Just stop oil vandalizes London car dealership with orange paint by chickenz in whatever

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Their name just reminds me of this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oAJ4XVmI4dc

Where are the men who came to you tonight? Bring them out to us so that we can have sex with them. Look, I have two daughters who have never slept with a man. Let me bring them out to you, and you can do what you like with them. But don’t do anything to these men by [deleted] in whatever

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Sounds like the woke left's response to Wi Spa, Lia Thomas, and every other time men come out of the woodwork to defend other men, whether they're being pervs or not. Bros before hos, even your own underage virgin daughters, amirite? True in Lot's time, true in 21st century America.

Anyway, Jack Chick illustrated it best in Doom Town.

Woman who urinated on bus hunted by police for causing £700 worth of damage by [deleted] in NotTheOnion

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This woman was disgusting, but it was a man in her company who caused £700 worth of damage. It's right there in the article.

"While she was relieving herself her male friend hurled abuse at other passengers and caused around £700 worth of damage by kicking the door and windscreen."

Police are calling transgender rape suspects by their ‘preferred pronoun’, despite the fact this is not aligned with the law by [deleted] in news

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Simple. You obey the rules of the language, which are that pronouns are determined by the sex of the referent. So any man, whether a rapist or not, is free to call himself trans and live his life in whatever way comports with his understanding of that concept, but the rest of society is not forced to state untruths and kowtow to his feefees. What power does he have to compel anyone else to state a lie? He is free to call himself whatever he wants, but having a meltdown if he can't force others to go along with it is a sign of emotional immaturity and mental illness. It should be treated, not indulged.

What I hate the most about America is its hypocrisy by yabbit in whatever

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Well duh. If you lived somewhere you weren't all snug and comfy and enjoyed the rights and lifestyle you do you in the US you wouldn't be bitching about this stuff because you'd be dealing with existential issues. My biggest problem with America are these generations of whining snowflakes who just want a handout from everyone else, who blame everyone else for their lack of progress in life. I imagine at least someone like you is too young, stupid, or lazy to vote so at least you won't be shitting up the place for everyone else.

Are most programmers incel? by yabbit in programming

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no, most of them are trannies.

So actually, yes.

How to get welfare from the government as a dropout NEET? by yabbit in AskSaidIt

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identify as trans

They’re looking forward to HRT so they can have a good girly cry by Chunkeeguy in GenderCritical

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more evidence that they're autists who don't understand emotions and think this will fix it.

This dumb bitch broke up with him, prob got him on child support, ruined his life, and is shocked when he beats her. by [deleted] in videos

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Who's supposed to be the rational sex and who's supposed to be the unstable emotional ones? All crime statistics, and especially videos like this, show who's really too hormonal to do anything useful in society. Beta cuck's girlfriend breaks up with him and he has a fucking meltdown. Cry me a river.

American gun culture by [deleted] in pics

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If marksmanship and weapons maintenance and gun safety were boring, required school courses that 100% of kids had to pass like English and math, and not sexy taboo mysteries to play with, we'd all probably be safer. But then of course ignorant media talking heads and communist politicians couldn't spout off innacurate bullshit all the time about guns and lather up fear and hysteria among their base.

Should trans women compete in women's sports? by jet199 in videos

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It's. A. Fucking. Fetish. by Chunkeeguy in GenderCritical

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It seems weird to me that a bunch of internet strangers are advising and encouraging a presumed minor how to buy and receive things without their parents' knowledge. I mean I guess it shouldn't seem weird given the world we live in but...

Want to hear what a mysognist sounds like? by Socialjustus in GenderCritical

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That Ingalhalikar paper doesn't read like the slam-dunk you make it out to be and it has a response with IMO some valid criticisms. The authors responded to that letter in a weirdly petulant, defensive, and uprofessional way without actually addressing the points brought up in the response letter.

My kindergarten class… by Chunkeeguy in GenderCritical

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That's an awfully high hemline he's sporting there for working in a school with small children. I think a woman would have been called out for wearing that to work at an elementary school, also I think she'd be called out for wearing something sleeveless as well. The only reason nobody in his administration called him out is because they're afraid of being called transphobes and as a result children are forced to interact with an obvious sexual predator in the classroom. This is a scandalous safeguarding failure.

