Bizarre doublethink going on in r/JKRowling by [deleted] in GenderCritical

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However, people accusing the mod team of "banning people for supporting J.K. Rowling" is a warnable offense, as I warned the poster above you.

So questioning if mods are banning people for supporting J.K Rowling can eventually get you banned.

The team is working to make sure r/jkrowling is a place for free speech, whether people support J.K. Rowling or not. The team also does not allow transphobia, or transphobic speech.

Basically anything can be interpreted as transphobic, and wouldn't supporting J.K Rowling (a famous "transphobe") be transphobic in and of itself? It really is double-speak. What I don't understand is why they are so militant about seeing her as transphobic (I'm still not entirely sure what specific statement caused the mob to attack her), but others don't give a fuck. Blaire White, for instance, has defended her and biological sex. She says the whole point of being trans is because there is a starting point with biological sex and it doesn't make sense for anyone to see that as transphobic.

Reddit has now banned JoanneRowling subreddit because it's being used to "reconstitute' Gendercritical + hate etc by whateverneverpine in GenderCritical

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Where are you reading their explanations? Is there some type of feed of statements from reddit to clarify their "reasoning" behind recent bans? Like r/bigchungus, for example.