All Joe Rogan Podcasts removed from Spotify? by thoughtcriminal in whatever

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It's definitely a weird coincidence. Maybe related to the content warnings they were talking about adding.

All Joe Rogan Podcasts removed from Spotify? by thoughtcriminal in whatever

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I'm guessing it's a mistake or a rogue employee, I don't see any announcement about it or anything. As of right now, the episodes are all gone.

edit: apparently it's a technical glitch

edit2: and it's back

Canada's Trudeau Enacts Emergencies Act, and Crypto Is Included by Maria88800 in cryptocurrency

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Incredibly short-sighted take. Imagine someone you hate gets elected and when you try to protest against them for something you believe in they just freeze your bank accounts, label you a terrorist, and seize funds donated by supporters of your cause. And when you cry out against it they just point to this event, which you and others cheered for, and say if they could do it for the truckers they can surely do it for you too.

Dear CNN: Nigger by Tarrock in politics

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Normalizing the use of the word removes its power. We should normalize its use.

It reminds me of an episode of Star Trek TOS when space Abraham Lincoln calls Uhura a negress and she just laughs it off because the word has no meaning anymore. That's what we should be striving for. Not ruining someone's life or livelihood over its utterance.

The short sightedness is staggering. Ever feel like you're surrounded by idiots? by [deleted] in whatever

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If anyone ever asks you why cryptocurrency should be a thing, this is a prime example.

Anyone want to help be content admin for saidit? by magnora7 in SaidIt

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I wouldn't mind helping out on those terms, though I would probably need some clarifications on the rules first. I browse /new frequently.

Did they just classify everyone in this sub as a terrorist? by Orangutan in conspiracy

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I do not trust the US government and neither should you.

Anyone want to help be content admin for saidit? by magnora7 in SaidIt

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What is involved exactly? How many hours/day would someone be expected to devote?

I might be willing to help out though I doubt you want me based on my recent post.

Name-calling is now against Saidit Rules by thoughtcriminal in whatever

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The horse is dead. It's in many pieces. Now you're just beating it into horse paste (not the good kind).

You're free to not continue participating in this discussion if you think there's nothing more to say. Your continued participation comes with the implication that you wish to continue it.

I have 2 strikes, for name-calling, 1 objectively, 1 allegedly. You can't explain these without understanding that it is, and always has been a thing here.

Sure I can, because name calling has always been against the rules IF it was dragging the discussion down the POD. So you getting strikes for name calling isn't at odds with what I'm saying necessarily.

Look at these discussions and links within, including coverage of this topic:

I only glanced through these threads but they are just examples of targeted harassment from you against specific users and calls for more censorship? What am I supposed to be seeing here?

Maybe. Or maybe I'm just trying to make light of your repetitive tediousness which is dragging things downward. You see how problematic subjective content is - now imagine having to be admin over all this shit. Maybe. Or maybe I'm just trying to make light of your repetitive tediousness which is dragging things downward. You see how problematic subjective content is - now imagine having to be admin over all this shit.

Tediousness and repetition aren't on the POD. Repetition is a powerful argumentative tool. And no, I'm pretty sure bringing my mother into the convo with a strong implication that I am a whiner (name calling) is pretty objectively dragging down the POD. But if subjectivity is the concern then this rule does little to change that since the entire sphere of free speech outside of explicit direct name calling is still subjectively moderated.

Clear objective rules are easier to regulate.

Sure, but a clear objective rule can still be enforced subjectively. I think your argument is going in circles a bit here. You claim it's largely unenforced, then give examples of it being enforced - so even if the rule is objective, it's clearly being enforced subjectively. You also stated nothing will change. If that's the case it will continue to be enforced subjectively. And if it's not the case, something will have to change.

You also see how this applies with wishy-washy bullshit lockdown mandates, etc.

No I don't really see how a name calling rule or subjective moderation on saidit applies to covid lockdowns and mandates.

My advice: quit bitching until there's something to bitch about.

Invariably, waiting until censorship is already occurring to bitch about it is too late.

Name-calling is now against Saidit Rules by thoughtcriminal in whatever

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Things won't change (as you're insisting for unnecessary drama), but it will be easier for admins.

So things won't change but things will change for the admins (since it will be easier). Which is it, both statements can't be true.

(as you're insisting for unnecessary drama)

ad hominem, don't assume my motivations or make baseless attacks on me. We're talking about saidit and its rules.

It's always been there.

This is misleading. Repeating it doesn't make it true. You stated yourself that the rule was unwritten and unenforced. So effectively and practically and for all intents and purposes, it didn't exist.

Let's have a conversation about your momma raising whiners

Mentioning my mother which is irrelevant to this discussion seems like it would constitute dragging down on the pyramid.

