Biden supporters be like by christnmusicreleases in politics

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we have way too many propaganda puppets that are engaged into our conversations today.

/u/socks is a perfect example of this.

The Truth About Bill Gates. “When exposing a crime is treated as committing a crime, you are being ruled by criminals!” - Edward Snowden by Chipit in politics

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if you watch this video and you still love mr billy gates and his vaccines, i will eat your shoes.\

it is my opinion that mr gates is perhaps more dangerous than adolph hitler and joseph stalin and vlad the impaler combined.

Why is anyone here anymore ? by timmytimtim in AskSaidIt

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i simply do not need random people "voting" either for or against my opinions.

it is so easy to establish some kind of vote brigade(isnt that what they call it when groups gang up and vote you down or up?) and i think that reddit is proof that this exists..

on reddit, if you say something that isnt "woke" and totally transgender "friendly", your post gets "hidden", for fks sake.

maybe the forum should be more like a twelve step meeting, where people sit in a room and take turns talking, simple like that..

nobody votes on what you say in a 12step meeting.

and it is really forbidden for someone to even critique what you say, when they speak after you..

anyways, this current system only divides and allows the perverse and corrupt to move about the airplane freely, while normal people are restricted.

Why is anyone here anymore ? by timmytimtim in AskSaidIt

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i dont know from where you are getting your information. I have a completely clean record. I was an eagle scout. I can tie fishing flies with a blindfold and both hands tied behind my back.

this whole thing where we have fifteen trillion subs only serves to divide people and it allows the corrupt and the perverse to easily find a dark corner in which to molest our children.

true facts.

Problems on Mars by zyxzevn in funny

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technically, the borders are already open... when we go to craigslist or to ebay to look for work or to look for a vehicle to buy, we can shop in the united states or we can shop in india or we can shop in ireland..

the borders are already opened, financially.

the world will never again be as it was.

Evil vs Good - resumes / job wanted by oooooooooooooooooooo in news

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the one detail that these forums dont catch onto is that they allow any dumbfuck with a keyboard to post multiples of random topics and videos.

it creates a clusterfuck of insanity.

also, there are way too many subs, this is not needed..

when we isolate people into little clusters, society becomes ill.

we dont really want to cause people to become isolated and ill.

we should create a system where we have maybe a short list of videos, perhaps, and then everybody has ONE conversation about making life better for ALL of us.

Problems on Mars by zyxzevn in funny

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open the borders now.

Snow shovling - resumes / job wanted by [deleted] in news

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if this nice man gets a job shoveling snow because i reposted this here, i am going to be proud.. i might run for the mayors job.

Need $200 - resumes / job wanted by [deleted] in news

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what kind of "socks" do you like the most? do you like those really long white socks that go up over the knees? arent those pretty? i like to bounce a basketball while wearing long white socks. i feel like i am a basketball player.

Why is anyone here anymore ? by timmytimtim in AskSaidIt

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the problem with sites like these forums is that there are too many topics, there are too many videos about too many random topics... there are too many chiefs and not enough indians..

if somebody could figure out how to eliminate the "moderators", and create a system whereby the "indians" could collectively decide what the topics are to be discussed, you would have a winner.

a system that does that will attract users from around the world.

Why is anyone here anymore ? by timmytimtim in AskSaidIt

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i am here to read the job listings.

Need $200 - resumes / job wanted by [deleted] in news

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digital tools are the tools of the devil, satan has his grip around your neck.

you are screwed.

Need $200 - resumes / job wanted by [deleted] in news

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i am trying to help people get back to work. if you dont want people to find work, you can delete it, but you will burn in hell cuz god will burn you.

As a transgender 11-year-old, she struggled to find comfortable, well-fitting bikini bottoms. So, her dad made them. by oooooooooooooooooooo in news

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A childhood transition At 3 years old, Ruby loved her mother's high heels and the drama of Disney princesses -- interests her dad, Jamie Alexander, called "gender-creative." "She would take a bed sheet and wrap it around her hair, and go up the stairs and throw the sheet down the stairs," Alexander said. "This is when 'Tangled' came out. She was always the princess." Ruby's parents had joined a group established by the Toronto public school system for parents of gender-creative kids. When Ruby was 8, Alexander said, some of the kids in the group had begun to transition. Alexander told Ruby that she could too, if she wanted to.

Indonesia Moves To Punish Citizens Who Refuse COVID Vaccine by Drewski in news

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your vaccination will be deadly, count on that.

Reddit removed 6% of all posts made last year by asterias in MeanwhileOnReddit

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i can sometimes come across like i think that i know everything, and i sometimes have to remind myself that i do not in fact know everything.

i really like your fox collection. do you know when i was a kid, i had this idea that foxes were these crazy man eating rodents..

boy was i wrong.

Two YouTubers that mocked Xi Jinping have disappeared by scrubking in WorldNews

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I would really enjoy operating a re-education camp. we would have sex-ed almost every night.approx five persons would be chosen by lottery to go up on stage. they would be blindfolded and naked. everyone in the audience is naked and sitting on metal stools that are approx six inches tall and have painful studs in the seat.

the stage participants, some male and some female, will draw straws to see who is in the hot seat tonight.

the hot seat person will take turns bringing the other stage players to orgasm, one after the next, over and over..

the hot seat player must submit to the demands of the other players.

if the camp commander(myself, of course) is not satisfied with your enthusiasm on stage, every member of the camp will sleep in an open cage for two weeks, day and night. keep in mind that the temperature outside in michigan can become nippy.

we are going to learn to love one another.

this was jesus last request that we should love one another.

btw, jesus was in fact chinese.

edit: the dinosaurs were also chinese.



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i have a very serious question... when these male teachers are allowed to enter the little girls room, (a) do they need to stand still and look in the mirror, or are they allowed to look around the room... are they allowed to enter the toilets stalls? maybe one of the girls has run low on toilet paper? or other types of supplies are running low? like lip gloss? my nigga.. or hand lotion? nigga please.. maybe the teacher is so kind that he brought from home some fresh white cotton panties for one the nice girls that is wearing a pair of soiled panties? damm nigga stop it.. (i am trying to act less white) and then maybe she needs assistance changing those panties? oh, i gotta take a break.. nigga stop.

Reddit removed 6% of all posts made last year by asterias in MeanwhileOnReddit

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tor most certainly is a vpn.. what is a vpn? instead of my connecting directly to, i first connect and then it connects to, and this way does not see my IP address, but instead sees the ip address of

tor takes things a few levels deeper, as i see things.. with tor, when i request to pull up, that request is passed thru something like three servers before it actually gets to

hint: microsoft can definitely track anything that you do on tor, and i cant imagine that linux doesnt have the same ability.

tor is secure, similar to how a young child might cover his eyes with his hands and then thinks he is invisible.

he thinks he is invisible, we allow him to think that he is invisible, and the world keeps spinning and everybody gets to buy their heroin from a reputable dealer.

I have developed a very odd medical disorder. by oooooooooooooooooooo in whatever

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ok, i have already tried all of the natural organic homeopathy bullshit. i have tried soaking my balls in bull's manure and i have tried getting impregnated by the same bull, and nothing seems to help.

i tried sandpaper on my testicles. i tried a blowtorch.

hey, maybe i just have covid and i need to get vaccinated?

yeah, thats gotta be what it is.

Gorilla Glue Girl's GoFundMe LOCKED and probed for ‘fraud’ after stunt claim by scrubking in corruption

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instead of using gofundme or other similar site, why not just give out a bitcoin address?

like seriously, fuck gofundme.