Introductions - Say Hi to Your Fellow Writers by Nechama in Writing

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Hey! I'm Lovelli. I'm a full-stack freelancer. I write articles and blog posts about things I'm passionate about, such as education and science, popular topics, and news articles. I also make time to write poetry, short stories and fiction.

I'm currently building up my website to make it easier for people to find me and my service. I usually find my clients from referrals or word-of-mouth. By going digital, I want to help more people and provide more relevant offerings.

Welcome to! by magnora7 in SaidIt

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Hello, SaidIt! I'm new here. I'm touring your site today to learn how things work. A few things about me:

  • I'm usually quite funny, but not always.
  • I have cats and pet dogs.
  • I love learning languages..