Name-calling is now against Saidit Rules by thoughtcriminal in whatever

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This rule has been in existence for almost 4 years, largely unenforced.

If the rule wasn't enforced or documented for the last 4 years it effectively didn't exist. I'm not sure how you can in good faith call my post misinformed or in error based on an undocumented rule that was never enforced that apparently you already knew about.

It still is.

POD dragging isn't the standard anymore. The bottom tier is now outright banned.

We've already had Opie & Anthonie, Ice Poseidon 2, etc.

IP2 was forcibly removed due to Saidit's host iirc, not a specific rule violation.

So far as I know "leaders" and public figures are fair game.

Cool interpretation, I hope it's right. Would be nice if the rule explicitly clarified it.

IMO, you're trying to make a mountain out of a molehill.

I think there's a significant difference between allowing discourse at any tier of the POD and banning dragging down, versus just straight up banning any discourse in the bottom tier regardless of context. The former is an imperfect but effective way to control discourse. The latter bans an entire category of speech, a category which is allowed even on r*ddit, without taking context into account.

Name-calling is now against Saidit Rules by thoughtcriminal in whatever

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It wasn't against the rules to converse in the lower tiers as long as the conversation was already happening there. If it was in place, it wasn't being enforced. And if it is being enforced, saidit's rule are stricter even than r*ddit in this regard.

I probably will leave if it stays in place, but I'd rather have a conversation about it first.

Rules by AXXA in SaidIt

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I'll be honest with you, if something as innocuous as name calling is against the rules, I'm out.

Rules by AXXA in SaidIt

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I would argue that if the rule as its being enforced is different enough than what's written that it requires clarification - that's a modification to the rules. I'm not sure who falls into the category of knowing these "unwritten understandings" but I didn't and it doesn't seem M7 did either.

The written rule also doesn't answer any of my questions about it above. Does it apply to public figures? Is satire allowed? How about meme or shitposting subs, should they follow cordial debate rules in the comments? Name calling is allowed even on r*ddit.

I've called people names without being warned or banned. So if this is an existing rule it's not being enforced unambiguously, or at all. A clarification implies the enforcement standard will change, or it would be pointless to call out.

Rules by AXXA in SaidIt

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So is name calling just completely against the rules now? It used to be fine as long as it wasn't dragging down the POD, so if you were already conversing there it wasn't an issue. At least this was my understanding from asking mag a few years ago. A sub like /r/roastme (allowed on r*ddit) would be completely banned from saidit in this case. This automatically rules out an entire class of subs around shitposting, memes, satire, etc.

It says you won't consider severity of the insult. So saying "you are a bit silly in the head" is the same severity as "you are an abject retard"?

Does the name calling rule apply to public figures?

Also is there anyway to see the previous version of the rules so we can know what changed?

The covid tests the government sent came in by AmericanMuskrat in pics

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Don't give them any ideas

Mod abuse? I was banned from s/IdeasForSaidIt, though I did not break rules, whereas I responded to a person who could only make personal attacks, and is a mod by [deleted] in AskSaidIt

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I only glanced through the comments but I see at least 2 comments from you calling others stupid/idiotic as well as some ad hominem. That being said, the person you were talking to was also conversing in the lower tiers of the POD so I don't think that should result in a ban personally. You weren't really dragging the conversion down the pyramid, it was already in the gutters to start with.

ATF Admits To Secret Database Of "Nearly One Billion Gun Records" by Tom_Bombadil in FascismWatch

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Well yeah you have to fill out a ATF form every time you buy a gun, and there's enough info there to associate you and your purchase with basically any other personal info in any other database.

Abolish the ATF.

Whoopi Goldberg suspended from 'The View' following Holocaust remarks by [deleted] in news

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Well I should have said perceived privilege and oppression. It's a cheat code for the narrative, reality is something completely different.

Whoopi Goldberg suspended from 'The View' following Holocaust remarks by [deleted] in news

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Being a jew is like the cheat code for idpol. You get all the privilege of being white with all the oppression of being a jew.

Whoopi Goldberg suspended from 'The View' following Holocaust remarks by [deleted] in news

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Gina Carano made a less shitty comparison and got publicly fired on twitter. Whoopi goes on a retarded rant and gets a slap on the wrist. Glad something is happening although I'd rather we just live in a culture where people can call out dumb shit without having to destroy their livelihoods over it.

Connect the dots. When in doubt, always, always, follow the money. by [deleted] in Coronavirus

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I think originally it was 1 equity firm (blackstone) and they split it into blackstone and blackrock. They are both shitty but blackrock is much bigger.

