How to greet without spreading germs by zyxzevn in funny

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Seen Kyle? He's about this tall.

BLM vs KKK by TheJamesRocket in memes

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Original Democrats vs current Democrats. They have so much in common. Was Trail of tears, now BurnLootMurder

Feminity is... Wearing a fluffy robe that's pink by millionssomething in GenderCritical

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Lol, I like the hard hat on the construction worker the best, his toolbelt is a bit small, though. I couldn't fit any diapers in that thing. A travel pack of wipes, maybe.

The preening hens of babybumps are planning their delivery outfits. They're talking about buying silky gowns with long slits up the sides, because hospital gowns aren't soft enough, or buying a thing, what the hell is a boppy? Oh, it's a substitute for arms. Okay. Like a changing table, which is a substitute for a floor. The Capital gods of Usa are pleased. They are especially pleased with my private insurance, which will be paying for my hospital stay. I'll have the option to get high on fentanyl, too.

People in the comments are peaking over "Pregnant People" by Tovasshi in GenderCritical

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If I wasn't peaked already, the language police of Reddit would have just now tipped me over. Got stalked by the harpies of December2020babybumps. To hell with those handmaidens. Misogyneddit is such garbage. But thanks, I needed to upvote a bunch of peakers. Giving upvotes makes me feel good. Here, everyone have a happy fun smile!

Feminity is... Wearing a fluffy robe that's pink by millionssomething in GenderCritical

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I'm due to push a whole new human out of my vagina in a few weeks. I've been planning my delivery outfit. I think I will wear... a hospital gown under an ankle-length black flannel robe from the men's section of Target. Do you think that would be a good look in a birth center?

Transwoman confesses to raping a biological woman then gets invited to speak at Women's March by turtleduck23 in LGBDropTheT

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He used the wrong pronoun. "we broke two of the most important rules… consent and safe sex" It should have been the first person singular I.

Intrusion - First Time Mom, there's an initialization for that term. TW, pregnant lady rant ahead by trumpetvine in GenderCritical

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Ha, I wish I was UK right now, the smoke from the fires is just now finally clearing out. I'm just a Yank infatuated with language and history. I will check that site out, if I ever get a moment to look at anything. The older kids are starting school, and they're doing it at home, covid distance learning.

I keep thinking more and more about homeschooling. I definitely don't want my girl going to public school until they revise their gender-diversity policies, make it an explicit policy that no male-bodied students will be allowed in a room where she is peeing. I sorta hate this ultra woke state.

Trans activists think lesbians liking pussy and gay men liking cock is controversial by oevervbervb in GenderCritical

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They have awokened to homophobic conversion therapy advocacy! Praise the most fag-hating version of Abraham's god, the one that the Westboro Baptist Church worships. Hallelujah! /s

Trans activists think lesbians liking pussy and gay men liking cock is controversial by oevervbervb in GenderCritical

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Haha, good point. Amazing, it ends up being ultra liberal wokesters who minimize the homophobia of the church. At least their book wasn't written last week by a boned-up AGP with the emotional stability of a 13 year old girl. Well done, you woke pieces of shit.

It's not ok to make trans "lesbians" sad by pointing out that men often say "You haven't tried a good dick yet" by TarshishJupiter in LGBDropTheT

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Whole thing sounds like the mating call of the RAPIST

Has anyone else also seen the 17-year-old lesbian girl who was viciously attacked and harassed on TikTok and Instagram for saying that she doesn’t want to have sex with “male genitals”? by hover286 in LGBDropTheT

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Forcing ANYBODY to have sex...there's a word for rhymes with "tape"...and "cape"...and "vape"...starts with"R"...and is underused in reference to "transbians" tricking/coercing lesbians and "transmen" into having sexual intercourse with them.

"bIsExuALiTy iS ExCLusIOnaRy" Shame. I liked the colours. by Clockwork in LGBDropTheT

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I didn't want to date them because their personalities were utterly repellent. I can be attracted to masculine women, and I can be attracted to effeminate men, but if they are the sort that will conform to some kind of self-delusional dysfunction because it happens to be fashionable right now, there's no future, and therefore, no point. Maybe I'm just old. I require STABILITY in my dysfunction. I'm much happier with someone who actually is a bit weird, but in a way that compliments my weirdness, instead of overwhelming it.

(Much better than some trendy Portland hipster who stole their motto from Austin, a place that actually is pretty weird. Pity it's surrounded by Texass. Oh gods I hate Portland so much, how much does Kate Brown's carbon footprint cost us all so she can commute to and from Salem and the Unicorns Forest every day? That bitch...)

Edit a word

Portland BLM 'Revolutionaries' Bring Guillotine Into Suburbs Where They Burn American Flags, Fling Poo And Demand Shelter by [deleted] in politics

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They should execute a Kate Brown doll.

You know, the French revolution was a populist revolution against the fucking nobles. I wonder what her wokest Majesty's guards are doing about this situation.

