Rap song about how a man cannot become a woman. by FrancisAaronUK in GenderCritical

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I liked the song a lot. I wonder if the tranny men on Youtube will false flag it for hate speech.

QT (but anyone who can answer): is there a consensus within the trans movement/liberal feminism on the definition of 'woman'? And what is the source of said definition? by SnowAssMan in GCdebatesQT

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Words are not immutable.

Right, but biological sex class IS. We could find new words for man and woman but the underlying concept of 2 different sexes remains. Biological sex is immutable, testable and a material condition of a person.

A man can wear whatever he wants but he remains a man.

QT (but anyone who can answer): is there a consensus within the trans movement/liberal feminism on the definition of 'woman'? And what is the source of said definition? by SnowAssMan in GCdebatesQT

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As a pragmatist, I see that gender is a social construct that has no other use in society besides to reinforce sexist stereotypes and gender roles, and believe that redefining gender to be based on self identification alone is an highly effective way to eradicate gender and make it a useless concept. In its uselessness, in a pragmatic sense, gender would eventually cease to exist (obviously this would take centuries because well, we're all socialized to accept gender as a concept under patriarchy and it takes a long time to undo all of that). I believe that the inclusion of transgender men and transgender women in the definition of their respective gender is a necessity to the end goal of abolition of gender.

I see your point. I really do. I have thought about this for a long time. I also thought that perhaps transgenderism IS the thing that will end gender aka sex role stereotypes but I realized quickly that transgenderism UPHOLDS these sex role stereotypes. Men who think they're women do everything to engage in those sex role stereotypes, in fact, they define themselves by them. This is why men will grow their hair out, wear feminine clothing, makeup and do stereotypical behaviours like hair fllicking and fluttering eyelashes and those horrible selfies.

In fact, transgenderism doesn't want to eradicate gender, at all. It seeks to replace biological sex with sex role stereotypes as the definition of man and woman.

In the 80's, when I was a teen, there were a lot of music guys with long hair and makeup. I used to admire those men because I honestly thought they were breaking a boundary. They didn't call themselves women. They just engaged in femininity sex role stereotypes AS MEN. To me, that was excellent and liberating because they were men who felt comfortable enough to discard masculinity for femininity.

But I'm all grown up now, a woman. I see that even though those 80's men were breaking some boundaries, they were STILL men and treated as primary people in a patriarchal society. They still had power, because they were male, in a patriarchy, even though they wore frilly clothing.

Today, men don't just engage in femininity. They claim they're women, but like those 80's men, they retain all the power and privilege of men. They don't challenge the sex role stereotypes of femininity. They claim that those sex role stereotypes ARE womanhood.

Point is, we all know who the men are who the women are. Gender stereotypes aren't going away with transgenderism. They're being upheld more strongly than ever.

A man can wear a dress and lipstick and he still retains his power and privilege, and that's because everyone still knows he's a man. Biological sex class is what matters here. Gender DOES need to be abolished, but I don't see transgenderism as the thing that abolishes it.

QT (but anyone who can answer): is there a consensus within the trans movement/liberal feminism on the definition of 'woman'? And what is the source of said definition? by SnowAssMan in GCdebatesQT

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Excellent response, especially the end part about hysterectomies.

QT (but anyone who can answer): is there a consensus within the trans movement/liberal feminism on the definition of 'woman'? And what is the source of said definition? by SnowAssMan in GCdebatesQT

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My 'go to' question when I get harassed for stating biological fact is to ask people to define woman. They mostly never answer but sometimes they'll say 'anyone who identifies as one.'

We all know it's silly, the whole 'I identify as a woman' nonsense.

There is only one definition of woman: adult human female.

Both: Trans people and parenthood by peakingatthemoment in GCdebatesQT

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I think it's horrible for children to grow up with someone who is delusional and insists they're something they're not. It just confuses kids. I feel for the children who have to suddenly deal with a father who wants to wear their daughters or mother's clothing. It's traumatizing for children. Of course I'm mainly thinking about men and their fetishistic behaviours but also women who have this delusion that they're men are also traumatizing. I can think of that Freddie McConnell case in Britain where she wanted to be listed as father of her child. I also hate the media pushing the 'pregnant men' idea. It's obnoxious and I feel for any child who has to grow up or be with a delusional, narcissistic parent.