Connect the dots. When in doubt, always, always, follow the money. by [deleted] in Coronavirus

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He moved to amazon (against unions and employees have to piss in bottles) and apple (lobbying in favor of forced labor laws) instead. What a hero.

Neither tyranny nor freedom are free... by JasonCarswell in canada

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Imagine being one of the poor fucks who literally died to secure the rights of r*dditors who can't even handle some honking without having a mental breakdown.

These ‘Don’t Weigh Me’ Cards Are Game-Changing for Doctors Appointments by AmericanMuskrat in fatpeoplehate

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Might as well just print out a card that says "I'm obese" and hand that to the doctor instead.

Short Answer: No. Long Answer: Nooooooooooo, and here's some niggers. by Tarrock in politics

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n word

noooooooooo delet this I can't bear to see it!!!

I don't get it. by Gravi in NotTheOnion

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I guess all these other countries and their medical experts fell for dangerous misinformation /s

WHO releases plan for global digital vaccine passports funded by Bill & Melinda Gates, Rockefeller Foundations. by HibikiBlack in conspiracy

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I will not comply with this bullshit and neither should you.

Moderator fired from anti-work subreddit after disastrous Fox News interview by IkeConn in Schadenfreude

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Imagine being so bad you get fired from a voluntary unpaid position in a subreddit about not doing any work.

R-A-C-I-S-T! In 2003, Joe Biden fillibustered and voted against nomination of a black woman to the Federal bench by [deleted] in politics

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He tried to fuck over Justice Thomas as well, there's a good documentary on it called "Created Equal Clarence Thomas In His Own Words" which was removed from Amazon for wrong think.

Spotify to Take Down Neil Young’s Music After His Joe Rogan Ultimatum by [deleted] in news

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I never argued that misinformation doesn't exist or spread. I argued that what you're classifying as misinformation is wrong, and that you can't quantify any of the alleged negative effects of it despite qualifying it as dangerous.

The spread of disinformation is due to a network of activities

That network of activities is called the free exchange of ideas and it is by far the most powerful tool for open discourse and truth discovery. We are both able to discuss these "dangerous" issues like adults without either of us dying of covid or requiring an authority figure to "correct" classes of speech they deem misinformed as if they are the gatekeepers of truth. These same gatekeepers have been consistently factually wrong.

"Dangerous misinformation" has existed for as long as discourse has. It has existed in the town square, in the newspapers, on mainstream media. It has existed since the internet became popular. It existed 15 years ago when free speech was culturally supported and championed by the left.

It has never been a problem before. It only is now because authoritarians see an opportunity to crack down on free speech under the guise of protecting people from themselves. There are seemingly plenty of people who would happily give up their innate freedoms for the promise of a safety that can't even be quantified.

Shocking survey shows women today generally support censorship and totalitarianism while men prefer free speech and liberty - Patriot Rising by Rastafoo in news

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Women's suffrage was a mistake.

What's the most profitable programming language to learn? by yabbit in programming

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probably Java or python

Spotify to Take Down Neil Young’s Music After His Joe Rogan Ultimatum by [deleted] in news

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misinformation is dangerous

In what way? Quantify it. How many people have died because of Joe Rogan's podcast? 0? 1? 100? 1000?

The focus on ivermectin is also a campain to get people not to take vaccines.

The focus against ivermectin in a campaign to get people to take the vax and ignore other treatments. Ivermectin is a generic drug anyone can produce, it costs $0.01 per dose. Meanwhile Pfizer has made $35 billion on their proprietary vax, which they also refuse to distribute in poor countries that can't afford to pay for it (fuck those 99% though as long as they don't use horse paste amirite?). Every major news network telling you about this "dangerous misinformation" is sponsored by Pfizer. Follow the money.

Japan has started using ivermectin as early treatment with good results. But I guess the entire health ministry of Japan fell for dangerous misinformation too...

those who are not taking the vaccines are helping to spread COVID

The only correlation between vaccine uptake and spread is a small positive correlation in highly vaccinated populations. Anecdotally the reduce the spread, but there isn't good evidence to support this claim. Gibraltar has nearly a 100% vax rate and they had to cancel this last Christmas due to their high cases. Israel is in a similar spot.

Also who cares? The vaccines work right? So just get vaccinated yourself and you don't have to worry about interacting with the dirty and unpure anti-vax. You will be protected.

Rogan knows what he's doing.

Yes he does. He's having a candid and uncensored 3 hour conversation with his guests. And the West has fallen so far that we can't even bear that level of discussion or speech anymore without begging institutions to censor us.

he's helping spread COVID

Citation needed. You have no evidence of this.


It's 2022 my dude

And now, with Manchin, Sinema, and ALL of the GOP, there are continued obstructions of democratic processes

It's wild that you think that democratically elected representatives of states voting based on their beliefs and the beliefs of their constituents is an "obstruction of democratic processes." Especially when one of the bills attempting to pass would federalize elections, which is unconstitutional.

