Check if you are moid or not by palma in BlackPillFeminism

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What are you doing at black pill feminism, edgy one? Fuck off to conservative moid subs, you'd be welcome there, The Men will even tell you you're cool and hot there.

Check if you are moid or not by palma in BlackPillFeminism

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I mean, check out prof Camille Paglia - she isn't a pick-me, she's a non-conforming lesbian, but still is a huge cocksucker - that's her whole career, telling moids how brilliant they are with their rape and murder quirks. Maybe that's your calling - competing with chicks like her for moid recognition?

Very low EQ sucks too, that's why most of those impossibly high IQ moids turn out to be useless basement-dwellers who can't recognize their mistakes or explain their ideas or can't not die without mommy and waste their lives on schizo shit, autistic tantrums and struggling with wiping their asses. I wish I didn't want to be a moid like you do when younger, learned habits like not taking care of yourself, bad communication skills and stubbornness don't help in life if you don't have a personal army of asswiping handmaidens, and it definitely doesn't help with finding decent female friends. 29.

Why women don't realize that men hate them and this hatred is natural for men? it is fucking obvious by palma in BlackPillFeminism

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You know why.

Because heterosexuality is a mental illness in women. The symptoms include impulsive, harmful behavior; low self-esteem and unstable sense of identity; delusional thinking; stress-related paranoia or dissociation in relation to other women; behaving in ways that others perceive as overly sexual or provocative; intense or extreme moods, such as anger, depression, emptiness, or anxiety or having rapidly changing, shallow emotions; using physical appearance to draw attention; being easily influenced by others; believing and behaving as if men are closer than they actually are; belief that one is socially inept, personally unappealing, or inferior to men; excessive preoccupation with being criticized or rejected in social situations; restrictions in lifestyle because of need to have physical security; encouraging or allowing men to make most of one's important life decisions; subordination of one's own needs to those of men on whom one is dependent, and undue compliance with their wishes; unwillingness to make even reasonable demands on the men one depends on; feeling uncomfortable or helpless when alone, because of exaggerated fears of inability to care for oneself; preoccupation with fears of being abandoned by a man with whom one has a close relationship, and of being left to care for oneself; limited capacity to make everyday decisions without an excessive amount of advice and reassurance from others; etc.

Women also subliminally realize that men hate them and redirect their anger on an allowed scapegoat: dykes, blacks, The Cis Hetero White Bourgie Man(tm), otherwise men will sense the lack of verbal/non-verbal gestures of submission and fucking destroy her, and I think a fuckton of would-be untamable hags did not survive their dependent years, due to XY-possessed mothers too.

Believing that men view women as objects is a cope by [deleted] in BlackPillFeminism

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Thank you, I'll try to dig around too.

Believing that men view women as objects is a cope by [deleted] in BlackPillFeminism

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Very interesting. AFAIK there were such studies flying around about specifically pictures of pornified women and popular interpretation that it's all objectification's fault is def a cope. Could you please point in the direction of these studies, if you remember more info?

Believing that men view women as objects is a cope by [deleted] in BlackPillFeminism

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Yeah, spot on.

I was just struggling to put into words the reason why they won't let us out of their grasp with every robotic house utility, every AI sexbot and every artificial womb in every man's house. Obviously they need actual humans to suck out the female energy (gynergy) from, but then if the problem is seeing women as objects, then there is no problem in replacing us with realistic sexbots with good AI, but we know no robot will be good enough for moids to fuck off - half the reason they create these monsters is to demoralize us.

Why theres so many coomeritas on r*ddit posting pics with cum on their faces or pics of their assholes with captions like "ready to service you" or in those barely legal subs, seriously why the fuck? by [deleted] in BlackPillFeminism

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They aren't doing it consciously to uplift moids and thwart feminist progress, though, do they. When they don't reenact PTSD, they reenact pornsickness. That's what pornsickness does to a female, I know it because I was pornsick ages 5-19. Your limbic system takes over because your cortex gives up on processing that horror and your pituitary gives you yummy endorphins to cope. That happens a lot coupled with sexual response and you get another opioid, dopamine, when you anticipate the double reward. Conscious thought isn't there in the decision making, it's a mild opioid addiction. If you are young and your frontal cortex isn't developed enough to override impulsive behaviors, which is how moids like their fuckmeat anyway, you're likely to fall right into that, and your frontal cortex will be less developed as a result, as proven in case of other addictions and PTSD causes.

I see radfems online talking about porn corrupting their pweshous boyz and seldom about daughters, because radfem now is a leftie-wife's helpmeet service. But their boyz would turn into moids even without porn, while it fucking destroyed two gens of women by now.

