Are You Ready For Some Fixedball? by stickdog in WayOfTheBern

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Rat Bastard Alexi Navalny Finally Dead by putin_versteher in WayOfTheBern

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The Russian democracy advocate, rat fink and neo-Nazi race traitor Alexi Navalny is finally dead.

I don’t think Putin had him killed. [...] There’s no obvious benefit in killing the guy, when you’ve already got him rotting in Siberia for the remainder of his miserable life.

Frankly, he was probably triple vaxed. The timeline checks out. After the fake poisoning event, he was in Germany in late 2020 when the Pfizer vax was first being distributed as an “emergency measure” and he was in some kind of healthcare facility, meaning the vax would have been mandatory. [...]

Alexi Navalny was a long-time scam artist and political agitator, in the manner of a classic Russian subversive. Hilariously, he was a neo-Nazi, calling for the breakup of the Russian Federation in order to solve the issue of Moslems in Moscow. [...]

The West totally backed him as a figure capable of overthrowing Putin, and he started adding democracy and homosexuality to his neo-Nazi platform (just like the neo-Nazis did in the Ukraine – it’s a very fine line between a neo-Nazi and a tranny). It’s unclear if he was working with them from the beginning. He might have been, but probably wasn’t, because if he was, they wouldn’t have allowed him to be involved in all of this extracurricular hustling, which amounted to criminal enterprise (along with revolutionary activities, he was convicted of import-export crimes and fraud).

So, he basically got very little traction, because even though a lot of Russians sympathized with his racism, and feel the Russian government should do more to protect Russians from unfair labor competition, especially in Moscow, it’s not enough to get anyone to support an obvious Western shill who is attempting to break apart Russia. [...]