Inanity in the form of navel-gazing about personality and calling it gender by CleverFoolOfEarth in TumblrInAction

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I'm just gonna call you by name and think of you as a mental illness.

Did you think Trump or Biden could provide an open web by going after the censor's themselves? by [deleted] in censorship

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The federal government can't directly force big tech to censor or not. All they can do is make strong recommendations, and it's in their best interest for censorship to continue since it's effectively a workaround for the limits of 1A and allows them to easily classify anything against them as "dangerous misinformation."

There are only two things that bring back free speech on the web at this point:

  1. A cultural shift/revolution in support of free speech, or
  2. Decentralization and other technologies that are inherently censorship resistant

Considering how things are currently going, 1 isn't happening anytime soon.

Trump is a boomer and Biden is braindead. They are not the answer.

Political Talk (alternative to the childish bullshit at saidit) by [deleted] in whatever

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Who decides what is hateful? "There are two genders" is considered a bigoted opinion by some. Is it sexist to say there are more male CEOs? Is quoting crime statistics racist?

State Democrats block ivermectin treatments, kill public comment by Antarchomachus in news

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Tyrants who think they know better than doctors. Or perhaps they fear the narrative crumbling and being held accountable for their crimes. Vote them out.

Political Talk (alternative to the childish bullshit at saidit) by [deleted] in whatever

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DO NOT expect any tolerance for statements, opinions, or views that are bigoted, racist, sexist, or hateful.

muh hate speech / 10

Spotify to Take Down Neil Young’s Music After His Joe Rogan Ultimatum by [deleted] in news

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Wow so brave of Neil to stand with big tech and mega-corporations against dissenting voices and dangerous concepts like free speech. The Pfizer CEO told me Joe is literally responsible for millions of deaths. Joe is platforming dangerous anti-vaxxers who don't know any better. Like Dr. Malone - the guy who created mRNA vaccines and is himself vaccinated.

When the covid authoritarianism ends, never forget threads like this. People will so easily call for the death of their neighbors after only 2 years of propaganda. by thoughtcriminal in whatever

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I always forget imgur is a social media site now. If you click on the link and scroll down there are user comments similar to r*ddit. Anyway this thread hits all the big talking points:

  • they're all going to die
  • random shit about muh Trump
  • insurrection
  • muh russia
  • they should have segregated hospitals
  • i hope they die
  • westerners are dumb
  • freedumb
  • super spreader
  • insurance shouldn't pay if they get sick (this is coming from the health care is a right party)
  • the science is settled
  • they are anti-vax (even though it's an anti-mandate protest and many of them are in fact vaccinated)
  • just because you can't get a job or go shopping for food doesn't mean you're being oppressed
  • it's not against the law to not be vaccinated, you just can't participate in society in any way
  • just take the jab and shut up

Big words for a poopy boy! by Gravi in PoliticalHumor

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I little incursion would probably be okay though.

Supreme Court Agrees To Hear Case That Could End Use Of Race In College Admissions. #stopasianhate Unsurprisingly, the Biden administration is siding with Harvard and other elitist universities. by Chipit in news

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Friendly reminder that 48 democrats voted in favor of racial discrimination

Which is weird because I was constantly told Republicans were the racists.

The ACLU Suddenly Reverses Its Support For Transparency by Drewski in politics

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This is a great example of a departure from principle in favor of doctrine and ideology. Their tweet prominently displays that this type of transparency is a "conservative" idea. How can they be in favor of free speech but also against the idea of government transparency and the right of parents to know what's being taught in schools?

At least they're getting ratio'd and destroyed in the twitter replies.

Leaked chats reveal evidence of hate crimes by U.S. fascists by AXXA in news

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All the article mentions in terms of crimes is non-violent vandalism and defacing statues?

BLM did that for a whole summer + riots + arson + murder + autonomous zones and no one batted an eye. They seem like a far bigger threat to me. They are black-supremacists and racists, there are far more of them, and they have the backing of the institutions.

As long as people are turning a blind eye to the violence of BLM and Antifa I'm not going to be convinced that some retarded vandals are a threat.

BLM kill count: 25+ (just in the summer of 2020)

Patriot Front kill count: 0

Every time I try to post or comment on Reddit I either don't have enough "karma," or my account is too young, or the mods don't like what I have to say, so.... screw Reddit? by TheLoneWriter in Introductions

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Last time I tried to post about some bots I saw on a gaming sub I created a new account. I was shadowbanned right out of the gate.