When Marilyn Manson is gonna get an award for the most pathetic, narcissistic scrote? He abused/raped multiple women/girls,has a rape room in his house, stalks his underage ex gfs online,has people to make fake comments online that support him, is racist, homophobic,nazi,edgelord and a porn addict. by [deleted] in BlackPillFeminism

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The only surprising thing here is that we're so used to normie moids being outed as degenerates that such an obvious sicko managed to fly under the radar for being too obvious.

What is this "sacred whore" and why do spirtual women love to talk about it like it's the highest expression of the divine feminine... It just... doesn't sit well with me... are there any spiritual women that are not pick-mes...? by Xxxpoxxx in BlackPillFeminism

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If a woman in a first-world country in 21st century already buys into women not being able to engage with the world and people rationally and directly, it's not a hard sell for her to internalize that her worth is in being a fuckhole, I guess.

Check out Black Obsidian, she seems the spiritual type.

Some new interesting content from Black Obsidian! by [deleted] in BlackPillFeminism

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Good stuff.

Why theres so many coomeritas on r*ddit posting pics with cum on their faces or pics of their assholes with captions like "ready to service you" or in those barely legal subs, seriously why the fuck? by [deleted] in BlackPillFeminism

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More than half of those are moids posting their gf's "private pics", I guarantee you. They fucking love catfishing each other and sharing nudes. Homosocial rites of sorts.

Anyone else feel like some users on this sub are bots? by lurkergirl in BlackPillFeminism

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I'm not a bot. I'm just stupid. Some posts do look troll-y.

Blackpill materials by tallowcandle in BlackPillFeminism

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I think we have a different understanding of blackpilled. That woman is just a cock worshipping conservative, albeit a lesbian one. She changes her labels and stance on many things quick as lighting when it suits her too. She thinks male sadism is soo awesome and creative and totes proves that girls stink. That's libfem-level cocksucking, just metaphorical. Blackpills gon't get mainstream.

Blackpill materials by tallowcandle in BlackPillFeminism

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There are some translations on but it seems most articles don't have one, sadly.

Blackpill materials by tallowcandle in BlackPillFeminism

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Not to gang up on you for a suggestion, but IMO as blackpilling as any moid conservative drivel. He's a sociologist, a word salad tosser with no more credibility that some Jordan Peterson. There are plenty female patriarchy justifiers in that area, like Paglia or Butler, and they all demonstrate what's fucked about humanitarian academia.

I picked traditionsofconflict because moid-anthropologist who writes it makes a point to show how undeniably shit the whole ordeal is to women and how anthropoligists who ignore this plight suck and how hippy-types glamorizing those polygamous peaceful foraging days as egalitarian are naive. A woman speaking the same would not have a career unfortunately.

I picked "sexual coersion in primates..." because it is a collection of articles by various biologists, basically. Edited by dudes who wrote "Demonic male", which I wouldn't recommend if not for the lack of material, they suggest females should wate their time on making existing dudes better, as can be expecte from moids.

What does Goldberg bring to the table, in your opinion?

Blackpill materials by tallowcandle in BlackPillFeminism

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Please, add your own suggestions too.

Books, as discussed in other thread: The vegetarian myth (lierre Keith) Demonic Males: Apes and the Origins of Human Violence (Richard W. Wrangham, Dale Peterson) Sexual Coercion in Primates and Humans: An Evolutionary Perspective on Male Aggression against Females (Martin N. Muller, Richard W. Wrangham etc)

Up Your Ass and The SCUM Manifesto by Valerie Solanas.

I just watched a video of woman giving birth and realized how much women suffer in life... And i remembered all the stories ive heard of men raping/killing their pregnant gfs or raping them after they gave birth.Men are truly monsters and the fact that they dont realize how horrible they are... pigs by Iknowitstrue in BlackPillFeminism

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"all men wish they could be loved the way women are love"

lololol they don't hate their worst moid enemies with cruelty their 'love' consists of

I just watched a video of woman giving birth and realized how much women suffer in life... And i remembered all the stories ive heard of men raping/killing their pregnant gfs or raping them after they gave birth.Men are truly monsters and the fact that they dont realize how horrible they are... pigs by Iknowitstrue in BlackPillFeminism

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Sorry, post turned into offtopish rant.

They know they are monsters, they just have no intension or reason to stop. Point in case, in my working class ghetto most dudes are drunk brutes and johns. When they have a drink&talk, they legit berate each other and themselves for beating their wives. They then go home and beat their wives. They pity the prostitutes they buy and gangrape in a sauna. Then buy them anyway. A big part of why they pay for 'sex' and terrify their wives is that they know they are the lowest trash and fear and coersion is the only thing they can rely on. They know.

Also Mary Daly wrote about Indian widow-burning and cited the local dude who said effectively "yeah, we treat them like shit, so we need to make widowhood not an option because otherwise they'll poison us". It's global.

