Within 1 hour, Reddit banned 2000 subs-almost all right wing, Twitch banned Trump's account, Youtube banned Stefan Molyneux, Twitter banned Sidney Powell, and the MSM all had long ass articles ready to go to praise it. THIS IS ELECTION MEDDLING. Contact your state reps and demand something be done. by Tarrock in politics

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They aren't our greatest Ally. They are a necessary ally in a region where we need a trusted base with another group who shares our democratic ideals and agenda. Israel is the ONLY democracy in the ME. The only one! Arab citizens have the vote there, and women.

I grew up in KSA (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia) where Jews are forbidden; my 1st husband grew up in a Palestinian concentration camp in Israel in the 60's-70's. I do know a little about ME situations and attitudes. I'm not current with every detail of the troubles and don't pretend to be, but I've learned enough to know that painting an entire religion, culture, ethnic group - or political group - with the same brush is not only destructive but downright willful stupidity in our era of free education and available knowledge on the internet.

Apparently, there are many people educated beyond their intelligence, who can't extrapolate from information available to any 6th grader. They really like name calling and trying to evoke an emotional response for a little attention. Pathetic, really.

I feel like a lesbian outlaw by midnight305 in Introductions

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Certainly in behavior. Also in power structure and enforcement of ideology. Good point!

I feel like a lesbian outlaw by midnight305 in Introductions

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Me too, and I'm not even a lesbian.

Lifecycle Of A Blackberry by EndlessSunflowers in pics

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Good God, reddit reposts already?