If you truly believe we had the technology to fly to the moon in the 60s I’m sorry by jw329 in flatearth

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well to answer your very first question the radio transmission would have been traveling at the speed of light so there would only be a 1.24 second delay, and if you've watched the moon landing video there is a delay and the transmission isn't perfectly clear at all.

How did this place become a liberal shill hole? They seem to live in an alt reality. by [deleted] in politics

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Man I hope so we're certainly due for a wave of freedom

So here's a look at Trump's new Social Media Site... by oritos in WorldNews

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Hosted on AWS or a major cloud provider

Hate speech rules

Claims to be free speech even though it falls far short of 1A

Centralized with single point of failure

DDoSed immediately

Private user information not stored securely

Payment processor backs out within first week

I want an alt platform to succeed but they all seem to make the same mistakes

Maxine Waters uses race to smear fellow Dems Manchin, Sinema: 'They don't care about blacks' by Chipit in politics

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Maxine dragging the convo down the debate pyramid lol. Blacks support voter ID so there's that.

Pyramid of Debate Refutation and counter-argument seem like they should be always valid, even if moving 'down the pyramid'. Ad Hominem and Name calling should not be OK regardless of direction. Just my thoughts by Antarchomachus in SaidIt

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I'm a free speech absolutist so I'm fine with all of it.

The issue with the pyramid is that not everything is meant to be a debate or even civil discourse. I don't expect people in a meme or shitposting sub to be conversing in the higher tiers, and if I were browsing one that's not what I'd be looking for. Even reddit has /r/roastme which is entirely name calling.

The lower tiers are like mindless action movies. They're not good and they don't contribute to the genre or movie making as a whole. But they are fun to watch sometimes.

Incels can feel a little better about their height now by jet199 in SuperStraight

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I recovered from covid by magnora7 in whatever

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Wait are you telling me a politician is telling his constituents what they want to hear with hopes that he will be reelected? That's fucking insane dude I don't believe you.

Good thing that only applies to the GOP. The Democrats are all completely forthcoming and honest and only have our best interests in mind, which is why the entire Democratic platform is completely aligned with the interests of elites and major corporations, whom they work with directly to control "dangerous misinformation" and decide what opinions we are allowed to have (for our own good). Follow the money.

USA Today deletes controversial pedophilia tweets, stealth-edits headline. The theme of the article tries to argue the psychological situation of pedophiles, claiming it's a condition they're born with, just like being gay. Who predicted this was coming 30 years ago? by Chipit in media_criticism

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Sadistic fantasy always comes first

These people are acting out abuse and rape in their minds

Why should what someone fantasizes or acts out in their mind be of any consequence? Are you arguing in favor of the idea of thought crimes?

USA Today deletes controversial pedophilia tweets, stealth-edits headline. The theme of the article tries to argue the psychological situation of pedophiles, claiming it's a condition they're born with, just like being gay. Who predicted this was coming 30 years ago? by Chipit in media_criticism

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That program was for people who are already sex offenders who committed a crime though. All I'm suggesting is that if you have these feelings but haven't acted on them you should be able to get confidential help from a psychologist or doctor or whatever. Maybe that's already the case.

I'm not talking about people who have already touched kids or distributed CP or anything like that. Those people are criminals if found guilty of their crimes and should be treated as such.

Why isn't the internet free? by yabbit in AskSaidIt

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Free as in liberty or free as in beer? It's not free as in liberty because institutional interests seek to control the flow of information. It's not free as in beer because infrastructure costs money.

USA Today deletes controversial pedophilia tweets, stealth-edits headline. The theme of the article tries to argue the psychological situation of pedophiles, claiming it's a condition they're born with, just like being gay. Who predicted this was coming 30 years ago? by Chipit in media_criticism

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Maybe this is an unpopular opinion but I actually think pedophilia should be treated as a psychological/medical condition - these people need help. As soon as you ACT on those feelings though, you face the wall.

If prices keep rising, a nightmare scenario for the US economy is a real possibility - CNN by IkeConn in TheElephantInTheRoom

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Don't forget if inflation went to 0% tomorrow you'll still be paying the inflated prices for goods. As more people notice the inflation more people will spend their money quickly to get out of the dollar, which will lead to more demand and shorter supply, which will lead to higher prices, etc.

If you have any big purchases planned over the next year or so, now is a good time to make them.

Washington Post awards Biden 'Four Pinocchios' for false claim he was 'arrested' during civil rights protest by [deleted] in politics

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Is he thinking of Bernie? Poor guy doesn't even know who he is anymore.

Supreme Court blocks Biden OSHA vaccine mandate, allows rule for health care workers by [deleted] in news

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Thank fuck. It was 6-3 as well which is encouraging.

