I hate how the trans community has claimed Mulan by Beth-BR in GenderCritical

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Mulan isn't even slightly gender non-conforming. She doesn't even become a soldier because she wants to, she does it to save her dad. Then immediately goes back to her regular life when it's all over.

Teaching women to be afraid hurts women by squintypreyeyes in GenderCritical

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Women are taught to disproportionately fear certain situations, while being pressured to ignore their discomfort in others. For example, if someone in a friend group makes creepy comments towards me, I will probably be pressured to brush it off, not make a big deal, he didn't mean it like that, etc.

But if I say that I'm going to walk to the gas station at 2am to grab some energy drinks, something that would actually give me some enjoyment, maybe help me meet a deadline, everyone gasps and acts like I'm going on a suicide mission. I learn to feel afraid even though I've never had a bad experience.

Red Bull Just Purged High-Level Execs Who Pushed for ‘Diversity and Inclusion’ by sproketboy in news

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Oh no! Who will saidit side with? The SJWs or the Jew?

Teaching women to be afraid hurts women by squintypreyeyes in GenderCritical

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The dog thing is kind of irrelevant because being excessively afraid of dogs will probably never impact your quality of life. People keep dogs in their houses or on leashes. You can ask friends to keep their dogs away from you like you said.

If dogs were a bigger part of society, however, it might be worth looking into the actual statistical likelihood of being attacked by dogs. Like if someone passes up a good job because it would be dark by the time she got off work and she's afraid a dog will jump her in the parking lot. It might be worth looking at the stats and gently telling her that probably won't happen.

Edit: I also thoroughly disagree that what I'm saying is victim blaming. I think the opposite is true. If women are constantly being told that they'll get raped if they go out at night, the woman who ends up being the one in a thousand will have this "you should have known" hanging over her. Even though her actions were perfectly sensible given the actual risk.

The "if you go out now you'll get raped" I've heard from family members was almost gleeful, like a threat. "You want to go out so late instead of staying home like a good girl? You're gonna get raped!" It's just not true and I don't think we should be reinforcing that attitude here.

What is the deal with the slur "TERF"? by VioletRemi in GenderCritical

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Yes, it is like how some people throw around "commie" or "marxist" against someone advocating for minor health care reform. TERF capitalises on fear mongering towards the left, but the left is too fucking stupid to see it. It is designed to appeal to men who hear "radical feminist" and start frothing at the mouth by default.

A swedish woman asks college students if she can be a man and then asks if she can be Japanese. Double-think ensues. by LasagnaRossa in GenderCritical

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Poor chincel. He's trying so hard to say the "right" thing even though he doesn't believe it. Even offers to reeducate himself for not believing she's 2 meters tall.

Cognitive Dissonance questions by send_nasty_stuff in debatealtright

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All of these can be answered from a left wing perspective without contradiction. It is only under the neoliberal perversion of the left that these seem contradictory.

1) Transwomen are men, so the Muslim woman is in the right.

2) Congress would be 100% male.

3) Marxist theory advocates abolishing police and replacing the police force with workers militias. This would occur after a fundamental restructuring of society. Idiots took this idea of abolishing police without understanding the theoretical basis behind it, and ran with it. There is no point defunding police in a capitalist system.

4) There is no racism against Asians. Asians migrated to Western countries under very similar circumstances to Italians, Irish etc. Some Asians are just really desperate to bandwagon on the race politics train on the basis that they have slightly more melanin that white people, showing their own fundamental misunderstanding of racism. Everyone knows they don't belong but, like the trans, no one wants to call them on it.

5) There is no sexism against men just like there is no racism against Asians. This can be explained by historical circumstance that cannot be summed up in a concise paragraph.

6) Those three are males and this scenario is another example of sexism against females- ie the only kind of sexism that exists.

7) Tech jobs are objectively superior to sports jobs. The fact that black men are pushed away from fields like tech and into things like sports is one example of racism in society. I also don't think software CEOs are directly responsible for hiring people.

8) Because there is no racism against Asians.

9) Slavery was one aspect of colonialism.

10) Africa was the hardest hit/ most exploited by colonialism.

Anybody else encountered TRAs and their allies claiming no one sees anyone naked in a locker room? by NDG in GenderCritical

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Honestly it's kind of true in my experience. I've only really been in locker rooms for school sport. We had to change from our regular school uniform into our sports uniform. Some girls would only change in the stalls, while the rest perfected the art of putting their sports shirt on top, and then awkwardly wriggling out of their regular blouse underneath, eventually pulling it from the armhole. Girls who were okay with actually taking their shirts off were branded sluts, and the other girls would comment and gossip about their bras and boob size. Older women would tell us "we're all girls here, there's nothing to be embarrassed about" but it just didn't ring true for us.

I don't know if this was just my school/year group, but if it's reflective of my demographic in general I wonder if some people are hoping that trans acceptance will basically put an end to communal changing rooms in favour of individual stalls. I'm mid 20s.

Teaching women to be afraid hurts women by squintypreyeyes in GenderCritical

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How am I supposed to answer such an... impassioned and emotional argument. Statistically women's fear of crime is disproportionate to the actual incidences of those crimes. Compared to men, we fear crimes that are less likely to happen to us, more.

Living in fear impacts quality of life and limits opportunity. It also implies that by limiting your own life (not letting tradies into your house, not going outside, not wearing certain clothes, not being alone) that you can control whether violence is done to you. No one can live like that.

Sorry about all that stuff happening to you though.

I don't have words for the rage. Male bodies do not have periods. Or monthly cycles. Or anything of the sort by TurkishCoffee in GenderCritical

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I dunno man... If you've had a lot of serious, diagnosed pain conditions I'm sure you learn to tell them apart and distinguish the types of pain. But if you're an otherwise healthy person who usually has painless periods, how would you know? I occasionally have lower abdominal pain/discomfort and I have no idea what the cause is. How would I? It's nothing to be mad about lol.