Also methinks we wouldn't exist without male fuckedupness. They are a major source of child mortality and an irrational one at that, but all the babies smashed against rocks and toddlers starved deliberately or fucked to death etc etc fade completely in the face of all the babies caused by them agaist women's will and forced to rear onto any womenfolk.

Just look at how huge the infant mortality in humans is in any pre-modern society vs the 'production rate' of one baby, the vulnerability and complications unknown basically to non-hominid females. It's crazy to think we'd keep on breeding and multiplying without male coersion. Literally all the other hominids died out and I haven't seen heard one anthropologist say that well, maybe they just fucking collapsed under male violence or, well, couldn't bear the brunt of hominid breeding.

Nobody fucking thinks about it, even the more 'unorthodox thinkers' or ecofashists lol. A line that stood out to me in "Ishmael" (i know, i was young then) is basically "if there are 50 males and 1 female, they won't get overpopulation, but a population of 1 male and 50 males will" - yeah dude, you wish...

Prolific "radfems" being gaslighting male-worshippers by tallowcandle in BlackPillFeminism

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Wise words. In all those other women's spaces they treat modern libfem and all its faults as a product of capitalism/neoliberalism, or CIA intervention, or some mental disesase of under-25s. Fuck no, it's just a logical conclusion of willingly letting males anywhere near feminism, and half of them will be the exact liberal/marxist 'feminists' they would be 20 years ago when overt trannyism and pro-sexslavery gets banished from mainstream again.

Male violence is biological. by LaQueSabe_ in BlackPillFeminism

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I have a pdf I got for free somewhere.

r/PornIsMisogyny - To no surprise, girls born in 2003 (18) are already posting in r/2000sGirls | YIKES. Theres new pickmes born every years to keep ths patriarchy alive forever by [deleted] in BlackPillFeminism

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Male brain is a fucking brain that is locked in a male body and attuned to a male body, you should quit jungian fairytales. If a woman could have a male brain there would be female-made pedo circles, slaver-rapist gangs, all that shit and much more. Male degeneracy is informed by their bodies. If by 'male brained' you mean all the male self-flattery about rationality and independence - please wake the fuck up, all moids simp for each other and do dumbest shit to impress other moids all the time, in most cultures still they live by blood feuds based on their fucking feelings, their crimes against women and children come from a place of their fucking feelings, even moid science for most of its history was about rich moids being catty and an insulting poetry piece counted as an agrument.

This is why we're dealing with trannies ffs - the western anti-intellectualism that is a decisively moid invention - it follows their dogmas and offers to fight moid supremacist dogmas with other dogmas like corporate neoliberal individualism and feeling-are-better-that-logic woo woo. A big chunk of the libfems and the like who whore themselves out or post their tits to feel empowered peddle the MBTI crap, astrology, ladybrainz and "witchcraft" precisely because "feeling empowered > concrete power" is their motto. Nudes and porn make a girl feel like she's gaining some magic cock approval power when she is debased and losing, because her feeling are manipulated. Woo woo shit makes one feel like one possesses secret knowledge (=power) nobody can take away, but only because it is a bunch of unprovable nonsense. Knowing MBTI types gives no more behavior prediction power that a plain look at social media profile does. Tumblr witches have less fucking ability to influence anything than a bunch of chinese sweatshop workers because of this shitheadery. There is no such thing as a male brain in a female body, no more than a male liver in a female body. They are entirely degenerate.

What's up with those horrible men sharing the same fetish?; bondage and feet. Richard Ramirez was into it esp. with asian girls and also this sadistic incel school shooter was into it. by [deleted] in BlackPillFeminism

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Feet are the bodypart that lets us move around in a distinctly human manner, and to GTFO from danger. Restraining feet = concentrated bongade. So moids love it: ballet shoes (it used to be high-end prostitution cover up), high heels (which rich moids saw in brothels and made their trophey wives wear), 1000 years of lotus feet binding (likely inspired heels), etc.

Asian women, which these moids saw only in moid entertainment, are thought to be submissive and child-like, which is all that moids want. You see, male sexual choice is not a factor in evolution and for a male to have any standarts means less genes passed. They do fuck anything, but they "choose" weakness and vulnerability in females since they choose prey, or a host.

Lacking authentic taste (they just want what alpha has) and eaten by fear and hate, males strive to fetishize women. Fetish is a metaphysical reduction of something mysterious to a symbolic token, a thing you can hold. "Normies" have thier tits men and ass men, but anything can fucking happen with them, like he saw a gym teacher's armpit and now he cooms only to armpits. Gay moids are the same, they jack off to feet, they cathegorize each other into fetishes, stuff like that.

Scary fucked-up paraphilias are a male phenomenon, and not one any male is immune to as they are part of their general sexuality, and they stack up due to numbness/escalation cycle, exploiting this is how mindgeek got their influence. All of them are about female degradation despite how varied they seem: they want power over mind (pedos), over body (necrophiliacs), over part (footfetish), over whole thing (trannies), over visible (make up), over unaccessible (vouyerism) etc.