Both: How religious is your family? What effect do you think they've had on your views? by worried19 in GCdebatesQT

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My family wasn't religious but I'm Jewish and Italian. I'm a radfem and that's what informs my views on transgenderism and men. I became a radfem through life issues with male violence.

"There is no real feminism that does not have at its heart the tem­pering discipline of sex-class consciousness: knowing that women share a common condition as a class, like it or not."—Andrea Dworkin Right-Wing Women (1983)" by DistantGlimmer in GCdebatesQT

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No, Males are not part of the sex class of women, and he can not understand our sex class.

Both: How do you score on this gender role test? by worried19 in GCdebatesQT

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I took this test in 1995 as part of my psych degree. It's not meant to be a device for gender dysphoria. I find this test really ridiculous. The only way it makes sense is due to the fact that we live in a patriarchal world that rewards masculine traits in males but punishes it in females.

What's the moral difference between a cake shop refusing to make a wedding cake for same-sex couples vs a business refusing to call someone the name and pronoun they want? by [deleted] in GCdebatesQT

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Well, you have to understand the cake shop case. It wasn't that he was refusing to sell them a cake. He refused to make personalized art for them. He was happy to sell them any cake in the shop. He won the case BTW. It's like going up to Banksy and trying to force him to make a piece of art for you. You can't force someone to create a work of art for you. Pronouns denote sex class. So using pronouns to denote a material fact of a person isn't morally wrong. It's technically correct and not bigoted.

Both: How do you feel about this interpretation of gender? by BrNated in GCdebatesQT

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I think it adds another layer of complexity that isn't necessary.

Both: What are your feelings on BDSM and the sex-positivity movement? by worried19 in GCdebatesQT

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It's misogyny. I heard the 'rough sex' defense in the UK has been thrown out.

Interesting Findings https://www.theguardian.com/sport/2020/jul/19/transwomen-face-potential-womens-rugby-ban-over-safety-concerns by littlerbear in GCdebatesQT

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Well DUH! Everyone knows that males, no matter how much estrogen they take nor puberty blockers are stronger and faster than females. It's just common knowledge but men won't accept NO for an answer. My good friend and I made a joke that if we were to have a women only meeting we certainly couldn't advertise it as such as it would signal every man in a dress for 20 miles to come barging in.

Both: How do you feel about pronouns? Are they are a courtesy or a right? by worried19 in GCdebatesQT

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pronouns denote sex class. I am not willing to use preferred pronouns. I find gender neutral pronouns even more ridiculous.

If #TransWomenAreNOTWomen ever trended on Twitter, would Twitter be allowed to reveal that, or would it probably hide that fact, because "transphobia"? by SnowAssMan in GCdebatesQT

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Judging by Twitter's track record, it would hide it or several AGP men in tech would mass report all the accounts using the HT.

In Defense of Biological Sex. Presented for comment and knowledge by theblackfleet in GCdebatesQT

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I agree with you when you say it's social differences aka the way males and females are imposed upon to fit gender aka sex role stereotypes. Emotions like anger are more acceptable in males and females get severely sanctioned if they get angry. This is social training, not innate. You're not going to tell me that females are any less angry or have a lesser emotional range than males. It's just that males are allowed to express this and they reach for anger the moment anything goes awry in their life. They act out, whereas females internalize because they're sanctioned by society if they act out. It isn't subtle at all. It's quite obviously socialization.

In Defense of Biological Sex. Presented for comment and knowledge by theblackfleet in GCdebatesQT

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Is it PD's and trans or PD's and males aka the high comorbidity of npd with men in dresses?

GC: How do you respond to this post by Ana Mardoll? by levoyageur718293 in GCdebatesQT

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TBH, I'm not going to read another man's long, whiny screed about how he wants to violate women and girls. I don't really want to waste time on it. I know it's going to be some long-winded whine about seahorse Daddy Mom's and some other shit about amoebas and blah blah blah, so that means he's a woman now. POOF!

All he's doing is projecting his fetishistic fantasies onto everyone.