Men vs Women when it comes to biological children by TalkToTheVoid in GenderCritical

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Your examples are about one person wanting to be a parent while the other does not. The question in the OP is simply about having biological children vs adopting. Both partners want to be parents though.

What the OP doesn't realise is that natalism is so firmly entrenched in the cultural psyche that, when posed with a question about breeding vs adoption, people will apparently just edit the adoption part out, and answer a question about wanting to breed vs not wanting to.

Does Communism support free speech? by LarrySwinger2 in funny

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Most people who call themselves communists these days, especially on reddit, are edgelords with no theoretical basis for what they espouse. Workers movements are dead. We live in one of the most politically flaccid times in history for the left. The few (tiny and fragmented) left wing organisations remaining are drowning in idpol bullshit.

That doesn't mean communism is bad- quite the opposite, our current issues are a result of neoliberalism, not leftism. The working class needs to be radicalised again.

Red Bull Just Purged High-Level Execs Who Pushed for ‘Diversity and Inclusion’ by sproketboy in news

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Seems like the same type to me. Are you against "diversity and inclusion" or not?

"I'll never get over it, even when it's repealed..." by yishengqingwa666 in GenderCritical

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Tbh her grandkids will probably be too concerned with imminent ecosystem collapse to really give a shit.

TiF is really pleased to get mistaken for a man by doctors. When TiF is nearly killed because doctors think she's a man it's all their fault. by jet199 in GenderCritical

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The sex in "sex stereotypes" has a different meaning to the sex in "sex crimes". It's not inherently a bad idea to have separate words for the act of sex vs being male or female.

Teaching women to be afraid hurts women by squintypreyeyes in GenderCritical

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The woman who made that post on reddit didn't have a reason to fear that particular tech or she would have said so. She just didn't want a male tech in her home. I used it as an example because things like feeling scared when a man is biking behind you, or being tense during your uber ride, are difficult to quantify. Delaying medical equipment for months because you are so afraid of an incredibly unlikely scenario, on the other hand, is a very concrete example of harm.

I support giving practical advice in these situations, like dropping a mention of a non-existent husband or calling a friend; reasonable measures that does not impinge on the woman's ability to get medical care. But posts like yours are exactly what I was criticising. Fear mongering, validating women making bad decisions that harm them, appealing to emotion and ignoring the facts. After I read your initial post I was second guessing myself: Are the statistics way worse than I thought? Are women being attacked by people who visit their homes (to perform trades and services) constantly after all?

Of course the answer is no. And after all your fear mongering, heavily implying that having tradesmen over is a huge risk factor for rape and violence, it turns out you have benefited plenty from taking these "huge risks" yourself.

So to answer your question: That woman, and many others like her, had no reason to feel unsafe and uncomfortable in her own home, so she doesn't need to go anywhere.

Anybody else encountered TRAs and their allies claiming no one sees anyone naked in a locker room? by NDG in GenderCritical

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Yes, I think people tend to grow out of it. But for the younger demographic, which I assume has the most trans activists, having a couple of TiMs in the changing room probably wouldn't change much. They are too self conscious to change in front of others, which is probably why they project and think people don't get naked in changing rooms.

Why is sex work seen as something normal and empowering if its just serving men and its dehumanizing women? Please can someone explain it to me why its allowed to exist its so horryfing to me as a girl, i feel like i want to rip of my body bc of this degradading humiliating exploitation. by Lookingtodie12 in GenderCritical

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Well the reasoning is something like: Most people want to have sex anyway. So getting paid to have sex is like getting paid to play video games! Wow so lucky!

As to how people can be so utterly deluded about the reality we live in... I have no idea.

Men vs Women when it comes to biological children by TalkToTheVoid in GenderCritical

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What do you mean "nope"? You answered a question with irrelevant examples. It's right there. I can see it. Not wanting to be a parent at all is different to wanting (or not wanting) biological offspring.

Men vs Women when it comes to biological children by TalkToTheVoid in GenderCritical

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Well this isn't going to win me any friends but: I am antinatalist so I don't think anyone should breed.

The desire from men to breed is especially gross because it means they are okay with using their partner, who they ostensibly love, as a vessel to propagate their own genes. As a consequence the mother will almost certainly have pain and discomfort for roughly a year of her life (pregnancy and childbirth recovery) and risk some kind of long term health issue, whether that is lack of pelvic floor control or something more severe- even death. I don't know how these men live with themselves even when the woman is a willing participant, let alone if she is reluctant.

That said, if a man doesn't want to breed, it is extremely wrong to try to push it on him. He will have to support his pregnant partner and live with the knowledge that it is his fault that a new life has entered the world. I would not fault a man for leaving a relationship because he wanted to adopt but his partner wanted to breed. In fact, I would admire it, precisely because it would be so easy to capitulate in that scenario.

Teaching women to be afraid hurts women by squintypreyeyes in GenderCritical

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Sounds like a way better solution to half these problems is to not have kids.

Mum in hate crime probe after pro-JK Rowling stickers amid trans rights row by turtleduck23 in GenderCritical

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You're telling me someone can take another to court, and they don't have to make a case or demonstrate anything? Just claim that they were offended? I straight up don't believe you.

She Made 12 Prior False Accusations Of Sexual Assault. An Australian Court Ruled They Can’t Be Used Against Her. by scrubking in KotakuInAction

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That's how the legal system works... if you were trying someone for robbing a store, the fact that he was guilty of robbing 12 stores prior also wouldn't be admissible evidence.