New Robot Makes Soldiers Obsolete by cinderella in politics

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maybe i'm missing it- why is this on s/politics?

for those who obviously might not have gotten it- this video is not real.

Don't use DuckDuckGo; it is a Controlled Opposition owned by a Zionist who is inspired by Tim Cook. It only sources searches only from the googlag, I much prefer searx instances by Jesus in conspiracy

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Well we wont find who exactly is the cancer of the earth when we all spend our time pointing fingers at random groups who've done nothing wrong.

Generalization helps no one and hurts everyone.

Canadian gov wants to make conspiracy theories illegal with ability to throw them in prison! "This is not a question of freedom of speech. This is a question of people who are actually actively working to spread disinformation, whether it's through troll bot farms, whether [it's] state operators..." by [deleted] in conspiracy

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Yes, Canada is a socialist country as are all of Europe and the USA.

...Canada, Europe and the USA are not socialist? Not to mention that Europe is not a single country and that different countries in the EU alone have different labour laws, Socialism implies a considerable level of government ownership of several industries.

You've been brainwashed to believe that socialism is the same or leads to communism...

Socialism and communism are definitely not the same, but they are on the same spectrum, the belief that industries should be nationalized/have a high amount of government control over. Plus, he never mentioned communism.

while in fact [socialism] stands in direct opposition to [communism].

Socialism and Communism both lie politically in the authoritarian left direction, although socialism less so in the auth department. The direct opposition of socialism and communism would be classical liberal/libertarian and minarchy/ancap.

But go ahead, conflate everything into "OTHERS ARE EVIL", it makes life so much easier, right?

he never said that what and yes, people don't like countries that are politically misaligned with their views, what a darn shocker. If you don't like any red state because of their politics, or conservative countries, you are a hypocrite. I'll give a 9/10 chance that's true.

Wouldn't be surprised to see AHS fags trying to get this tooken down to by Xx_CoolKid_xX in GamersRiseUp

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let them complain, its free publicity

Nigger. by joewest1313 in GamersRiseUp

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time to rise up against society once more gamers

AHS has taken the life of r/gamersriseup, a satire sub by Get_oofed in censorship

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truly, gamers are oppressed in our society