Antifa And BLM Are Begging People To Stop Posting Videos Of Riots Because They’re Getting Arrested by scrubking in politics

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" are threatening their lives" Kinda like how they are threatening our lives? Awesome! If I didn't have kids to protect or anything else to lose, I would be out there with my phone with Andy Ngo filming and posting away. But I have to hole up at home with my guns in case they make good on their threats to come to my neck of the woods and bring their violence to my family.

[Currently "FtM"] You guys are right by please_help in GenderCritical

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I haven't met a single woman in my life who was satisfied with her body. (Y'know, I don't think I have ever met a single person, male or female, who was satisfied with their body, men just don't talk about it.) You say that you haven't experienced any sexism, which isn't true. Every female experiences sexism. Why would you shave "down there" anyway? By "down there" I assume you mean your pubis area, and your discomfort with the vocabulary is evidence of the harm society has done to you. So stop shaving. It'll give you ingrown hairs, and seriously, what is the point of it? To look like a child? Creepy. Others have encouraged you to give the pro-trans forums a break and to pursue your interests in herbalism and taxidermy, and I agree. Herbalism is cool, animal skeletons are cool, too. The only thing you should do to your body is make it as strong and healthy as you can. You have enough wisdom to have not permanently altered yourself with hormones and surgery, and you are seeking diverse views on the subject, which is encouraging. I think you have a good chance of becoming a very well-adjusted adult in 10 years. I wish you nothing but the best.

Understanding Cisgender. No, really. by Chunkeeguy in LGBDropTheT

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Yeah, I think it's funny when dudes on the internet call me "he" or "him".

(Saidit) PEAK TRANS I: Please continue to share your stories!! by Irascible-harpy in GenderCritical

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Hi, former lurker of the now banned r/gendercritical. Never took a chance to post my peak trans story. It's long, sorry. Bi, not out to anyone that I didn't know before I met the father of my kids, my husband. Not unicorn-hunting or trying to align with the LGBT crowd for political points like Kate Brown. Very happy to be off-market now, because before I met my husband, I would not have been opposed to dating a trans man or woman because of their trans status. I don't know of any trans people who don't currently have completely repellent personalities, and they weren't obviously broken back then. The recent trans-fad may have discouraged them from maintaining their mental health or even giving an appearance of emotional stability. Dodged that bullet!

Currently SAHM, 2.5 kids, boy, girl, expecting another boy. Hopefully he turns into the third member of my little brood. BTW, womanly horror story might follow. Non-moms might not get it, so consider yourself warned. I have a somewhat complicated obstetric history, but if all goes well, I will, once again, demonstrate the most universally accepted affirmation of womanhood and push a whole human being out of my body, hopefully with less stitches this time. My pronouns are “I”, “Me”, “My” and “Mine”. Unless we're addressing the state, then it's “We”, “Us” “Our” and “Ours”. I get my pap whenever my OBGYN says I'm overdue, so if someone uses the wrong pronoun to describe me, they're stupid. I find it amusing when people online refer to me as “he” or “him”, and I seldom bother to correct them, because “there are no girls on the internet”.

It's hard to pick an isolated moment when I “peaked”. It's been building since the “cis” prefix came into use among woke libs. It probably happened around the time boys started playing girl's sports. I'm not necessarily opposed to inverted rapesticks in the ladies room since the surgery disarms them, but there aren't many opportunities for a female to physically compete against a male opponent, rapestick inverted or armed. In fact, I can only think of two, and they both have built-in equalizers, cars and guns – racecar driving, and sharpshooting. Some might claim that they aren't sports at all, which I would dispute. (Whatever they are, all women should be trained in firearm operation. I know my little girl will be when she's ready.) The invasion of women's athletics opened the door for abuses and violations that were unthinkable 10 years ago.

I come from a somewhat liberal background. Exmormon, anti-rape activist, anti-neocon activist, I voted for John Kerry in 2004 because he promised to end the war. (Back when the war was in Iraq.) I spent every Saturday in October of '04 canvassing for his campaign, and went to the election night party at the largest ballroom in Denver. I watched in horror and disillusionment as Ohio was called for Bush, and all the people over 21 swarmed to the bar. So much for ending the war that was killing my age-peers. I did a few protests against that war, including traveling to Crawford, Texass, to look at Dubya's ranch. I think I spat through his fence, but it was a long time ago. A lifetime for the younger adherents of this instagram/tumblr/twitter trans fad.

(God, I'm old. Not genX old or anything, I'm millenial-old. I'm old enough to be president.) Look at their hair, I used to do that. My canvassing-color was a very pretty shade of cyan-blue. And the piercings, nothing says youth fad like a facial piercing. When you get too old for it to be cool, just take it out, it'll heal up. At worst it'll look like an acne scar. Tats are a bit harder to get rid of, laser removal costs money, which kids don't have much of, and cover-up tats that don't look like shit cost even more money, so a young person with enough wisdom to recognize the inherent transitive nature of their age group won't get one until they're at least 25, and they'll abstain from hormones and medically-unnecessary surgery, just change their hair and clothing and say they're GNC. Unfortunately for their cooler counterparts, wisdom is NOT cool, never has been. Shitty tats, unnecessary surgery, and fucking with your hormones are very much in...right now.

