Elliot Page files for divorce from Emma Portner by SailorMoon2020 in Lesbians

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Wonder which one of them will end up with a man next

Ladies, what is your favourite hair length on a woman? by Ricky_Ticky in Lesbians

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Depends on which part of the woman's body we are talking about.

What's the most lesbian thing you did as a kid? by onetwothree123 in Lesbians

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I was drawing women with big boobs. Boob had something alluring in them and I didn't know what and why?

This is just so upsetting to read and look at all the the upvotes and comments. by [deleted] in Lesbians

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There is a sub, fortunately death, called LesbianDatingStrategy. It basically for bi women, who want to find a lesbian.

Anyone read The Stars Are Legion? by writerlylesbian in Lesbians

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"-Everyone is a lesbian." Politician lesbian dystopia or are they genetically modified? "-The women spontaneously get pregnant and give birth to things their ship/world needs." Do they manage to kill rapist ships and end slavery? No lesbian society would have forced pregnancy. Is is classic straight woman fantasy.

Wow so much woman-hating on a lesbian forum by Blueegg in Lesbians

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And then, they go and complain about redefining the word woman. The lack of self-awareness is astonishing.

What do you miss most about r/TrueLesbians? by piylot in Lesbians

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It won't work. Just marry a man. A MTF one, so no one would take you for a lesbian. If you marry a normal man someone my suspect you are closeted. If you marry MTF everyone will know you are not lesbian.

Percentage of homosexual women by Elvira95 in Lesbians

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We will not know for sure, not until sexual orientation become neutral trait. Right now people lie to others and themselves even in western countries with same sex marriages. This social element is visible in how numbers change with age and time. Someone accurate numbers will be accessible in several decades at best. There will be some data about same sex couples living together officially, but after all this mess with definition of sex, male, female will be sorted out.

''Bisexual lesbian'' - Wot? 🤡🤡🤡 by [deleted] in LGBDropTheT

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Is there a difference between homosexual heterosexual and heterosexual homosexual? I wonder.

This is what too much copium does to your brain by [deleted] in LGBDropTheT

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Schrödinger's dating. Almost every gay person wants to date trans people except some small and loud group of bigots. But at the same time trans people are oppressed, because gay people don't want to date them and ghost or avoid them all the time.

The Hanky Code by [deleted] in Lesbians

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Very soon every kweer straight woman and trans "lesbian" would wear one. Or several. ;)

TL is No More by [deleted] in Lesbians

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The good think is, that it my finally mobilize people to abandon homophobic platforms and look for better options.

Today I think I’ll identify as… by Chunkeeguy in LGBDropTheT

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Happens very often. The lesbian and transman are two "masculine" possibilities to try out for straight girls, that don't want to be straight girls.

Nash Romi strikes once again by CancelPower in LGBDropTheT

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I actually have seen bihet used (and used it while talking with some other lesbians) to describe homophobic bisexual and heterosexual women, for example political lesbians like Julie Bindel. This women self-identify as lesbians and then redefine female homosexuality to include attraction to males or other cringe things like political affiliation, life style. This description is also used for bisexual and heterosexual women inserting themselves in lesbian spaces and sprouting bs about compulsory heterosexuality ar shaming lesbians for not dating them. Bihet is also used for women dating TIM-s and calling themselves lesbians, who often shame lesbians for not dating MTF-s. Also Ovarit is full of homophobes and they ban lesbians when they try to react to homophobia in some subs. The facts, that homophobic bihets use bihet toward each other is funny.

Article on political lesbians by LesbianInExile in Lesbians

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Born This Way is the only sane and correct with what we observe approach. Eventual social factor my change self-identification and life choices, suppression of desires, but not change sexual orientation. As for now, there is not one social factor identified, that my change sexual orientation. So the only people with "modifiable" orientation are bisexuals. People, who promote idea, that sexual orientation is a choice or something changeable in life are right-winger homophobe like types and self-hating bi-het redfems. Bot are harmful to lesbians, but I would argue that now the second even more. There is no difference between claiming, that a man can become a woman and claiming that any woman can become a lesbian. Bi-het, who identify as lesbians fetyshize us and see us as a tool to act in spite of men and society in general. For them a lesbian is not an inborn trait, but political statement, something a woman do to make men behave properly. They treat us purely as an instrument to get even with men and hide behind our trousers to make changes in society, that will favor bi-het women in relationship with men. In the meantime they are wrecking havoc in lesbians life. At least if a man identify as a woman, he is easy visible. In case of political lesbians, one needs more time to recognize them and kick out of the life. I also don't see why "Born this why" contradict pride. We are not proud because we are homosexual, but because we don't buy into homophobic bs or overcome it. An it is ironic when self hating and ashamed of their sexual orientation bisexual and heterosexual women are lecturing us about pride.

Is it too late? Is it even worth it at this point? by Philliy in Lesbians

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I see regularly similar posts in different spaces and you are not alone. I would guess, that there are more women like you, than you think. The only problem, you girls don't even try to meet each other. Also try taking care of your issues first. A partner is not your personal therapists.

Study shows zero percent abuse rate in lesbian headed homes. Do you believe the study is accurate? by Shales123 in Lesbians

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Study is not about abuse in lesbian households, but particularly about abuse of children and is not only believable but obvious. Lesbian couples don't have random unwanted pregnancies, rush pregnancies, pregnancies where one side tricks the other by messing with anti-conception. To have children require conscious decision, planing, financial stability, effort and cooperation of both partners. And all that eliminate a lot of irresponsible or mentally and emotionally unstable people.