David Lammy's women's rights meltdown by [deleted] in GenderCritical

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To be honest, most every weekend at home we listen to Maajid Nawaz on LBC, and as soon as he finishes and David Lammy comes on, we find ourselves having to switch it off because he's just such a fucking [wanker] (I can't actually use the term we call him on this forum). I'm overjoyed to see him being dragged all over Twitter and elsewhere, like other people are coming to the realization that he is an irredeemable [wanker].

I have to wonder if he would have taken that condescending tone at the end with a male interviewer or if in fact he really does just hate women that much.

Fucking [wanker].

Racial makeup of people IDing as non-binary? by anxietyaccount8 in GenderCritical

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Old, ugly, fat, white, "privileged cis Karen bitches". Misogynist much?

As the parent of two vagina owners by Chunkeeguy in GenderCritical

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I mean, she says right there that they're "not female" so I think you must be right.

An actual nursing student says… by Chunkeeguy in GenderCritical

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The differences between my nostrils and my ear canal are literally minuscule.

Federal message encouraging transgender students to report their schools if the institution fails to allow them access to their chosen changing room, toilets, sports, etc. by linda_senora in GenderCritical

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If you can't tell that Democrats are unequivocally worse then you are blinded by ideology.

There's a kiwifarms investigation which purports that Chris Chan may have been manipulated into sexually assaulting his mother by a young cis woman by JasonNecks in GenderCritical

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A man commits a horrific sexual crime but of course some b*tch must have manipulated him into doing it. She's a real sociopath and it's not his fault that he's a rapist. Being sociopathic is clearly worse than being a rapist anyway. What a load of horse shit.

How did we go from #BelieveHer to ‘all women who disagree should be {insert violent act here}’ by wokuspokus in GenderCritical

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Wasn't #BelieveHer always bullshit anyway? #BelieveHerIfShe'sCallingOutMenWeDisagreeWithPoliticallyOtherwiseSweepItUnderTheRug

'Gender diverse' and the mutilation of the language by JulienMayfair in GenderCritical

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All of their liturgy makes me wince.

The eternal delusion by Chunkeeguy in GenderCritical

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I don't think they give two thoughts to "what being a woman is like". Since women are just objects, like a table or a lamp, the question just does not compute. But other than that, I agree that they're play-acting things they've seen in porn, or anime, or anime porn, that's sexually gratified them. Since the object being humiliated in the porn is called "woman" their throbbing dick is telling them that they should be labelled "woman" as well.

Transwomen win right to be in women's prisons in UK. WCGW? by GConly in GenderCritical

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I don't think they have to even bother establishing a "trans" identity before committing crimes, don't plenty of them claim it after they're already locked up and then demand deference and transfer? Or between being caught and being locked up, so they can get more lenient sentences.

A post I wrote for Ovarit, but I haven't got an invite so it's going here instead by DattMamon in GenderCritical

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Pretty sure there's been plenty of mention ovarthere about Allory Mortberg: https://duckduckgo.com/?q=ortberg+site%3Aovarit.com

Rachel McKinnon raging on twitter by sankakuajb in GenderCritical

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What was he talking about that "now we've studied testosterone we've found that there is no competitive advantage evident whatsoever in the amount of endogenous testosterone"? Is he just straight-up bullshitting? Or is there actually such a study?

Arkansas Passes ‘Save Adolescents From Experimentation Act’ To Ban Trans Surgery, Puberty Blockers For Minors by Drewski in news

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Threatening suicide to get your way is a well-known tactic of abusers. Threatening suicide is a sign of mental instability. Someone who is mentally unstable is not in a fit state to make long-term, consequential medical decisions.

Social Justice Art Class - Kids in the Hall by Optimus85 in funny

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Who the hell is saying any of that? Are you paid by the word to post here or are you just a bot?

Redditors in a Bucket Mentality by Tarrock in MeanwhileOnReddit

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This is true, but his math is bullshit and calls into question everything else he's claiming. He says he worked a 32k job and saved for a year and a half, leaving him 40k to invest. After taxes his take-home pay would be around $27k, for 1.5 years that's ~ $41k. He says he paid $500/month in rent, for 18 months is $9000, leaving him with $32k, so he's already in the hole. Rice, lentils, and vegetables are cheap, but you don't get paid to eat them. The fact that he thinks 32k * 1.5 years leaves you with 40k disposable income tells me that this guy has never held a job or worked legitimately in his life. He's either a scammer or just an ignorant little kid trying to sound cool spouting off about stuff he doesn't understand.