There will surely be an epidemic of trans suicides eventually, when the more-permanently transitioned realize that they made a mistake and nothing can fix it. I fear that the very privileged men in very expensive dresses and very fancy makeup (TIMs who are leading this movement and their TIF “handymen”) will blame it on women. It's not hard to predict that women will be blamed for the actions of men. They'll use that degrading “TERF” slur to do it, and they'll appropriate terminology that describes women to obscure the fact that they were not “assigned” male at birth, because they were not born with ambiguous genitalia that needed assignment. They were “identified” as male at birth, or earlier if they were born after prenatal ultrasounds became routine.

The very damaged person who is the star of that really horrifying TV show (not saying their name or using their desired vocabulary) might bleed to death when they try out their newly-crafted fuckhole, because inverting a babydick and sewing it into a dick-sized pocket of thigh-skin...well, scar tissue doesn't hold up under stress very well. It tends to tear. If they get to a surgeon fast enough, they might survive long enough to die from despair when their age catches up with them and the trans fad dies off. I do not foresee a long life for this TV star. That famous track and field star from the 70's who posed for a racy Vanity Fair cover is old, so I can't say for sure which one will die first. If the old one can avoid the COVID, then probably the younger one with the more-experimental surgery. Poor kid. I feel sad for this very damaged person. That said...the CHILDREN's book which spawned that horrifying show should be BANNED from public libraries and schools.

Children are impressionable by nature. Some TRAs got the ODE to insert some vaguely described "gender education" into their health curriculum. Since I feel that my work experience with the rape crisis center, my lived experience as a woman, and my MOTHERLY-intuition makes me better qualified to teach MY kids about gender, I must now write to the school district and tell them that boys are boy and girls are girls, and that is the only gender education that is appropriate to teach MY children. Something like “Boys have penises, girls have vulvas, penises should never be allowed in rooms where vulvas are used to pee, gender education doesn't have a place in k-12 education, and it should probably only be available to people pursuing advanced degrees in psychology”. If I need to send my kids to a private christian school...fuck it, I'll home-school them. I will protect them to the hilt.

It is disturbing and upsetting that ultra-woke parents are actually fucking with their prepubescent kids' endocrine systems, and there are ethically-compromised pediatric endocrinologists who enable this abuse. Tons of them are in Portland. (Fucking Portland, the foulness that flows from that shithole gives people deadly infections if they're dumb enough to swim in that disgusting river. PSA, never touch the gross water in the Willamette, you'll surely catch something. If you have an open wound, you might die from it.)

Kids...they grow up, they reach puberty, and they become interested in sex. If they happen to be gay or lesbian, they become interested in sex with members of their own sex. If they hear from/are gas lit by their peers about the wokest gender fad, they might be persuaded to think that their sexual orientation is indication of their gender deviation, and decide that they're trans, not gay, because gay wants gay rights, and gay rights are for old married people, and they're too young to settle down. Young women are especially vulnerable to this, because the benefits of being a man are very appealing. Who wouldn't want to be free of the expectations of fucking makeup, and fucking hair removal, and fucking gussy-the-fuck-up-because-fucking-men-are-watching? I wish there were butch lesbian role models for young lesbians these days. Remember k. d. lang? Too talented for the riotgrrls, beautiful without the fake shit that TIMs adorn themselves with. And..she's old, older than me, fucking boomer-old. Why aren't there young versions of her? Maybe The L Word convinced them to either gussy-the-fuck-up, or transition into something less womanly. Now, actual women loving actual women, there's nothing wrong with that, right? Not if you're a very privileged straight man-in-a-dress experiencing deprivation of privilege for the first time. (Or a republican, but they're a different animal completely.) Making-up terms like “The cotton ceiling”, feeling deprived of the right to fuck whoever they want, actually suggesting that they should have a right to sex, these are the noisiest of the TRAs. Slave owners have a right to fuck their property in places where slavery is practiced, is that what they're talking about?

Maybe. This whole movement has set women's suffrage back...or simply derailed the progressing train from the track to a future of more equal rights and protections for women, and onto a track of...collapse. BTW, uterus implants for TIMs, have you heard this shit? I'm not currently an organ donor, and I never will be after reading about that. Atwood couldn't begin to imagine (well, certainly wouldn't be permitted to write about) anything like that in her dystopian nightmare fiction. But I can! The setting: A future world free of “cellulite”, where “reproductive organ hosts” are grown in, eh, “organ-growth facilities”, where their insides are “harvested” once they “ripen”, and the host is then discarded. Problem is, I can't think of characters or a story for the setting. Oh well, it wouldn't be any good without female characters.