My dik is smol by yabbit in offmychest

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We know

Pfizer MRNA antibody treatment and Caffeine Intolerance by sickopathogenic in NoNewNormal

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Caffeine could just be exacerbating some other underlying issue (whether caused by the jabs or not). I know Dr. Malone said his jabs caused him pretty severe hypertension (high blood pressure).

Mocking anti-vaxxers’ COVID deaths is ghoulish, yes — but may be necessary by Drewski in politics

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Mocking anti-vaxxers’ COVID deaths is ghoulish, yes — but may be necessary by Drewski in politics

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It should be clear that opposing vaccine mandates as a substitute for opposing vaccination itself is a fundamentally incoherent position.

Opposing mandates isn't a substitute for opposing the vaccine. I am vaccinated. I oppose the mandates. Both can be true.

Obviously, the mandates exist because these diseases threaten not only infected persons themselves, but the community, meaning anyone they come in contact with. That’s the folly of the anti-mandate argument: It places a perverse conception of individual “freedom” in opposition to the communal interest.

Yeah, except we know that these vaccines don't stop or even reduce the spread which was conveniently left out of this argument. The only correlation between the vaccines and the spread of covid is a small positive correlation in places that are highly vaccinated. They don't serve a communal interest at all in that regard.

government mandates have been with us for untold decades. We require drivers to wear seat belts

Not in my state we don't (and we have some of the lowest car insurance rates in the country)

Vaccine mandates themselves have been part of the educational system for longer than anyone can remember in every state in the Union

Vaccine mandates for well tested vaccines that have gone through years of trials and been approved by the FDA. And religious exemptions to those mandates have largely been upheld. Covid vaccines are novel. We know they're experimental because our understanding of how they work and what kind of protection they impart has changed since they were rolled out just a year ago. We have never allowed the Federal government to use "emergency" powers to mandate vaccines for all employees via OSHA - this is a first.

SaidIt Docker edition released by [deleted] in SaidIt

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Very cool, thank you for this.

r/forwardsfromhitler & r/forwardsfromklandma are unironically alt-right goldmines. by radicalcentrist in debatealtright

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Yeah a number of people have known this for a while. /r/AHS is a great way to find based subs too. You can completely avoid censorship on r*ddit as long as the content is presented with the correct framing.

Jason Miller’s ‘Free Speech’ Social Media Platform Gettr Bans Users Without Explanation by BravoVictor in politics

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☑ Hosted on AWS

☑ Hate speech rules

I don't know what people expected

“Huge Numbers” of Children Refusing to Wear Face Masks in School by Drewski in pushback

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Turns out even children are smart enough to realize it's fucking pointless.

What are your honest thoughts on Bernie Sanders? by mortyposter in politics

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In 2016 I would have voted for him over Trump, but it was Killary instead so I voted third party. Now he's a sellout and a grifter, no way I would vote for him.

Twitter permanently bans Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene by Drewski in censorship

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Politicians who repeatedly tell lies

You could have just said politicians.

Remember when Adam Schiff (D) objectively lied to the American people multiple times about having evidence of direct of ties between Trump and Russia. When questioned under oath he said the opposite. Why is he still allowed on twitter? That seems like pretty dangerous misinformation given the current political climate. Remember when he doxxed a journalist? Remember when he lied about Russia again just this last November?

Remember Russiagate? Remember when the FBI bugged the Trump campaign based on the Steele Dossier which was known to be false at the time they used it as an excuse to bug the Trump campaign?

Why are all the people involved in this still on Twitter?

Remember when they lied about Trump saying fine people on both sides? Remember when they lied about Trump saying you should inject bleach? Remember when they lied about Trump firing tear gas at people for a photo op? Remember when they lied about 5 people dying on Jan 6?

Remember when they told us the summer of 2020 was mostly peaceful when more people died in those riots than all black people killed by cops in the entire year prior? Remember when Trump was banned from Twitter for "inciting violence" in his tweet that told people to act peacefully and go home? Remember when the Hunter laptop story was silenced because it was "stolen" or "hacked" when it was actually legally obtained?

Remember when they lied about Sandmann? Rittenhouse?

Remember when Biden promised in his campaign that he would never do vaccine mandates? Remember when Pelosi said they don't have the authority to do vaccine mandates? Remember when Fauci said vaccine mandates were unethical and if someone refuses the vaccine that's the end of the conversation? Remember when Fauci said masks don't help? Remember when Fauci said masks help? Remember when Fauci said 2 masks isn't better than 1? Remember when Fauci said 2 masks are better than 1? Remember when Fauci claimed there was no gain of function research at Wuhan? Remember when the NIH claimed there was?

Remember when they told us ivermectin is just horse dewormer? Remember when the Lancet published a fraudulent paper on hydroxycloroquine?

