Libfeminism promotes sex work, porn, fashion, and makeup. But who these things serve most is obviously not women, and rather than empowering us, it strips away our power and hands it to men. by [deleted] in BlackPillFeminism

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Unfortunately this is the reason why libfem works. Every "feminist" woman I've met prefaced it with "I'm not like the eeevil extreme feminists, I don't own cats, I don't hate men, I like makeup, blablabla". It makes my eyes role every single time because in the end they're exactly the type of woman that is the opposite of a feminist, a male opinion fearing and male approval seeking useful idiot that will push her own gender under the bus so she could play being a progressive woman and still suck dick. It is frustrating because even showing a mild sign that you disagree with any of the typical libfem narrative will get you labelled as an extremist. It hurts when I read about all the women that have sacrificed so much in order to pave the path to much needed essential rights only for these microcephaliacs to soil the noble cause with their mental gymnastics like the ones you've already mentioned. So true feminists are a minority and even in those circles they still couple with men and make exceptions for them. Any hope and attempt for voicing reason is an exercise in futility.

there’s no point living in a man’s world, suicide shouldn’t be so taboo by [deleted] in BlackPillFeminism

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When I left China a year-and-a-half ago, I left behind a dear friend half my age who, despite our many differences, was a true sister.

I wish I could have experienced something of that nature. I was able to bond with other girls even women on various subjects that we're passionate about (architecture, art, etc.) but I could never speak freely about my views on certain things, what I think of men and my opinion on the position of women in the world and it made me feel as if our relationships could never be complete. Even if I said something that's statistically true like men commit more rapes and crimes, they would feel uncomfortable and wanted to change subject. I can't imagine how they would have reacted if I fully disclosed some of my blackpills. And in the end, most women don't want to think about it. They're all counting that somehow their sweetheart is going to be different from the rest and they're willing to sacrifice so much in order to become a wife and/or mother. To which extent is it nature/nurture we will never precisely know but it is what hinders so many women from bonding. Sexual competition exists in both sexes but I think that the one amongst women seems to be more divisive than the one in males. And it's because of that that it's so rare and precious to find a likeminded sister, a kindred soul with whom you could occasionally discuss various issues without sugarcoating things and reserving opinions.

What's the most brutal blackpill? by Iknowitstrue in BlackPillFeminism

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I couldn't have said it better myself. I see it happen every time in real life as well as online, the sort of merciless task delegated to women to accomodate, care and nurture forced by both men and women. Before I got blackpilled I still had hopes that things could change and were changing for the better. I naively believed in concepts such as sisterhood, even if the numbers wouldn't be great, it would still be something. However even in those small supposedly female-centric places, men were always given a priority and given excuses, and pointing it out would put you in a bad light. So, I'm just fine with having it all burn. If that's what most women want, they can have it.

Anyone else feel like some users on this sub are bots? by lurkergirl in BlackPillFeminism

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Yes. It's either bots or scrotes that roleplay as a hysterical woman, I suppose because they imagine feminists of any kind as such. There's been a sudden increase in activity which I'd usually be happy about but there's this unhinged type of writing coupled with contradictory and incoherent statements that makes me suspicious of whoever's behind them.