8 Troubling Examples Of Toxic Femininity by Aimee_Chanellor in funny

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uhh... that's not the opposite of what was said in the post

"Why do they want to create a generation of sexless young bodies that, instead of ageing normally, will deteriorate fast and in unexpected ways? What is the end game of gender ideology?" by BEB in GenderCritical

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The bizarre way this cult has so rapidly captured so many parts of politics, media, and society and the provable heavy financing by ultra-wealthy individuals makes me think there is a concerted population control agenda being pushed. Also it's not just their physical growth that gets stunted but also cognitive development. Why wouldn't anyone in power want a cognitively-impaired medically-dependent, emotionally-disregulated generation? Sounds like a great way to solidify power.

GC: Why can't names, clothes, etc be considered female or male, feminine/for women, or masculine/for men? And what are the issues with the definitions of man/male and woman/female that are based on behavior, clothes, names, and gender dysphoria/gender identity? by [deleted] in GenderCritical

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Sure, I'll bite.

All of these people are wearing what we might consider skirts or dresses and yet some of them are men.

Little boys also used to wear dresses as a matter of course.)

Pink used to be considered a strongly masculine color. Fashions change, and are often designed for either men or women as a way of highlighting their secondary sexual characteristics or whatever are culturally seen as desirable features, in essence advertising sexual maturity and fertility (and wealth and whatever else might be useful to draw a mate).

Sex is categorical and immutable.

Everybody with a y chromosome is male. Everybody without a y chromosome is female. No matter how many surgeries they have or hormones they take, a man can not change the fact that the egg (from a female and only ever from a female, by definition) that spawned him was fertilized by a sperm (from a male and only ever from a male, by definition) bearing a Y chromosome instead of an X. He will never be of the female sex no matter what clothes or makeup he wears. By the traditional definition, he will never be a woman, because "woman" is the word for an adult human being of the female sex. "Man" is traditionally the word for an adult human being of the male sex. That's why trans people are called "trans", because they are, by definition, not the thing they aspire to be.

A man who dresses in the current cultural stereotypes of women's clothing and performs current cultural stereotypes of behavior ascribed to or imposed upon women, and legally changes his name and all his documentation, and even "passes" as a woman, is still a man by the traditional definition. Just like a cake that's decorated to look like a hamburger is still a cake, and when you bite into it, you know you're eating sugar and flour and not beef. You would still call it a cake, or a cake that looks like a burger. If it was really well done, you might even call it a burger until you got up close enough to smell it and feel it, and get a good close look at it. And of course as soon as you cut it, you would know it was definitely not a burger, but some kind of cake. And there is plenty of room in the world for cakes that are splendidly decorated to look like burgers, but they are still cake. Because the word for that baked-good is "cake" and the word for that ground beef patty is "burger".

Plenty of languages have grammatical gender such that certain words are arbitrarily considered "masculine", "feminine", "neuter", or other things. For example "pen" in French is masculine, while in Russian, "pen" is feminine. In Arabic it is also masculine but the plural "pens" would be treated grammatically as feminine singular. In ancient Greek at least, all children are neuter. In Dyirbal all animate things are masculine and all dangerous things are feminine. Natural language grammars are peculiar and not really relevant to your argument, and bringing it up is trying to muddy the water, just like muddying the distinction between culturally-determined societal gender (a co-opting of the term from grammar) and sex. English has not marked inanimate things for gender in several centuries, and the long-standing modern usage of pronouns is that things of the male sex (boys, men, bulls, roosters, stags, etc) are conventionally referred to with the masculine pronoun "he"; and things of the female sex (girls, women, cows, hens, does, etc.) are referred to with the feminine pronoun "she"; and inanimate, indeterminate, or sexless things (pen, table) are called "it". In sum, in the English language the gender of pronoun used is determined by the sex of the referent.

Most people – including most transgender people – are either male or female.

All people -- including all transgender people -- are exactly one of male or female. There is nothing else.