Remember when the WHO said covid doesn't spread person to person? Remember when Pelosi said to go into chinatown at the beginning of the pandemic? That sounds like it qualifies as dangerous misinformation.

Remember when Kamala encouraged Americans to not get vaccinated because it was the "Trump vaccine"? I guess that one is only okay if you're in the right political party.

Remember 15 days to slow the spread? Remember when we were told life would go back to normal after 2 jabs? After 3? After 4? Daily pills?

If you're going to play this game there won't be many politicians or institutions left on social media.

I drink my own piss by yabbit in Introductions

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how did it taste?

The worse reddit gets the better it is for us by yabbit in WatchRedditDie

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This is true. However there's a problem. Pretty early on these platforms realized that if they take a heavy handed approach to censorship it results in mass exodus. That's how reddit initially gained popularity years ago (mass exodus from digg). So they are careful now to ban in small increments instead. It makes it much harder to organize a move and keeps the outcry to a manageable minimum. This is why I think it's so important for every online community to have a bunker set up in advance. By the time you're being targeted by censorship it's already too late.

Twitter permanently bans Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene by Drewski in censorship

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And you think Twitter isn't big corp? You think big pharma, who are making record profits (in the billions) from vaccines this year, aren't benefiting from censoring anything that could affect their bottom line as "dangerous misinformation"? You think that the interests of big tech, big corp, big pharma, and government, all being completely aligned on censorship and "misinformation" is a good thing? Beneficial to society? Can't possibly go wrong?

I don't give a fuck about MTG or what she thinks. The alternate universe you're talking about is one where information is democratized instead of being gated by the data barons of the institutional narrative. The difference between us and them is that we don't seek to censor, and we encourage doing your own research and coming to your own conclusions. Meanwhile the data barons are writing articles about how critical thinking is dangerous and the science can't be questioned.

I stand for the rights of the free exchange of ideas for anyone, regardless of their backing or ideology. Has nothing to do with D or R. They are both running on the same platform of "not the other" and don't give a single fuck about you or I.

Trans prisoners ‘switch gender again’ once freed from women’s units by jet199 in NotTheOnion

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That's awfully convenient brave.

New form of censorship? by magnora7 in censorship

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Anytime I post on r*ddit I delete the account within days, simply because fuck reddit. I guess the obvious solution here would be to modify the code to allow posts by deleted users to reach /top

Google is manipulating "mass formation psychosis" search results by zyxzevn in NoNewNormal

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Google is manipulating all search results

Twitter permanently bans Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene by Drewski in censorship

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I think it's totally cool and good that a major tech oligarch working directly with the government censored the speech of a sitting US congresswomen for the abominable crime of quoting a statistic simply because it was framed in a way that doesn't conform to the institutional narrative.

The institutions that seek to control the free flow of ideas in the information economy obviously have our best interests in mind. That's why any challenge to their ideas is labeled dangerous misinformation. The Pfizer CEO told me that these people are literally responsible for millions of deaths, and he seems pretty trustworthy. There are even direct financial ties between Pfizer and one of the main fact checkers Twitter uses - Reuters. It's for our own protection.

This doesn't seem like a threat to our democracy at all.

I think I got omicron by magnora7 in whatever

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Hope you get well soon. I've been taking D3 + K2 supplements hoping to fortify my immune system a bit. I got a couple jabs back in May but I'm not quite sold on the booster yet. As you said this may be a blessing in disguise if the symptoms are mild and we end up with broad natural immunity.

The World is Laughing as Biden's Screeching Handlers Keep Acting Like Clowns. Might as well be on a leash, ain't that right Joe? by Chipit in politics

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How far we've fallen. Even Biden seems lucid enough to be embarrassed by this.

Rumble Inc., The Neutral Video Platform, to go Public Through Combination With Cantor Fitzgerald's CF Acquisition Corp. VI (Nasdaq: CFVI) by BravoVictor in news

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Not neutral for long with the big money involved and they already ban people for "hate speech"

Project Veritas Exposes Republican Candidate Trashing GOP. Alex Stovall, Republican candidate for US Congress heading into the Arizona primary, has private ideas that he shares only with his BFF from Project Veritas that do not match his public campaign. by Chipit in politics

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Rumble has hate speech rules already baked in. It also now has corporate funding as well as being publicly traded via a SPAC. The CEO recently did an interview on youtube and failed to actually answer any questions about what the hate speech policy is or how it's quantified or offer any clarification whatsoever.

It already does censor, and the CEO claimed videos and channels have already been removed under the ambiguous "hate speech" rule. With corporate/public funding, applying external pressure for more censorship is easy, and it's facilitated by the ambiguous rule they can claim they always had and has never changed.