Are more people on Ovarit? by theytookourjerbs in Lesbians

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I am not registered there, but lurk from time to time. While ovarit seems to have some life, o/lesbians is death. Just go there and check.

2 L Chats by reader in Lesbians

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Thanks. I actually like how unapologetic women are there. Even if a lot of it may be trolling.

What do you miss most about r/TrueLesbians? by piylot in Lesbians

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Nothing. I remember when TL was smaller than this sub and less active. What makes me a little bit dismayed is a fact, that most people are too lazy to create an account here or somewhere else, instead they lech themselves to reedit, as if it was the only site available and try to pander to homophobes. And then cry when they experience even more homophobia.

What do you miss most about r/TrueLesbians? by piylot in Lesbians

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Following this logic, butches should either: femme up or pretend to be bisexual or straight, so they wouldn't shame lesbian name.They should never admit, they are lesbian. You know, what is the best thing censorshipment could do for lesbian representation and good name. She should find boyfriend!

Underestimating Shame in the Creation of LGBT Tyrants by Chunkeeguy in LGBDropTheT

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It is very heterosexual/heteronormative way of looking at it. I don't think, it is about power at all for homosexuals. It is about internalized homophobia and desperate attempt, as crazy at it sound, to dehomosexualize homosexuality and hide behind heterosexual kinksters. To stop be the other. For the same reason some gay men and lesbian women want to be indistinguishable from straights. For the same reason there was an attempt to lump LGB with heterosexual but not totally normative people into one queer community. And for the same reason, the same people think, that if there will be no way to see, what two people have in pants (as if) and what biological sex they are, straight homophobes will accept us, as the same as them. It is not gonna happen. Homophobes have no problem with a man identifying as a woman with a woman or a woman identifying as man and a man. It was never about labels or clothes. And lets not allow to muddle this. It is not homosexual people, who are the main force, that push that fuckery.

A lesbian being called transphobic because she refuses to date a man. by hunther in Lesbians

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Same here. I also see a lot of homophobic be women pushing this "transphobia in dating preferences" narration. It almost as they use it to get even with lesbians for some imaginary harm.

Ellen Page is now Elliot Page by lmaonope333 in Lesbians

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No, the core problem is coding particular women traits and presentation as masculine. The fact, that women can't just have shaved head or wear suits etc. without being called masculine. The rest just follow.

Dinner Date Next Week,Any Tips? by devonSwan in Lesbians

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Bring toothbrush ;). And make sure she knows if you have any dietary restriction. Or if she has one, if you plan to bring something. Unpleasant sup-praise can spoil a date. Usually guest bring some alcohol or dessert, but you can always ask.

Why aren't we going back? by PasLagardere in Lesbians

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There is no point going back to reedit, unless reedit official changes its politics. And nothing suggest its going to happen any time soon.

I hate the top/bottom dichotomy by blackrainbow in Lesbians

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Easy way to spot someone who have no clue how lesbians have sex. And avoid fakebians.

I fucking hate non binary as a designation for masculine lesbians. by [deleted] in Lesbians

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I hate when someone describe women, who don't fit rigid sexist stereotypes as masculine. There is nothing masculine in haircuts, clothes or lack or makeup unless said woman use this things with premeditation, to crossdress, make illusion of having male body and be seen as a man. In such a case calling her trans is just correct. In fact, I think that calling women masculine is the first step to transing them. If we just use femininity and masculinity for biological differences between women and men, we would have much less mess with all that gender identities.

[meta] anyone else is disturbed by the kind of people on saidit? should we move somewhere else? by temp_d in Lesbians

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I have just entered s/all and I see a lot more than that. You can find all that opinions and worse things on reddit, like for example people telling young homosexual people that it is bigoted not to date opposite sex if they identify as the same. Apparently this opinions didn't disturb you while you where using reddit. Why now. The only difference is, than on reddit you will find more other staff, like for example subs for tv series, games, sports or hobbies, so this opinions "disappears" in crowd. The other difference is, that people that have power to ban are disturbed by our kind of people. If you move, you either be in place with people, whose opinion are disturbing to you or in place with heavy banning and as we know from reedit, it is not decent people, that do the banning and you have zero guarantee, your presence will be welcome. Even in lesbian community there are disagreements and even True Lesbians had some strange banning history. the best thing is to have a few spaces with different moderators and let people migrate as they see fit.

The "Sexual Spectrum": Why I Think It's Bunk by writerlylesbian in Lesbians

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I also suspect it. In cultures and spaces where banging a man is not seen as feminine (ancient Greece, prisons, schools with internet) males bang each others like crazy. And they project their bisexual desires for men into women.

Why aren't more lesbians interested in female separatism? by Rao in Lesbians

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The second kind of separatism you describe is normal lesbian behavior. Lesbians already prioritize women, at least those, we are close to and/or can have mutually beneficial relationship. There is no reason to stress something, that is done naturally and mostly subconsciously. There is also no reason to prioritize heterosexual and bisexual women, who wants to use us in their games with men.

How do you deal with the anger and depression? by [deleted] in Lesbians

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There are a few things that helped me: 1. Physical activity, especially long walk and strength training. 2. Healthy eating with lots of fiber, vegetables, legumes and fruits. 3. Taking care of vitamins and minerals, especially D and B vitamins, with B12 included.

All this make my mind calmer and boost energy levels. Also it is good to have some interest not connected with LGBT politics, so you wouldn't always consume materials, that tigers you. Be it knitting, cooking, sport, gaming or anything politically neutral. If you constantly feed yourself depressing information, it will keep bringing you down.