Class Action Lawsuit Against the Perps of Coronavirus Scandal - How to Get Involved by AirSeddit88 in politics

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Americans are hypocrites who think that they are helpless victims.

Parler Sues Amazon! by Tarrock in politics

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Clown world is rapidly becoming piss world.

There has never been global tyranny this bad in history. Not even the Soviet Union had TSA groping and mandatory masks.

Americans can't vote now so nothing will change.

The elites want Americans to be animals and slaves.

If Americans are criminals for existing then why not commit a real crime?

Americans should think like criminals.

If you are living in a police state now then why not live in a real prison?

Immediately move to small white town in South Dakota.

Drop out and go Galt.

Work off the books.

Increase hate for the government by buying an anonymous prepaid phone and report all of your neighbours as terrorists.

Drain welfare.

Don't take a shower for a week and go to government offices.

Use government bathrooms and accidentally clog toilets with rolls of toilet paper, leave the water on, and drop stacks of government forms in the trash.

Fart and burp near government officials.

Transpose numbers on government forms.

Act dumb when talking to government workers.

Stare at them.

Don't pay taxes.

Complain loudly everywhere you go that the USA used to be a free country.

Scatter nails around police cars.

Jeer and mock officials in public. Pay a visit to the homes of traitorous government workers. Forming crowds will be easy because everybody hates the government now.

If Americans make the lives of state workers unpleasant then they might quit and regret supporting Communism.

Life is becoming total hell.

Don't go to the concentration camps and say that you did not resist tyranny constantly.

There is a reason North Koreans are not happy.

Americans have lost everything.

Pass the word.