I'm gay and extremely glad to be. I don't care if that threatens you, I hope it does. by [deleted] in Sex

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Love how you focused on the least important aspect (since I don't know you, thank god, I don't know your history or age). But you being older makes it even more pathetic how desperate you are for approval from strangers. Will you get over it though? Because validation is why you're on this site :/ :/ :/ :/

I'm gay and extremely glad to be. I don't care if that threatens you, I hope it does. by [deleted] in Sex

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Get the fuck over yourself you narcissistic ass. You were gay since the 80's, so, saying you had your "sexual awakening" at 15, that'd mean you're 58. OH MY GOD, imagine being over half a century old and still caring what strangers thought of you. Fucking.pathetic.

I hate women by zherka in whatever

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you do you, kiddo. Just know, in your heart, that women don't even care enough about you to have any feelings. They probably think about cockroaches more often than they think about you 😘

Buffalo Blizzard - Mothers with children trapped at home and running out of supplies.... by In-the-clouds in news

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This is fucking dumb. Everybody knew what was coming and she lives in buffalo, ffs, why wasn't she prepared?

A Plea From Experts To Pregnant Women: Get Vaccinated Against Covid by thenewsline in WorldNews

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The last comment is The key “is not to push so hard at the first visit,” she said, “and sometimes they will change their mind.” First time a doctor pushes for the vaccine, I'm out (granted, I think doctors are just drug pushers and haven't visited the same one more than once the last 10 years because of how awful they are)

Amazon is offering customers $2 per month for letting the company monitor the traffic on their phones by [deleted] in privacy

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Maybe theyre trying to make it seem like "its no big deal, we don't do anything with it anyway, so here's some change"

Ron DeSantis wants to ban free speech by Vulptex in conspiracy

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Please, dont add anything useful to your thought-vomit

Do you getting a college education is a good thing? by 8thmonitor in AskSaidIt

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in a nonbitchy way, you are wrong. College is an overpriced daycare. Any job that could be taught with a mentor should be and college should be skipped. Almost anybody with a modicum of work ethic would thrive in a trade and considering how many are about to retire in the next decade, this should be the goal for almost any high schooler who is unsure about what they want to be.

Can you help a lady out by jet199 in MeanwhileOnReddit

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Yes, being a woman is purely about having pretty nails and hair. I am literally nothing but hair, nails, jewelry and GOD FORBID I forget my purse.

If humans have 46 chromosomes and Downies have 47 are they actually human? by yibba in AskSaidIt

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This is pretty much how eugenics was/is pushed. They're not actually human, so you don't have to actually care about them. A single expressive mutation does not make you a non-human (but a whole bunch together to create an x-man might be questionable, I suppose)

Pete Parada can't have the jab, is kicked out the band and feels he needs to apologise by jet199 in Coronavirus

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All my favorite bands from childhood are for me as well. Sucks that the "fuck the system" bands have kneeled to the system

Top 10 Scarlett Johansson Sexiest Boobs show ever by tellmedoyouread in pics

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fucking a, this is your blog that you spent time compiling that list? You're fucking foul.

University forces professor to change syllabus that threatened to dismiss students who argue against BLM, abortion or same-sex marriage by Vigte in politics

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If I was a conservative student who could write well and willing to spend some time in court, I would write the majority of my papers specifically on those topics, then sue the living fuck out of the school when she inevitably gives them F's that can't be justified

Jose Reyes, suspect arrested for attempted rape, has been released from jail as New York City has abolished pre-trial confinement by suckitreddit in politics

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Because fuck her, right? He has the right to throw her down and try to rape her and face no consequences because apparently new york doesn't give a shit about you unless you're super fucking wealthy or a criminal (him being black definitely had no part to play either)

Woman waiting for subway in Manhattan knocked off feet by stranger who tries to rape her as crowd forms, video shows by Nemacolin in news

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That "what" arm motion at the end really seals the deal on the obscene amount of hatred I feel for this person. He knows no one will stop him. The most satisfying thing that could have happened was for someone to have pushed him into an oncoming train.

