Need some help to act like a normal woman (repost from s/incels) by jebediahscat in RealIncels

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The solution is simple. Go to a black neighborhood and yell NIGGER as loud as you can. I have a few good nigger jokes if you are interested.

Why are we moderated by a transgender furry? by DrRaccoon in AskSaidIt

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Drracoon is right niggas there is a tranny conspiracy afoot and it's a nigger tranny not one of those thick and submissive white femboy trannies

When did you guys realize you were never going to get pussy? by sneako in RealIncels

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trannies don't count

MidMonth Update: I'm 3 Days without Masturbating, r/HandFeish was Banned. It's Over by OPStolen in RealIncels

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help a brother out with some crypto?

4 hours university and foids already found orbiters by Mazurro in RealIncels

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4 hours into university and I found a good bathroom to masturbate in

I hate America, and I hope it dies down really fast by [deleted] in politics

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I hate America because I'm a virgin and can't get pussy. FUck this gay ass country. Germany sucks too though they are all faggots who take tranny cock down their throats and eat homeless diarrhea and Anne Frank is my nigguh so I represent J street bitch

I Quit Being Bruhcel by JesterPlanet312 in whatever

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Nice guys finish last just look at Trotsky

Would you ever refuse to date someone if they held political views that you disagree with? What is your opinion on this post? by IndianaJones in AskSaidIt

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We should bring back arranged marriage. Dating is bullshit and only favories roasties and chad.

r/place ends early after redditors write fuck spez by orangered in MeanwhileOnReddit

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Redditors are such faggy clowns. Truly the effervescent scum of the Internet. The sooner that site dies and it's cretinous inhabitants are scattered like the rats they are to the four corners of cyberspace the better

(Poll) Are there any actual women on this site? by Mcheetah in AskSaidIt

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thank god no. women are the aids of internet discourse