The end result is moids choose to reproduce with those weaker and stupider than their inferior self for ego and control reasons, and since moids have essentially controlled reproduction for thousands of years, and pater familias chose to give "their" daughters to moids that didn't make them feel insecure - weaker, stupider yes-men - humans now have highly reduced physique and brain mass. Moid anthropologists blame the cities, but who fucking built those cities and how does lack of fucking exhausting gatherer duties amid long-term technological race necessarily lead to those things they won't answer.

Once i saw this spermoid on reddit say that before he got with his fiance he was so In LoVe with her and had a crush on her that he used to look for BLOWJOB vidoes with redheads and IMAGINE IT WAS HER GIVING HIM A BJ(shes a redhead) and ofc some idiotic women thought its so sweet and wholesome lol by [deleted] in BlackPillFeminism

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Fuck the way that moids 'love' doesn't even come close to spite they experience for worst male enemy. 'You're good eough for me to use' is the extend of their positive feelings, anthing else is the woman's projection.

Artificial wombs? by Seekers in BlackPillFeminism

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There was a thread on asherahsgarden where op went 'reee we will all be gynocided by moids the second AW is invented!' which is what Dworkin predicted AFAIK. I think it will be a long, drawn out horror instead of a BANG though. AW in men's hands is going to be more deadly than any nuclear bomb. Bombs at least tend to be phallic, men wouldn't disrespect consequences of their use.

Imagine a generation made of perfectly bred human fucktoys destroyed physically and mentally by age 16 if that and pampered vanity sons, motherless, yet probably raised by impoverished, basically enslaved, voiceless female servants for them and 'daddy'. Repeat for India, China and other influential asian countries, because they never gave up their nationalism or male supremacy a smallest bit. Repeat for entire africa and all tribal societies, practice adopted with glee after western moids offered a nice population control program 'to empower 3rd world women' of cutting out uteruses and giving the AW. Gilead can't compete with this shit.

There was some discussion about this before; tiktok warning white girls about how they are seen as easy and less respectable by other races by pizza- in BlackPillFeminism

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Unfortunately teens (and modern college kids) take any "you are naive and unexperienced" as a personal insult they need to prove wrong ASAP by doing stupidest shit. Men understand violence though, in my country average older moids still think that age of consent is 18 and that pedos still get killed in prison. Helps a bit, if only a bit. 20-30yo moids know that they won't be punished for shit and are vile and predatory pornhogs. I fucking wish that what the older moids call matriarchy was true and they got fucking killed with a rusty shiv by a bunch of orcs for looking at a teen girl.

Armie Hammer scandal and why submissive women ruin everything by kt0998 in BlackPillFeminism

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I don't hate these idiots because I don't think they are in particular more stupid or immoral than the ones who have "one night stands" or FDS ring-hunters, for example. Most het woman are addicted to cock approval, they don't even fucking get orgasms. Most het women already think that a man's gonna change for better for them nd project treir non-degeneracy onto men. Or that there are good XYs and they know a magic spell to detect one. Or that male sexual sadism is something XYs will do with them, not to them, if they say yes. His wife also stayed for years with a degenerate XY endangering herself with stupid delusions, she was just lucky he wanted a good public face, no way he or his vamiric XY-donors never slipped up. And she'll still remarry in a couple of years to a different elite XY vampire and bring her daughter right to him.

Celibates are the only hets who get a claim to be considered smarter than other hets.

Prolific "radfems" being gaslighting male-worshippers by tallowcandle in BlackPillFeminism

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Het women think that they are notlikeothergirls better than other het woman who are just stupid and don't know how to trust their lives to the right men and the secrets to raising sons into Good Mentm and het radfems aren't different from libfems who choose "feminist" men and TeAcH BoyS NoT tO RaPe, and the get fucked over by both or tradcons who choose and raise Manly Providers, and get fucked over by them. Radfems may even have lower standarts, being more aware of how depraved average males are they just look at the passive potato sack and thank Mother Goddess he's probably not Chikatilo.

My personal bingo for the next 10 years by tallowcandle in BlackPillFeminism

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Well, I tried to keep it optimistic. Maybe too optimistic.

Spread it if you can by radfemvalhalla in BlackPillFeminism

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That 4ch fag just described a typical incel shooter's life and switched sexes, fuck that shit

Male violence is biological. by LaQueSabe_ in BlackPillFeminism

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It's featured in the book "Sexual coersion in primates and humans". Which IMO is a must-read for any feminist newcomer before they get indoctrinated into a state of paradox (who socialized the first human patriarchs? How is a feminist society with 50% males to function?) by "radfem" hippies, along with "the vegetarian myth" and Solanas' manifesto.