Tennessee mom says parents asked to sign 'ridiculous' waiver they will not eavesdrop on kids' online lessons by scrubking in corruption

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I agree its bullshit, but you can go into the privacy settings and change if they can see what/how many times you edited it (cant remember if the time date it was posted was also an option). If my kid had to do this, I'd go in there and make the privacy as secure as I could

Boycott these jerks. All their CEOs have bodyguards ____ Here’s A List Of Corporations Funding The ‘Defund The Police’ Movement by typhoon in politics

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The big bucks that they can write off when it comes to tax season. Thats why any corporation donating thousands or millions of dollars don't actually mean anything except that they want to hop on the bandwagon. This is just like how they show the pride flag for a month, donate, get their good publicity, then rip it all down and write it off in August and April.

Boycott these jerks. All their CEOs have bodyguards ____ Here’s A List Of Corporations Funding The ‘Defund The Police’ Movement by typhoon in politics

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Lol, and the authority that BLM groups give to random shit heads is a joke. They go around tormenting/beating the living shit out of innocent people because the leaders are nobodies who can't get a meeting with anyone who can make a change.

Military Recruiters Are More Dangerous than Coronavirus for High School Students by NewsJunkie in news

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You can raise your kid to be smart enough to decide for themselves what they want to do with their life, but rona cant be reasoned with. This is the saddest excuse for an article I've read lately.

Survey: Over half of Republican college students will self-censor this fall to avoid offending others. Democrats? Not so much. by scrubking in politics

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Youre right, because the Democratic party totally cares about citizens. Both parties are a fucking joke and the government doesn't care about any but its own. So the repulicans might be the first to self-censor, but they won't be the last.

Mysterious Seed Packets From China Sent to People in Utah, Washington and Virginia by scrubking in politics

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Maybe they figured people wouldn't really care. A few other companies send out free seeds as promotional things (granted, they don't have chinese writing on them and you had to be specific about what region of the US you're from to prevent non-native species) but I'm guessing a lot of people would assume that package was those and plant them. I'm on a few gardening sites and quite a few new people did plant them and are now wondering what is growing.

Beijing's baby butchers: Forcibly sterilised, ordered to have abortions and their husbands taken away to gulags... China's Uighur women reveal how the Communist regime turned hospitals in centres of mass murder by [deleted] in politics

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Well the chinese kind of perfected that while forcing it on their own citizens, so it makes sense they wouldn't want that source of absolute terror and power to go to waste.

Ukrainian Protesting vs American Protesting by EndlessSunflowers in pics

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Hm, maybe we're not watching the same protests

Medical bias against women, diagnoses missed because they appear differently from men's symptoms by [deleted] in GenderCritical

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This has always been a problem since typically men will be doctors and unwilling to delve too far into the female study because its "improper", but also because medicine is not tested for women. They're so afraid that the medicine will react in a way that inhibit a woman's ability to give birth, or that she might be pregnant, that every medicine is usually only tested on men, then women to the absolute lowest dosage. So once again, we are held back in a way that men will never be because everyone knows that a woman cannot possibly be okay with not having children, since its just a phase they'll grow out of.

Additionally, its no surprise at all that women suffer more from heart attacks. Men are the happy go lucky ones. The vast majority of men only feel stress about their jobs. Women are taught to be the caregivers, and with that comes the stress; even without a job to also worry about. Is the house in order, she's got to worry about her family, her extended family, her husbands family to a certain degree, is everyone being fed, are the bills being paid. Throw in children and thats an exponential amount of stress. My mom jokes that I gave her grey hair and thats totally true. She was the one worrying about our schools, our camps, our religious upbringing (not hardcore, but just taking us to church and baptisms /confirmation) our mental health, and then throw in all of our fuckups, she was the one who was teaching us, dad didn't give a fuck.

Eventually they'll just call women numbers to make it even less gendered by russkayacabbage in GenderCritical

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You know menopausal women are just weeks away from death anyway, so you're not even worthy of a humiliating descriptor