The writing is already on the wall. If it doesn't censor as much as youtube now, it will soon.

Not saying you shouldn't use Rumble. But temper your expectations and don't put all your eggs in one basket.

Russia Blocks and Begins Blocking of Wider Tor Network by Drewski in censorship

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On the news sub story about the first death with Omicron, a comment simply saying "Let's not panic" is downvoted and then removed by the moderators by [deleted] in MeanwhileOnReddit

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This 100%. I can't find any source that confirms they died from omicron. They died with omicron.

At least one person infected with the Omicron variant has died

At least one person in the UK has died with the Omicron coronavirus variant

The United Kingdom has reported its first official death of a COVID-19 patient who had the omicron variant

Most people who have omicron only discover it after they're already hospitalized for something else because the symptoms are mild compared to other variants.

Redditinaction by CleverFoolOfEarth in TumblrInAction

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I tried to read through some of the comments in that thread and I just... these people's brains must be wired differently or something. There are so many contradictions I legit can't understand what they're saying.

Google voluntarily de-lists The Pirate Bay by Chipit in censorship

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These are the search results for "the pirate bay" from a Netherlands IP address in case anyone is wondering. Top result is just a proxy to the pirate bay. It is definitely IP based, even searching on from a US IP worked fine.

Opinion thread: How to survive the vaccine mandates? by TheJamesRocket in debatealtright

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Someone on asked this recently in terms of employment and this was my response:

Lie. Say you have natural immunity or say you got the vax. If they question further ask to see their vaccine policy. They should have something in writing. Read through the policy for obvious loopholes. If you can't stall any further, try for a religious exemption. This template has worked for some people apparently:

Opinion thread: How to survive the vaccine mandates? by TheJamesRocket in debatealtright

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It's not about the vaccine it's about the mandate. My body my choice. I am vaccinated but this is a hill I would die on. If my job forces me to prove my vax status, I will quit my job. The state should not be able to force a medical procedure. And if you lay down and let them, you will never get the right to bodily autonomy back.

Take a step back and look at the broader picture. Why is there any support for the mandate at all? Because if you don't get the vax you're killing grandma, obviously. Ignoring the fact that this is untrue (there's no significant different in spread rates among vaxxed/unvaxxed populations), that dynamic can be applied to almost everything. If we are willing to give up our freedom and bodily autonomy for safety against a virus with a 0.5% death rate among the unvaccinated, imagine what else we'll be willing to give up.

Australia has concentration camps for covid where people who have tested negative for covid are forcefully being detained against their will. Read that again. This is only year 2.

Alec Baldwin says he didn't pull the trigger by [deleted] in news

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inb4 he tries to spin this as guns bad and dangerous and need to be banned. He definitely pulled the trigger.

what is a solid company to register domain name thru? by [deleted] in technology

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I've had good results with

If you want to know why Saidit is a ghost town, look no further than /u/wonderwoman by mongre in SaidIt

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It would literally only take like 1-2 other persons posting non-shit content to counteract this. I highly doubt this person is solely responsible for the lack of content on saidit. I had never even heard of her before this post.

Federal judge blocks Biden’s national vaccine mandate for health-care workers by [deleted] in news

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Twitter allows talk of racial genocide against white people to happen on its platform by [deleted] in politics

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If twitter allowed this kind of talk in general I don't really have a problem with it as a free speech absolutist (though it is still disgusting). But we all know if the race were reversed everyone involved would be banned, lose their jobs, probably be raided by the feds, headline news, congressional hearings, etc.

Ruqqus is Officially Shutting Down by Rastafoo in news

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Not surprising.

The admins gave up on their principles, enacted bad faith rules, banned +MTGOW and +Incels for seemingly no reason other than their own opinions, and burned through a ton of goodwill with their "pivot" post which wasn't even written by them. For months they barely interacted with the community at all, choosing to hide in discord instead. Plenty of users pointed out problems and offered potential solutions, and they reacted in the most childish ways possible, with gifs or memes or not at all, instead of actually addressing concerns.

The mod log in +Ruqqus already shows them deleting comments and posts going a month back:

The legacy of Ruqqus, as well as the reputation of the admins kek and captainmeta4, will be forever tarnished by their recent fuck ups and abject cowardice. There was a graceful way to shut down Ruqqus if that's what they wanted to do. This wasn't it.

The takeaway is that any centralized solution to speech online is at risk, and only as good as those in charge. Ruqqus as a platform was designed to avoid cabal like behavior, but it's meaningless if you can still organize off the platform (discord) and if your admins (captainmeta4) are unprincipled.

edit: also for anyone wondering, some Ruqqies moved to It's a small community and it needs work, but I have yet to see a single post or comment be removed if you're looking for a free speech haven.