The Fermi Paradox questions why we have not observed extraterrestrial life given the scale of the universe. Life emerged in our galaxy and there are ~TWO TRILLION galaxies in the observable universe. Adhering to the mediocrity principle, the probability of other intelligent life is therefore high. by the-swerve-podcast in UFO

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You raise great points. Appreciate the discussion!

I agree that our capabilities for detecting life are extremely limited. However, traditionally the Fermi paradox refers to intelligent life, not simply life. In this case, it is not simply a matter of what we can detect with current technology, but how another intelligent or advanced civilization would signal to us. Why no signal?

The speed limit of the universe is the speed of light. For sure that is a massive limiting factor for communication. However, when we are discussing an observable universe that is 14 billion years old, it may not be such a limiting factor. For example, at the speed of light, signals can permeate our Milky Way galaxy alone in approximately one hundred thousand years. If (I recognize this is a big “if”) civilizations exist that are millions of years old (or more), this would not be such a limiting factor.

A final point on the speed of light, some physicists present the concept of wormholes. If it was possible to manipulate space-time, perhaps locations seemingly impossibly distant could be reached in reasonable time. To explain what I mean, if you drew two points on opposite ends of a sheet of paper, those points are the distance of the sheet of paper apart from each other. If you fold the paper so that the two points meet, they are now basically in the same location. Perhaps it is possible to manipulate space-time in such a way.

The Waco Siege was a 51-day standoff between the US government and the Branch Davidians (a religious sect led by David Koresh) in 1993. 76 Davidians, including 25 children and 2 pregnant woman were killed. The narrative painted the Davidians as a dangerous cult, but was this true? Who was at fault? by the-swerve-podcast in conspiracy

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I don't believe anyone was ever convicted of anything like this though. I believe there was allegations, but those allegations never had evidence, as far as I could tell researching the topic. It felt like that was the narrative being spun, but it ultimately had no merit. Many of the kids were released before the fire too, during negotiations.

On Nov 22, 1963, the world was shocked as JFK was killed in broad daylight. The official story is riddled with inconsistencies and accumulated evidence alleges many different guilty parties. The CIA, the Mafia, Fidel Castro, the KGB, and even VP Lyndon B. Johnson have been alleged to be involved. by the-swerve-podcast in conspiracy

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This topic is so complicated. SO many different theories and avenues to go down. The Zapruder film can only tell us so much, though it is a fantastic resource.

Richard Doty is a former agent of the Air Force Office of Special Investigations that worked as a disinformation agent to discredit UFO researchers. Conspiracy theories seeded during one of his disinformation campaigns are believed to have driven Paul Bennewitz insane and institutionalized. by the-swerve-podcast in UFO

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You are not wrong. The CIA has a track record of shenanigans. I think many people want the UAP story to be true so bad, that we easily forget the points you've brought up. Simultaneously though, there is a massive track record of UFO/UAP stuff that is well documented. Makes it hard to navigate what is what!