F-Reddit. What were you censored for saying on Reddit, and what event was the final straw before leaving? by Tom_Bombadil in censorship

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I got instantly banned for calling out someone that was obviously on steroids, that claimed to be a natural weightlifter. I don't have a problem with steroids. I have a problem with people lying about their use, that are trying to be some kind of role model. I could also tell that I was shadow banned for something else, for what, I do not know.

45 unreal photos of 'billionaire bunkers' that could shelter the superrich during an apocalypse by [deleted] in conspiracy

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Vivos looks like a good deal, except it's too close to Yellowstone. Yellowstone blowing, is up there on the apocalypse list.

We're back again. by magnora7 in SaidIt

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Whenever I find a site that gets DDos atttacks, I like that site even more. It means there is some kind of truth that someone doesn't want to get out. Freedom of Speech is under attack.

How'd you hear about SaidIt? by Jay in AskSaidIt

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I searched for "reddit alternatives" while using duckduckgo