The Surprising Power Of A Beautiful Face by krokof in Incels

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scarily potent blackpilles. i would advise against watching it if you're really depressed.

I've created a blue/red/blackpill graph, tell me what you think of it! by sevenpillarsofcope in Incels

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That, and a fuckton of failures, bullying and abuse.

Fuck yes. There's only so much rejection you can take before you realize there has to be a really dark truth behind it all. For me, the blackpill was the answer to everything.

I've created a blue/red/blackpill graph, tell me what you think of it! by sevenpillarsofcope in Incels

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the redpill -> blackpill transition is definitely accurate in my case

Why Doctors have highest suicide rate compared to other professions by [deleted] in Incels

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And yes ladies, he's single

I can't get enough of this artist. His brutal honesty via humour is fucking brilliant.

elliot Rodger tribute! by mrincel2323 in Incels

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shut the fuck up

AWALT is one bitter fucking pill to swallow by superdonkey in Incels

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Nah, they usually don't, but there are some females devoted enough to their job that they'll even smile to incels.

Bitter ghosted roastie takes out seething rage on rebound cuck by krokof in Incels

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that is exactly what all women think deep-down. they will never see past your looks. your value to them is roughly equal to your genetic value as a male regardless of how you behave towards them.

Feminists everywhere are celebrating as men's life expectancy drops for a third year in a row by CrackingYs in Incels

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Women like to pretend that non-chad men do not exist. They have no desire of associating with them. They don't want them anywhere in their lives or even society in general so they choose to believe they don't exist, being the mental retards they usually are.

When you're completely deprived of female intimacy and approval, even half-a-second glances start to seem as indications of interest. by superdonkey in Incels

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Fuck me, you're right. I happen to be on nofap this very moment.

But whatever, I'll keep going. A fapping cycle of once per week every sunday helps with cultivating inner energy and rage. I'd rather be this way that a tired and submissive faggot.

weekend by [deleted] in Incels

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The picture is not from an incel, by the way. It's from a Finnish magazine's article about incels and such.

The worst bluepiller-men are usually relatively attractive themselves by superdonkey in Incels

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True. Incels are rejected unconditionally, normes are rejected in they do not conform, and chads are never rejected.