Mass Effect Legendary Edition update fixes Xbox headset glitch by JoyFreak in Gaming

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Americans have lost their minds.

The world has turned upside down now.

Black is white.

Morality, balanced budgets, peace, and freedom used to be good, but are now bad.

The very same Americans who scream that discrimination is wrong now turn around and say that sex offenders and the unvaccinated should not be allowed to have homes.

The same Americans who say that guns must be banned and those who go outside should be arrested now turn around and insist that jails must be emptied and the police must be abolished.


J.Cole reveals why he no longer views Kendrick Lamar and Drake as competition by AziBase in Entertainment

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Many people are doing to die if the US doesn't break up.

Why can't the USA break up into 2 or 3 countries and allow people to move to places that have freedom?

Where to find customized clothes at affordable prices? by Logik305 in Internet

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Americans scream that North Korea is a Libertarian country because you can break the law there, but a Libertarian nation is a country where you are free to do what you want without being afraid of being arrested.

Americans say that breaking laws means freedom, but freedom actually means the absence of government.

In 1870 in the USA, you could have drank, smoked, gambled, and used prostitutes. Now you would go to jail if you drank, smoke, gambled, and went to prostitutes.

Going to prison for theft and murder is reasonable, but being jailed for a victimless crime is not.