The Film’s Original Intention Was A Transgender Allegory by scrubking in KotakuInAction

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Stunning and brave

Imagine being a reddit moderator and checking the post history of everyone who posts in your subreddit. - ConsumeProduct by forgottenpasswordguy in MeanwhileOnReddit

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Typically the modfags over at reeeddit use browser extensions such as "mass tagger" which assign flairs to users based on their comment history. That's probably what happened in the surfing subreddit scenario

Fox News Channel Viewers Tune Out For John Lewis' Funeral by Nemacolin in news

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Fuck John Lewis, Fuck Obama, Fuck Bush. Fuck Fox News too. Except for Tucker Carlson. He's alright I guess.

Democrats DESPERATELY Trying To Stop A Biden Vs Trump Debate And Its Sad by Tarrock in politics

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I honestly hope there is no Biden/Trump debate.

Biden just doesn't have it in him. He wasn't interested in running for president in 2016. For whatever reason he gave in to the pressure to run against Trump's reelection this year.

Geriatric abuse is not fucking "okay," and I have no interest in seeing Biden get publicly humiliated on live TV, even if the guy is a creeper with terrible politics.

Shame on the democrat party for running a candidate that is exhibiting early signs of dementia.

George Floyd Body cam Video Shows he was saying "I can't Breath" way before being put on the Ground. by scrubking in politics

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Not an argument, brainlet

Watch: Black Lives Matter detains woman in labor going to hospital by christnmusicreleases in news

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Oh my God, you're so goddamn self absorbed in your own delusional self righteousness, shut the fuck up already

Trump is moving forward with his plan to regulate social media by cutegirl in news

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Retarded article. Fuck CNN

George Floyd Body cam Video Shows he was saying "I can't Breath" way before being put on the Ground. by scrubking in politics

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He wasn't "killed." The video very clearly supports the findings of the official autopsy which is that he died of a heart attack brought on by drug use amongst a number of other things

Why I left reddit, and why I don’t regret it by Fetus_inhaler in Introductions

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No kidding. I noticed a couple of my accounts had been shadow banned recently. The people who run that website do some extremely shady stuff. Fuck 'em.

Saying It Again For Emphasis by EndlessSunflowers in LateStageCapitalism

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Running businesses/industries for profit allows owners to reinvest in better capital goods.

Every single business is trying to compete with every other business in a free market. When profit is made, businesses do not just sit on it and/or hand it over to the CEO. They would be foolish to do so, as the company/business which elects to purchase better machines will be able to cut their manufacturing costs and pass those savings along to the customer/consumer. This in turn allows them to out compete the business which sat on the profits or gave them out to the CEO/share holders/whatever.

Profit in healthcare allows better medicine and techniques to be developed.

Profit in prison can be monetized along the lines of rehabilitation, since there is no motive to bar people from producing economic value.

Profit in education allows for the best teaching techniques to become popularized and new/innovative teaching practices to be rewarded.

The government is balls deep in all of these industries in terms of the way they are regulated and subsidized by taxpayers.