Is trans ideology poisoned at the root and inherently misogynistic and at odds with feminism? An interesting article from Dr. Em goes back 50 years to trace the origins of problems we still clearly see today in the TRA movement. by DistantGlimmer in GCdebatesQT

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If you want a truer picture of men in dresses, you have to go back to the 70's and 80's to find accuracy, before it became the political point it is today. I don't trust much of the 'research' there is today on transgenderism aka men in dresses.

Radical feminists understood what was happening decades ago. They knew what men were up to.

What it says about the current issues isn't very much. Every radical feminist saw the writing on the wall. Men won't be satisfied until they wear our very skin, and that's what they're trying to do.

GC: What would you say are the harms that come with defining "man", "male", "woman", and "female" to mean "gender" instead of only one's sex? by AllInOne in GCdebatesQT

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The reason why we don't define man and woman according to gender is because gender=sex role stereotypes and those stereotypes are NOT what makes a man a man or a woman a woman. What makes a man and a woman is their testable, immutable, and material sexed bodies.

The harm that occurs is a total erasure of women and girls as a sexed class, unable to organize as a class, unable to name and address issues of our sexed class. IOW, there is no feminist movement for the liberation of females if there is no female sex class/category.

Males and females are treated differently in our society due to our sex class. Men know WHO they're violating, and that's FEMALES. The oppression females have faced throughout our history as a species is due to SEX CLASS, not gender stereotypes.

If I flick my obligatory long hair, wear high heels, mini skirts and fishnet tights, it doesn't make me a woman. That's femininity, NOT FEMALE.

Anyone can perform the sex role stereotypes of femininity but it doesn't make them female.

There is only one way to BE female, and that's to be born female.

Off Topic Friday: Media Fest by worried19 in GCdebatesQT

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I posted the forum link on Spinster. I hope more people come here. This is the only reddit style forum I've ever consistently posted on.

One the best books to read in the current gender nonsense is FEMALE ERASURE. I got sent a copy from a good radfem friend of mine in California. I've read it cover to cover.

GC: Can you explain why a neopenis/phalloplasty is not a penis? If a man is something with a penis, then if a man removes all of his genitals in surgery, why will he still remain a man after surgery? by GarageCar in GCdebatesQT

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My questions are, can you explain why a neopenis/phalloplasty is not a penis? Phalloplasty, which is the construction of a penis, was originally created for men that weren't even "trans", why weren't their neopenises as real as any other man's penis?

Only males are born with penises, whether they are damaged or function or not. Females aren't born with penises (although it may 'appear' like one in some intersex DSD's.

Penises FUNCTION as part of a male system. Yes, some males penises are injured or don't function but the capacity to function properly is there.

Females who get phalloplasty do NOT get penises. They get a bunch of skin taken from other parts of the body to form a phallus shaped piece of skin that DOES NOT FUNCTION. IT is NOT a penis. It's just a bunch of phallus shaped skin. It doesn't have the proper urethra, it doesn't have the erectile tissue or blood vessels that are needed. It doesn't deliver sperm. It is not attached to testicles so there is no cum, no pre cum, no nothing.

The definition of man is adult human male. Females are not males. It really isn't complicated.

Both: What do you hate about your natal sex/gender? by worried19 in GCdebatesQT

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I hate that my sex is oppressed by males the world over, aside from a few matrifocal societies that are almost extinct. I wasn't assigned anything. I was IMPOSED upon with a sex role called femininity. These are all stereotypical behaviours and attitudes that were enforced by severe sanction if I violated them.

Both: What do you think of this BBC report exposing concerns about Britain's Tavistock Centre? by worried19 in GCdebatesQT

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Well, they are the ones that fund it with big biotech dollars and political power. Yes, there are plenty of useful idiot mothers out there looking for a buck and some attention on their kid but the big money and political power is from the men.

GC: Why can't the words man and woman be defined as something other than "adult human male" and "adult human female"? And why is it false to say "men can have vaginas/uteruses/etc and women can have penises"? by AllInOne in GCdebatesQT

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You can play all the different word games till the cows come home. The reality is that there are two sexes and no matter what words you use, that will forever be the case.

Both: What do you think of this BBC report exposing concerns about Britain's Tavistock Centre? by worried19 in GCdebatesQT

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I think there are useful neoliberal idiots who push children into this but I still believe the main impetus is rich white male AGP's.

