The Good Guys by Questionable in memes

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You'd enjoy reading 1984

Neocities is a social network of 309,900 web sites that are bringing back the lost individual creativity of the web. by realpanzer in Internet

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The word "harassment" is used in some many ways it's basically meaningless. They should think properly about what actions they are trying to censor, and write it out in a clear way.

I'm sure if you email them and suggest a better wording, and point out this was the major criticism's userbase had, they can fix it.

Reddit is run by morons. Banned from a sub for words that do not offend ANYONE. Fuck Reddit. by Lowkey2017 in censorship

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What? Please explain.

Seattle Police Chief Warns City that Cops Are Unable to Protect Property From Rioters Thanks to City Council Barring Crowd Control Tools by scrubking in politics

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The site refuses to load for users not accepting spyware.

"There was an issue communicating with the captcha provider. This issue may be caused by an ad-blocker, please disable your ad-blocker and reload the page if that issue persists."

Opinion: online discussion will soon be crushed by censorship. The future is local communities by roastpotatothief in politics

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I don't know the answer.

I'm sure it's much harder for a small minority of arseholes (or paid shills or whatever) to dominate a real-life discussion than an internet one.

Maybe there is a role for private groups, small enough that the member can know each other personally. You can comment as a guest but guests can also be ostracised.

I think this already exists?

Romania Passes Law Banning Gender Studies, Following Hungary and Poland by useless_aether in Europe

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Biological gender = biological sex

Gender identity and grammatical gender are both different.

When people say "gender is not the same as biological sex" what they mean is "gender is not important, so we shouldn't even have a word for it. Gender identity is what's important, so that's what we'll use the words for."

"Gender identity is what's important" is not a stupid argument. The problem is redefining words, so that your arguments don't make sense to anyone who doesn't know that you're using special definitions.

You just have to learn to speak their language, as they try to manipulate language to further a political agenda. It's no different from what everyone else does.

‘You Have Become The Thought Police.’ UK Police Chief Questioned Over Orwellian Record-Keeping Of "Hate Incidents" by MassTooter in politics

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The policeman does a great job explaining the sense of the policy. Ultimately, when you're dealing with a dispute between neighbours, the policeman should not be informed by what one of them once said on twitter.

Saidit is being DDOS attacked again tonight. Our new anti-DDOS software works! by magnora7 in SaidIt

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The last three days, saidit has been completely blocked. I think your new cloudfare partner has been blocking Tor users.

But it's back now. Did you fix something?

Can we be sure saidit will stay online for Tor users?

Defund the police?... by JasonCarswell in memes

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Redditor finds evidence AI commenting might be far more widespread than we think by magnora7 in MeanwhileOnReddit

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Accounts are probably created by real people, then sold to propoganda businesses.

The COVID-19 mortality rate is turning out to be around 0.3% instead of 3-4% by magnora7 in WorldNews

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She posts an awful lot of videos but i guess you mean this one?

The COVID-19 mortality rate is turning out to be around 0.3% instead of 3-4% by magnora7 in WorldNews

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The COVID-19 mortality rate is turning out to be around 0.3% instead of 3-4% by magnora7 in WorldNews

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I don't know that much about chinese politics. I can tell you about the French reaction is you like, or I can tell you about something different:

When you have an epidemic in farm animals, you first isolate them into as small groups as possible. Then you see which groups are infected and kill the lot (if they are cheap like chickens), or else try to cure them (if they are expensive like cattle). Then you quarantine the survivors before letting them mix with the other groups.

If you don't care about the welfare of your animals, their civil rights or social needs, this is the most effective way of eradicating an epidemic. Even even very minor epidemics can be handled this way, if it's convenient to do so.

The COVID-19 mortality rate is turning out to be around 0.3% instead of 3-4% by magnora7 in WorldNews

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At first all the data was unreliable. It's not pure junk but close to it. Nobody thought the real death rate was 3-4%. It was always known that the data was pessimistic, for the reasons given above and others, but we just didn't know by how much. A 1% morbidity would still be very serious.

The morbidity isn't the bad thing about covid. It's the rate of untreatable viral pneumonia. This keeps people in ICU for weeks consuming beds and people's time. So hospitals have to do harsher triaging.

That said, lockdown is not the best treatment for this disease. Contact tracing, masks, preventing indoor crowds (especially pubs) are necessary. You also need a lockdown but only in nursing homes. This has also been known from the beginning, but governments have been ignoring the advice.

What do you think will be the aftermath fo the coronavirus? by BlueShoes in AskSaidIt

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This autumn a famine. You'll notice rice and flour are slightly more expensive. Fruit and meat will be a lot more expensive. But in poor countries even stables will be unaffordable.

In winter another a bigger covid outbreak and concurrently a big flu outbreak.

More total surveillance. By Autumn all phones will have some kind of pandemic tracker software built in, and it will be illegal to leave the house without a phone in some countries. Infrared cameras in train stations checking people's identities and health. The barrier will not open if there is some problem with identifying you as healthy.

Mandatory vaccines. A pass you have to carry everywhere with the date of your last vaccine.

Protest will be heavily restricted. It is not permitted today anywhere, and it will stay that way.

People will socialise less. Pubs and cafes will close. Rural communities will die. Mental illness. More psychotic behaviour like random violence.

On the other hand rural areas will become more populous, as people start telecommuting more and moving out of cities.

Allotments, rearing chickens, small scale farming will become popular.

What are some things the average person can do to improve the world? by Aureus in AskSaidIt

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One more - support things that are valuable

  • pay for a good email account, VPN, software

  • contribute to openstreetmap, wikipedia, or stackoverflow

  • spend extra time and money going to independent shops with better food

  • pay for your music. use bandcamp or similar so the band really gets the money.

  • pay bloggers and poscasters. at least buy a t-shirt.

Another one - start a club. This is surprisingly very easy:

  • think of something you're interested in

  • find a forum popular in your area

  • give people a time and a place to do the thing (or can be a pub just to talk about the thing)

  • bring a friend with you in case nobody turns up the first couple of times

There are a lot of people just want to go out ad socialise, just doing anything, and are waiting for a club to join.

Talk to strangers.

No evidence that recovered CPP-virus patients are immune, says WHO. Oh really? Then how is a vaccine possible? by useless_aether in Coronavirus

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Sometimes the vaccine gives you immunity for a short time. Some vaccines you need to retake every few years, to stay immune. You can imagine someone developing a vaccine that needs to be taken every autumn, that will make mildly sick for a few days, but them make you immune for the whole winter.

The flu vaccine is applied just like this but for different reasons.


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The studies are only being done now into what the real morbidity rate is. We know it's lower than the initial estimates and we've always known that. But nobody knows by how much, until proper studies are done.

The death rate isn't so important as the hospitalisation rate. We do know the hospitalisation rate is much higher than flu - but again we don't know by how much until proper studies are done. This is what makes it a serious problem.

The incompetent and opportunistic reaction of some governments is another story though.