You are aware that plenty of plants and trees and all sorts of animals are also sexed? As in, they reproduce sexually? Sex class determination is based purely upon the reproductive mechanism. That is the definition. The peacock with the big decorative tail is the male, even though we stereotypically think of human women as the decorative baubles who strut around making a display for sexual attention. The peacock with the big decorative tail however is not the female just because he looks pretty; he is the male because he has the sperm and the plain brown peahen is the female because she has the eggs. Whatever other cultural baggage and stereotypes we might hang on someone or something does not change the definition of their sex.

I am hoping that you are just young and not that you have been let down by a terrible education that failed to impart to you that there are objective facts in reality and that many concepts are defined based on objective facts and not illusions and feelings. The color red is not a nebulous philosophical concept that differs from person to person, it is defined as a specific wavelength of the electromagnetic spectrum, and how you subjectively perceive and experience it is immaterial. Similarly, a man who wraps himself up in all the trappings of womanhood, and surgically or otherwise alters his secondary sexual characteristics to make him seem more womanly, cannot negate his primary ones.

(ed. format)

Why do you choose to post here instead of Ovarit? by usehername in GenderCritical

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I usually use a firefox derivative with NoScript and even when I unblock all scripts I find that things like posting date and the up and down arrows and maybe things like flair, i.e. general UI and interactive elements, do not render and don't work. If I want to comment (I only recently got a code, during the SuperStraight phenomenon) or even just upvote (or simply see how old a post or comment is) I have to sign in on chrome.

Article - Student sex workers 'must be supported by university staff' (What the F?!?!?) by BEB in GenderCritical

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I can't believe that in this day and age the uni having a duty of care toward students somehow translates into encouraging and supporting their sexual exploitation.

(From TwoXChromosomes) Why are there are 10 million subreddits dedicated to naked women and women's bodies, and practically none of men? by anxietyaccount8 in GenderCritical

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Honestly naked men's bodies just aren't that aesthetically pleasing to look at. Like Playgirl magazine for example is just so much... I don't know... non-hotness. I get more turned on watching rusty antique restoration videos on youtube. Here's a disembodied pair of man's hands sandblasting rust off an old axe head... here's a disembodied pair of man's hands turning a new screw in a metal lathe... Here's a brief glimpse of a man's broad shoulders as he hangs powder-coated parts in the curing cabinet...

US Government just removed petitions from Whitehouse website by SearchingForTruth in GenderCritical

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I googled this and on the first page there were seven articles about the Trump administration removing the page and one (foxnews.com) about Biden. On page two there were another seven articles about the Trump admin and one (rt.com) about Biden. The third page of results finally started having a few articles dated 4 days ago about the Biden WH removing the page. So in the first 20 results, 14 were years-old articles decrying Trump temporarily removing the page and only two were current news articles about Biden doing the same thing. We are facing not only government secrecy but also media shaping narratives to suit their agenda and big tech gatekeeping which narratives are deemed acceptable to propagate and which are to be suppressed.

One of these things is exactly like the others... no, wait... by Chunkeeguy in GenderCritical

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Moreover, they do not talk about WOMEN but about GIRLS, then proceed to show an illustration of naked bodies. Is this normalizing child pornography?

Oh F me - the Republicans are going all out to defend women's sports (Senator Paul questioning Biden's Ed Sec nom., who is doubling down on TWAW) by BEB in GenderCritical

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I just wish that at some point Sen Paul had cut through the nominee's obfuscatory non-answer by pointing out that trans athletes have the same right to participate in extracurricular activities just like any other student. The boys' teams are still there, no one is telling those boys they can't compete. If they don't make varsity they can continue to practice their sport with every other mediocre male athlete in the jv or intramural teams. They currently have the same rights. What the nominee wants to do is strip the rights from the girls.

Ridiculousness of Some Gay Men on Transgenderism & "Woman" by Kai_Decadence in GenderCritical

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Doesn't stop him from being a twat though.

Do you hate modern western software? by fschmidt in programming

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I use vim daily at work. You remember the codes as you use them, just as you learn/remember where things are in a GUI. A GUI takes up screen space and also is inefficient to keep switching between keyboard/mouse. So instead you wind up using the keyboard shortcuts that the GUI may or may not advertise. May as well cut out the middleman.