In Defense of Biological Sex. Presented for comment and knowledge by theblackfleet in GCdebatesQT

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Hey woman. THey won't say anything. There is nothing to say b/c we all know it's a material fact.

In Defense of Biological Sex. Presented for comment and knowledge by theblackfleet in GCdebatesQT

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How is biological sex 'gender essentialism?' I don't accept behavioural differences. I only accept physical ones.

Please try to describe the opposing view. Bonus points if you can fit it to your owns side framework. by Porcelain_Quetzal in GCdebatesQT

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Only one thing. I would make a distinction between GC and radfeminism. GC agrees with radfems on gender/sex roles stereotypes but radfeminism is much more than that.

Both: Do you believe there are sexual components to masculinity and femininity? by worried19 in GCdebatesQT

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No. Nothing about gender aka sex role stereotypes are biologically based. They are roles that are imposed upon us. Sex is about, well SEX. You're right, sex is about SEXED bodies, not sex role stereotypes. I'm not attracted to sex role stereotypes.

Both: What do you think of this BBC report exposing concerns about Britain's Tavistock Centre? by worried19 in GCdebatesQT

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We all know none of this should be practiced on children. It's child abuse, plain and simple. AGP's have projected their fantasies and yearning onto children and have done so much damage.

Did feminism cause the current state of transgender politics? by Kotal in GCdebatesQT

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  1. Many women choose to opt out heterosexuality because of its risk of pregnancy etc. However, it's quite different than saying you can opt out of your sex class. I know you're smart enough to see the difference.
  2. Well, to generalize so many different feminisms and claim that ONE feminism hates math equations is rather vague. Neoliberals are famous for denying things like that, but many here aren't neoliberals at all. They're Gender Critical, and I'm a rad fem, a materialist.
  3. Right but you must admit that personal experience/anecdotes doesn't extend to the delusion that you can change sex. One doesn't lead to the other.
  4. I'm not referring to anything to do with Betsy DeVos. I'm talking about access to funds for female sport. That's the main purpose of Title IX. SExual assault allegations and police don't get along in most cases. The backlog of rape kits is just one tiny drop in the bucket of problems in how rape/sexual assault is dealt with in law. IMHO, we need a different evidentiary standard, a lower one, to deal with sexual assault since the nature of the crime many many times precludes it from beyond reasonable doubt. I think rape cases need to be dealt with in a different type of style, a lesser standard in a civil court with special punishments, namely social ones.

Off Topic Friday (Saturday edition) by Rae in GCdebatesQT

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TY. She is getting better. She's my heart rat.

Both: What if we reframed the issue as "AFAB rights", "AFAB spaces", etc? by luckystar in GCdebatesQT

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Then men will claim they're AFAB. They're men who just want to colonize and you can change words and do whatever, but they'll still want in.

Did feminism cause the current state of transgender politics? by Kotal in GCdebatesQT

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Julie Bindel has been labelled a transphobe (like anybody who criticizes them at all), but she describes herself as a "political lesbian". Essentially that she became a lesbian by choice even though she is presumably naturally heterosexual. This seems to me like feminists laying the foundations for "transbian" claims later down the road.

Julie is female so how would she lay the 'transbian' foundations? The point is that men cannot be lesbians because they're not female. There are lots of women who are bi or who don't like heterosexuality. Julie Bindel's bisexuality didn't lay any foundation for men to claim they're lesbians.

Feminists infamously were quite antithetical towards empirical knowledge production in academia during the "Science Wars" of the 80's and 90's. Falsification and objectivity were attacked for being oppressive masculine constructs that devalued feminine "other ways of knowing".

There ARE other ways of knowing things. This is why we have all sorts of maxims in English. There is a lot to be said for experience and wisdom. This doesn't mean that men can change sex. Blaming feminism for a bunch of fetishistic men who want to their fantasies to be validated is a stretch.

3: Similar to the above point, lots of postmodern drivel was written back in the day (and still is https://bit.ly/3gUMedS) about how all sorts of words and concepts were offensive to women for very esoteric reasons. Such as the word "history" being problematic because it implies that history is masculine, etc. This sort of symbolic word-policing is the same sort of behaviour as trans people obsessively complaining if an innocuous document fails to acknowledge their existence.

I've noticed that you're claiming that there is this ONE feminism. There are several feminisms. You are speaking of neoliberal feminism, which is an oxymoron to be sure. Feminists rightly saw that women, by the fact they were female, were kept out of mostly everything, especially academia and the sciences. History is written by the victors. I'm sure you've heard that right? Well, it's true. Women and girls were kept out of even contemplating what history is because they were kept out of the very professions that would construct it. This has nothing to do with a bunch of fetishistic males wanting their fantasies validated at the expense of women and girls.

So them saying something like, "some women have penises, so your guide on women's health is offensive because it only mentions vaginas", is categorically the same as declaring that the word history is offensive because it (allegedly) implies history is about men and not women. The allegation here is that you started it.

No, it's not even remotely the same thing. History IS about men, as per the reasons I stated above. Women have their own knowledge, which had to be carefully passed down mother to daughter. There are no books about it. It's mostly all oral. The reason it is such is once again, women were kept out of any arena that would give them access to record it.

4: The concept of patriarchy, as it has been used in practice by many feminists, often appears to be a conspiracy theory. The notion that men are all in on a devious plot to oppress women, rather than women's oppression simply having been the historical product of material forces (including biological differences). The intemperate and intolerant behaviour of the transgenderists towards gender critical women is easily matched by the rhetoric of the likes of the late Dworkin towards men in general.

So you deny that women were forcibly kept out of academia, professions? You do know women couldn't get a patent? Do you realize what keeping women out has done to us? You act as if women were happily participating in the society without a single hitch. And you know what you write isn't true and has absolutely nothing to do with a bunch of men demanding to erase us and take away what little we have gained, like Title IX for example.

Both: What have been your personal life experiences with gender? by worried19 in GCdebatesQT

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I'm a radfem, not GC, not QT. I hate gender because it has imposed on me from a young age. I will relate this one personal story. I was IQ tested in the 3rd grade as part of a program where they would identify the most gifted children and put them in a program called ATC. This was a new program in education where instead of allowing gifted kids to skip grades, they made a special program where once a week we would be excused from all our classes and go to a special classroom next to the library and learn all sorts of advanced things.

My IQ score qualified me, along with other tests, which I think were called CAT tests. However, the program was mostly looking for males. My second grade teacher had to fight to get me and some other gifted girls into the program.

I finally made it to this program and it enriched me to no end, but I was born female, and had to fight for everything, every step of the way.

Gender to me is nonsense. It's all stereotypes. Sex is WHY I had to fight as a female to get anywhere in this world.

GC: A female produces eggs and a male produces sperm, so why aren't pre-pubescent kids sexless? And Why are penis, testes, etc male and why are vagina, clitoris, uterus, ovaries, etc female? Why can't penis, testes, etc be female and why can't vagina, clitoris, uterus, ovaries, etc be male instead? by AllInOne in GCdebatesQT

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They have the capacity to produce sperm. That's what makes them male, along with their XY chromosomes. An embryo has a sex, that was decided at conception. A woman who has surgery to remove her genitalia remains a woman because she was BORN female. Same with males. I could lose my breasts from surgery but I remain female. You can test any cell in my body and it will come back XX, female.

You can make up new words instead of male and female but it's the categorical difference that remains. Reality doesn't care which symbols you use to describe it. The fact that males and females have completely different genitalia remains. You could rename everything, and reality of the categorical differences remains.

Off Topic Friday (Saturday edition) by Rae in GCdebatesQT

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I heard her screaming and it broke my heart. It's clotted but the bony end of the tail will drop off at some point. I've given her two doses so far of pain meds.

Off Topic Friday (Saturday edition) by Rae in GCdebatesQT

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Up here in BC we've really done well. Most people are wearing masks. Where are you again?

Last night my sweet rat got her tail stuck in my automatic door and degloved an inch and a half of her tail. This was around midnight. It was a rough night.

Welcome Reddit refugees by worried19 in GCdebatesQT

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That's a very good way to describe it 'self harming.' I figure reddit doesn't deserve women on its platform and any woman who desperately tries to stay there to talk sanely is like a form of self harming.

Welcome Reddit refugees by worried19 in GCdebatesQT

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Well, I made it. I'm glad I ended my relationship with reddit. Reddit hates women, that's for damn sure.